Monday 29 June 2020


Hello Everyone, I hope all is well with you and that you enjoyed your weekend. We were quiet, but that was okay, not complaining, it wasn't great weather anyway, still isn't.
Anyway, here we are at the beginning of another week and almost out of June, where has the last six months gone??? 
I had to go to the Post Office to collect a parcel this morning, a hair clipper. I finally ordered one as Alistair's hair is pretty overgrown, and I've trimmed with a pair of hairdresser scissors  I found at the back of a drawer. Well the hairdressers make it look all so it's not, that's why they train for years to learn their skill, so I bit the bullet and ordered these clippers, although I don't expect they are easy to use either, but there are some You Tube videos that might help and Alistair seems to be okay if I scalp him lol.  I should take a before  and after  photo. 

I have another lovely piece of colouring today, 
Another one of the Clarity Feathered Friends postcards. Coloured with a selection of Prismacolours and Luminence Pencils. The black background was the most difficult part to do especially going in and out of the flower stamens, but got there in the end. Unfortunately it's not a brilliant photo as the colours in real life are more vivid than they are here. 

That's me for now,  thank you for your continued visits and the lovely comments you leave. Take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Saturday 27 June 2020

Oh Christmas Tree!

Hello Everyone, how are you all doing? I hope things are good for you and and that you are enjoying the weekend.
Nothing much new in the Currie household, a quiet sort of weekend for us, although we had a lovely walk up at the Culloden Battlefield this morning. It's great to walk around it without the usual crowds that visit during  the Summer months. 

We had the Mother of all thunderstorms yesterday, there was one thunderbolt that sounded that the sky was ripped apart and then rain like I've only seen abroad. It's a little cooler today thankfully, but still very muggy.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last card, I've got a card today that I want to enter into two challenges;

Sorry about the poor photo, anyhoo, this is all from a Die Cut sheet I bought in the Works last year but didn't use any of it. There is about 12 sheets and they are really lovely, and lovelier still is that I've kept it all flat for posting. I've added some tiny gems and some Wink of Stella.

I have missed browsing in the Works as they can have some really super stash and for not that many pennies, but not doubt they will be opening again fairly soon in Scotland. However, I am of a mind that I won't be venturing into shops for a long time yet.   I can see that Alistair and I will be one of the last to get back to normal...whatever that is Lol.

Anyway, that's me for now, must go and forage from some lunch., so remember to keep yourselves safe and enjoy your weekend and see you soon,

Tuesday 23 June 2020


Hello Everyone,  I do hope you are well and keeping safe. We are thankfully, and the new relaxing rules for us here in Scotland do not really affect Alistair and I, but for some it does, and that must make a difference to them. We are still going very slowly and that's a good thing.

Someone, I can't remember who, was asking why Alistair can't get into the mountains as they surely wouldn't be busy.  Well, let me tell you that the Scottish mountains are always busy, maybe not so much at the moment, but also they are a distance away from us and we are only allowed to go around 5 miles, so even the nearest is about 15 or so miles. Apart from that, if you had an injury, it would be a potential danger of infection if the Mountain Rescue guys and gals had to come out to rescue as happened yesterday, when they were called to attend someone who broke their leg on the Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe. It's a Munro and over 3,000 feet. so it's a Bigggggg  mountain. When the Mountain Rescue folk are called out, the police are often too, therefore more people who could potentially become infected. So, our First Minister has asked that  you don't go into the mountains.  Alistair is desperate to get into them, but is trying to be patient, and planning to climb Ben Nevis as soon as it's possible to do so.

On a more positive note is that my card today is one made for my Son.  Just before Christmas he lost his job, but luckily was snapped up by another company to cover maternity leave. the downside was that he had to travel quite a distance for it. He heard the other day that  the MD wants him to stay and they have created a new post for him as the lady is returning and will take up the position that Damian has been looking after.  I am so relieved for him and so chuffed that his bosses think so highly of his work that they have done this.  He has worked very hard for this company and brought them in new business, and and has ideas for development.  And because of this virus,  his bosses  have seen that he doesn't always need to travel to work but can work from home.  So good all round, anyhoo here's the card;
No doubt he would love a car like this lol. An image from Creative Stamping magazine and coloured with  Prismacolour pencils and background is Pixi powders, lots of shades of blue card  and some gold die cut stars.  He thought it was lovely lol.

Well I've gone on long enough, but it's not often I've got good news to share, and this really was good new for us. There's going to be lots of people going to loose jobs due to this virus... and let's not forget Brexit, and Damian in is now in the age category that make it difficult to find employment, so a great weight off his mind and Moreen's.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last card, and apologies for accidentally deleting some of your comments, I must have hit the cancel button instead of publish, sometimes my brain and finger coordination don't match.
Take care of yourselves and see you all soon,

Sunday 21 June 2020

Sentiment as Focus for the CCC!

Hello Everyone, I hope your weekend is going well, whatever your situations is in these strange times.
I think it's a stay indoors day for us as it's pretty wet, after having a beautiful day yesterday, oh well that's weather for you.

Here I am again with another card for the Christmas Card Club Challenge, it's a fortnightly challenge and boy do they go in quickly.  This time our lovely Christine is host and she has chosen Sentiment as Focus on our cards. I have been busy, lately, so I didn't leave much time to make my cards and they are quite simple, but here you go;
This is a die from The Works, cut from blue mirror card and matted on to light grey glitter card. It's a pretty die and it certainly has the sentimet as it's focus.
Another die from the Works, cut in purple glitter card and  beautiful paper from last years SU selection, as I said very simple.
As I said very simple cards, so thank you Christine, I wish I had taken more time as I don't like dies much, but thankfully these ones cut out well.

So there we are, just a short post today, but before\I go, a big thank you to all for your lovely comments on my last post, as always I love reading them and appreciated the time it take you to visit and comment.

Enjoy your Sunday and keep yourselves safe,

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Mandarin Ducks!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well, and safe......not dashing to and queuing at the shops 😒.
The people queuing up was a frightening scene to behold.  I do hope that most people will revalueate what's important in their lives, and that the art of consumerism could be a thing of the past. Oh well one can dream.  We will hear in Scotland what measures will be further relaxed this Thursday.

I've been busy colouring another post card by Clarity Stamps, I've been at it for over a week on and off, I do enjoy it and I find I get quite lost in it, so much so that I forget to go and see about dinner, anyway, here are some Mandarin Ducks;
I've used a combination of Prismacolour and Faber Castell pencils and a little white gel pen.
I have another one just started, but I really must get some housework done lol.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last card, I love receiving and reading them.

That's me for now, take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Saturday 13 June 2020

Just Thinking of You!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you've had good weather. The weekends come around so quickly, it's scary.
It was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day, despite the lockdown, I had some beautiful gifts from friends and family, and some wonderful  handmade cards. As we couldn't get out for a birthday meal, we decided to risk a takeaway,  an Indian, and it was delicious and thankfully I didn't suffer too much. 
This morning though I felt a bit flat, so Alistair suggested a trip out to Nairn, I love the sea and walking along the beach. However it is further away that we are supposed to venture, but after an hour of agonising over it, I decided to go, I don't normally break the rule, but it was well worth it as my spirits were lifted, and almost an empty beach. So that will keep me going for a while.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last card.
 I've used a lovely Woodware stamp here and a background coloured with Oxide ink, I'm not sure of the sentiment as I made the card a couple of months ago, and a few tiny clear gems.

My birthday started with a laugh, here's why,

This was Alistair's card to me, he had left getting one to the day, and got up early to go to Tesco to buy one and some milk. Back he comes dashes upstairs to write it. When I opened I just ended myself laughing, he said I thought you would like the funny  animals. I showed him the card and asked him if  he's spotted what was wrong, eventually he did, it even had anniversary in the inside where he had written his own sentiment. So funny, I'll maybe get a birthday one for our anniversary lol. It's the thought that counts.

So that's me for now, enjoy the rest of your evening and I'll see you soon,

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Just to Say!

Hello Everyone, I hope all is well with you and that you are having a good week so far.
Weather still not so great here, I hate having heating on at this time of the year, but needs must...maybe my blood is thinning as I'm getting older, but I seem to feel the cold  more these days.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last cards, very much appreciated.

 My card today was another for  friends a few weeks ago. The image is by Inkylicious, and DI on the background. Papers from Crafty Individuals  and a few clear gems dotted around. A simple enough card.

Well it's just a short post tonight, not much happening in the Currie household, just getting on with the lockdown like most folks, and vexed about the awfulness that's happening around the globe, one wonders where and how it will all end, anyhoo, I'll love you and leave you, enjoy your evening,


Sunday 7 June 2020

Snowflakes for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello Everyone, I hope you remain well and are having a good weekend and that you weather is better than ours here in Inverness. cold, rain and pretty dull, not like Spring at all. We did manage a wee walk in the morning.

It's time for the Christmas Card Club Challenge, I can hardly believe two weeks have past  by since the last one. This time around it's our lovely Gwen who has chosen the theme of Snowflakes  on our cards, or if that can't be managed there is always the alternative Anything Goes.

First card uses a Little Claire image and coloured with Copic Markers, and Versa Colour ink on the background. Snowflake EF on the base card, and some glitter paper and a few tiny clear gems, Sentiment LC.
Card no. 2 uses another Little Claire image and once again coloured with Copic Markers.Red glitter paper and paper from a Dove Craft paper pad. The snowflake dies are also by Dove Craft, more tiny clear gems.
Last card is a Christmas tree make of snowflakes by Stampin Up. I embossed with copper Wow embossing powder. Mounted on to an oval of  Antique Rose Mirror card and the paper is by Dove Craft,Sentiment from SU, finishing off with some copper coloured gems
I hope these will do Gwen, it was a lovely challenge and I really enjoyed making the cards for it.

Please look out for the other girl's cards they always come up with stunners. I've sill not got around to putting there links at the side of my page, I will one day.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post.
Scheduling this post for tomorrow, at least I hope I can with this new blogger, anyway, take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Thursday 4 June 2020


Hi there, how are you all doing?  I hope everyone is well and continuing to manage the lockdown, well it's more of a lockdown in Scotland than South of the Border. Anyway, we are doing fine thankfully, and so far all our friends are too.  I really have to say that we are so lucky to live where we live, so far up North, that and that we live outside the town and we have some lovely places to go for our wee walks, and we have a garden. I just wonder how the country will be if and when it's opened up, so many businesses going under and so many people out of jobs. And don't forget the other debacle BREXIT. Such worrying times.

Anyway, I've finally finished my picture I was colouring;
 It's from one of the books of postcards from Clarity, and it's what Barbara Grey has been colouring on her You Tubes videos. She did this one a good few weeks ago, so I was late to the party. However, the  good thing about You Tube is that you can catch up. It took me around 10 days to colour it, doing a few hours each day. I really enjoyed loosing myself in the colouring.
I've used a selection of Faber Castell, Prisma, and Craola pencils. I've tried to follow Barbara's colouring, but I didn't have all the colours so just used the colours I had, hence the mixture of pencils.
It hasn't photographed well, the colours are more vivid in reality.
There are three books of postcards, so I've got plenty to keep me going.

Well, that's me for tonight, thank you for your lovely comments on my last cards, I do appreciate them and love to receive them., glad you keep coming back.

Take care of yourself and keep safe,

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Whimsical Flowers!

Hello To Everyone, I hope you are well and keeping safe, it's such a difficult and confusing time for many people.

Well our weather has changed, much cooler and wet, at least the sunshine is no longer showing up the dirty windows.  What a lot of pollen around too, our car is totally covered in it and so is my nose, sneezing my head off, anyhoo, the gout has calmed down which is good. I wish I knew what sparked it off 😞.

I would like to welcome a new Follower Marianne from Norway, I country I would love to visit. I hope you will pop in often Marianne and continue to like what I create.  And a thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments on my latest card and cards. I so appreciate the time it takes you to visit and comment.

I have a selection of card today, mainly because all the stamps are from the one set by Clearly Besotted Stamps, and I felt they should all be shown together;

I love all of these whimsical blooms and throughout have been coloured with Prisma Colour Pencils
the background is a stencilled wall, coloured with DI, and a Clearly Besotted sentiment. 
This card used a diagonal strip stencil and coloured with Oxides, and the  little bees are from Honey Bee stamps, sentiment is from the Clearly Besotted stamp set.

This card uses paper from a paper pad from the Works, and a die from Honey Bee, stitched polygons.
I've stencilled clouds onto  blue card and then placed the panel with the flowers. The sentiment is from a Creative Stamping magazine.
I enjoyed making these cards, though the colouring took a while, I always forget that using pencils is not a quick option lol, I hope you like them.

A quiet day here for me, house work done this morning and hoping to get some colouring finished this afternoon. I've been following Barbara Grey's You Tube videos that she has on at the moment, where she has been doodling and colouring in. A few of my lovely Followers have shown their doodling which has been fantastic, I've had a go at it, without great results, however I'm more interested in improving my colouring skills. Barbara's videos are around an hour long, but it's such a calming hour whether you are just watching her of joining her in what she is doing, really helpful in getting all the rubbish of what's going on in the world, out of your head.....if only for a wee while.

So, that's me for now, enjoy your day whatever you are doing, keep yourselves safe, see you soon,