Sunday 29 June 2014


Hello Everyone, how are you today, well I hope and enjoying some sunny warm weather.  Not Glastonbury of course and I'm just thinking of our crafty pal Flora here, she'll be getting good wear out of her fabulous floral wellies.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on Rebbeca, and yes it did take me ages to do it, it started life in Lei
th where I lived around 25 yrs ago, then it came to Musselbourgh with me for a few years and then I eventually finished it in Inverness, so all in all it was a work in progress for around 8years.

I don't tend to sew nowadays as my fingers tend to get quite sore, but maybe I'll take it up again, I also liked crosstitch.

A quiet day here, food shopping and a few chores around the house, but apart from that it's been a chilling sort of day, and here comes Alistair to settle down to watch the Mexico v Netherlands game, so time for me to move.
Here is my card for today;
I've made this card for my area manager who is leaving and I am quite vexed to see her go, she was very helpful last year when I was struggling at work and feel that she was very instrumental in my well managed return to work, and without that support I wouldn't have managed to continue there.

I've used LC stamps, I think they were one of the club stamp sets, I stamped the background and coloured it all with Promarkers, the Sentiment is part of the set.
Pearlised Torquoise Paper cut with SB Floral Ovel die Sentiment cut with another SB die, can't remember which one
Creative Expression Dazzler
Ribbon from my box
Liquid Pearls and Papermania gems
Glamour dust in Crystal

Well folks that's me for today, I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the weekend and see you soon,

Friday 27 June 2014

Rebbeca is my Oldie For Friday!

Good afternoon my Crafty Friends and anyone who visits.  Well we are almost into another weekend, and another month, we are galloping through the year.
I hope you are all well, but here's a huggggggg for those who are not so well.
I'm well and I know because I was at the Diabetic Clinic at my surgery this morning to get various diabetic test results, and all is tickity boo and they are very pleased with me, good blood control, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. all good, so it's now just maintaining the good work.

I've got quite a few days off work now, the way the rota works every alternate week I have five days off, so it gives me time to rest and refresh, which I feel has contributed to my good diabetic health, so today I am taking it easy, and will get stuck into housework over the next few days.

I thought I would show a piece of embroidery from about twenty years ago, it was my first ever piece and I was so chuffed by it that I had it framed and it is now on our wall.  There are mistakes if you looked closely and I'm sure a good embroiderer would spot them, but never mind I love her;
Sorry about the photo, I just could'nt getget rid of the reflection of the window.  It is quite a big piece of work and I remember the framing costing more that the piece of canvas and threads put together.

I hope you like it, and I will see you all again soon, off now to have a look at your lovely creations.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Choir!

Hello Everyone, hoping you are all tickity boo, and had some lovely weather where you are. Not too bad here, and it's a glorious evening.
I've been so tired today, I had a day cooking at work, and then the noise from the workmen outside our door was awful. There are new flood defenses being put in all along the our street and the workmen are under pressure to have the road reopened by the end of July, mind you they are no way finished, they will be back after summer to close down the road and crake on with the work. It was the turn of drills today, and I'm sure I'm not the only one ending up with a corker of a headache.  Our way into the building is like a maze too, and sometimes it's impossible to find your way around the barricades until you can catch the eye of a workman to let you in.  We are learning a lot about road construction, clients and staff alike.

Anyway on to my card;
Decided to make a card for a challenge, I don't do them often now unless I can have someone in mind for it, but you always need Christmas cards.
LOTV Topper and Paper and Sentiment
Music Score my own
The Ribbon Girl Seam Binding
Papermania Sparkle Domes
Hobby House Red and Gold Pearls
Star Dust

Just a simple wee card which I would like to enter into

That's me for tonight, but before I go I'd like to thank you all for the lovely comments about my pop up box card from yesterday
Blogger still playing up, seems like we are all experiencing the same problem, I hope it gets fixed
as I'm sure I'm missing out some blogs.


Monday 23 June 2014

Pink Pop Up Box Card!

Good Evening my Crafty Friends and Visitors of course, I hope you are all well and have had a good day.  I had a day off work and met up with two crafting friends this morning for a chat and a coffee, and I was hugely naughty and had a yummy Empire Biscuit, suffered for it since.

Thank you so very much for the comments on my last card, very much appreciated as it takes time to go around the blogs, but it is always good to read your comments.

A very strange thing has happened to my blog reading list, it's all but disappeared, only one of the blogs I follow is coming up at a time and when I click view more, nothing happens. Anybody got any clues?  This is just happened today, I have been able to comment on your blogs from my blog page, but I don't know if I'm getting everyone.  Maybe it will right itself.

My make for today is another pop up box card;

I have all sorts of embellishments on this one, papers are from First Edition but can't remember which one
Britannia Fan die
Crafty Individuals Songbird die
MB Fabulous Phlox die, Branch die and Heart Border die
SB Aster die, Heart Lock and Key die
Marianne Flourish die
Crochet flower
Ribbon Girl Fan Charm
Hobby Craft Pearl Hearts
The Hobby House Pearls
Hobby Crafts, tiny envelope and card on the back

This is one for my box, hadn't anyone in my mind when I made it, just made it cos I could.

Well I'm back at work for the next three days, boo hoo, so I don't thnk I'll manage to fit in much in the way of crafting, but I'll be keeping an eye on your fabby blogs.

Whilst I'm sitting here, I am having my ear blasted by Alistair as he watches the Brazilian match, I think he thinks they are loosing chances, Heaven forfend from armchair managers.  Mind you he's not as bad as Damian, he leaps in the air, yells and dances around the room, terrifying the poor dog. Sheer madness!!
Anyway folks have a good evening and hope to see you soon,

Friday 20 June 2014

An Oldie on Friday!

Good Evening Everyone, hope you've all had a good day and looking forward to your weekend, don't they come around so quickly!!

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments on my last card, you are all very kind.

This is just a quick post tonight, I've got a few bit to do yet before I settle down to enjoy myself with my book, and I'd forgotten it was Friday and time to post another Oldie card, first I had to go and find one and then edit it, this is the first one I ever sold, but I can't remember to whom;
The image came from a MCS CD Deco Follies, Sentiments from same CD
Papermania Paper Core'dination Blue card
Silver Mirri
Papermania Square Black Gems

I never seem to use the CDs now because they use up so much ink, but maybe I should get them out every now and then.

Off now so enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned and I hope the weather is good,

Thursday 19 June 2014

A Marriage Carriage!

Good Afternoon Blogging Friends and Visitors. I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovelsummer weather we're having just now.  The last two days here in Invernes were sweltering, much too hot for me really, today it is cloudy and much cooler, in fact I had to go and put a cardie on.  Yesterday I had to attend a Food Hygiene course, and the room we were in was stifling even although the windows were wide open, made very difficult to concentrate.  
So I have a day off today as I had to go in on my day off yesterday, so I'm catching up with bits and pieces.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post, and a warm welcome the Annie who is my latest follower, I hope you come back often.

I was asked to make a wedding card by one of my clients as her son is getting married, here is what I've made;
I don't really do all that many wedding cards so I went off to look for some inspiration on the LOTV card gallery, and saw a beautiful one using this image, which is the only image I have for weddings, so this is my take on it, the original was created by Dena, one of LOTV DTs.
CC Vintage Embossing Folder, Rose Plaid
Mirri Card
Xcut heart
Wild Orchid Flowers
Silver Ribbon and Pink Crystals from my box
Papermania and Hobby House Pearls
Computer Sentiment
Star Dust Sparkle

now the box;
I coloured the embossed card with DI Spun Sugar
MB Precious Hearts Die
Hobby Craft Heart shaped Pearls
I've put a few wedding verses together for Sharon to choose for the insert, so that is all it is waiting for.
Hope she likes it, a son's wedding is so important and I am am so honored that she asked me to make her a card.

Well I have a few days to myself as Alistair is off once again to play, he's spent the day so far getting all his toys ready for the off, he's as happy as a sand boy.
I'm back to work for the next couple of days, I wonder what I've missed out on,
That's me for now, hope to see you all soon,

Sunday 15 June 2014

Christmas Angels, Mid Month Reminder For CCAYR!

Hello Friends and Visitors, hoping you are all enjoying your weekend.
Thank you all for the comments on my last post, love getting them and love reading them.
Ang from wanted to know what The Kelpies are, and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this.  Anyway, there are supernatural, mythical creatures which are said to live in Scottish lochs and rivers. Unfortunately, they are nasties, and although they are shape-shifters(try saying that after you've had a few to drink), they usually take the form of horses, who lure weary travellers to mount them, then plunge into the water and take them down into the loch's depth and thereby drowning the unsuspecting person, after that they eat their victims.  So there you are, if walking along a riverbank and you see a beautiful white horse standing there whose mane is dripping wet, just give it a wide berth.

Here is my card for 
Our theme is Christmas Angels and one this one has a lovely image from LOTV, coloured with Prisma Pencils and stamped onto card cut with a Tonic die.
Papermania papers
Gold mirri card embossed with a Papermania folder
Black Core'dination card
Tartan Ribbon from Hobby Craft
Papermaina Gold gems
Star Dust.

Pop into the Challenge Blog page and have a look at what my Teamies have made, there is bound to be some great inspiration.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will comment,

Friday 13 June 2014

An Oldie For Friday!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well and if not then I'm sending out hugs in the hope that you'll be feeling better soon.

As you know  we have been away for a few days, it was my birthday trip, yep, I'm a whole year older than when I last posted, and I had a lovely time.  Got to see the awesome Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel and Stirling Castle, which I had never visited before, it was so interesting and thankfully it was good weather that day for wandering around unlike the Kelpie visit when the rain came down in torrents.
So I have a few photos to show you. 
 This is the Falkirk Wheel in the background with a miniature Kelpie
 As you can see these are the real deal, aren't they fantastic, apparently they are lit up at night and look even more impressive.
This is the Queen's Presence Chamber within the James V palace. I was very taken by the beautiful tapestries and on site within the castle there is a team of seven weavers who have made all the tapestries and you could go and see them working.  It's a project funded for the last 13 years and costing a few million pounds to complete seven and will be completed by October.  I found this really interesting and one of these very skilled weavers gave a talk about how they are made and where the design comes from.  Mine you the theme of the tapestries is not good as they are all about hunting and killing a Unicorn.
And so to my card, a Thomas Kincaid decoupage from Joanna Sheen.  It's all very basic, and the shape of the card doesn't go with the image, but it was one made a while ago.

I would like to thank you for all the lovely comments on my last card and for the kind birthday wishes.  I'm sorry I didn't get around to commenting on your blogs but, I have been looking at your beautiful makes, and seeing wonderful creations.  I decided to concentrate on being away instead of getting caught up on my tablet.  I will though get going again visiting your blogs.

It's the weekend again, comes around fast, so I hope that you all have a good one whatever you do.

Sunday 8 June 2014

A New House!

Hello to you All, I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather today, isn't it so changeable though, one day with downpours and the next, blazing sunshine and heat., It's really hot today here, but I think there could be thunder later on.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last card, you are such an encouraging bunch of people, makes it all worth while.

Well my lovely Alistair is taking me away for a few days for my birthday which is next week, now wait for it folks... where could our destination be....Paris, Rome or even Venice, no it is romantic Falkirk!!!, what a come down from last years Iceland.  I had mentioned that I would love to see the Water Kelpies which are two huge horse head statues on the banks of the Forth and Clyde canal at Falkirk.  I'll take you there for your birthday, said DH, it quite turned my head, and then if that's not all there is The Falkirk Wheel, a great feat of engineering, so Alistair tells me. Anyway, we are booked into a hotel in Stirling which is near Falkirk, and there is lots to see there, like the castle, the Wallace Monument.  It should be a lovely few days and I hope we have decent weather.

My card today is one for my friend Karen and her family who are about to move house;
I've used one of the LC Dinkies stamps, I bought a few a wee while ago, I think they are great little stamps for when you want to make little cards.  This one is 5x5.
Embossalicious Embossing folder, shaded with Prismacolour Pencils.
Imaged coloured with Derwent Inkintense Pencils
Centura pearl card
LOTV Sentiment on Cor'dination card
Papermania gems
Frosted Lace Stickles

So we are off down the road tomorrow, so I'm away to have a think about what to take with me,  enjoy the remainder of your weekend and I'll see you soon,


Friday 6 June 2014

An Oldie for Friday!

Good Morning Crafty Friends and Visitors and hoping you are in the pink, but sending out kind thoughts for those who are feeling under the weather, and get well soon.

Talking about weather it's just pants here, but better than yesterday when the rain was so heavy and it was so dull, definitely a day for indoors and a bit of crafting. Today is dull but not so much rain.

I'm here this morning with a card made away back at the beginning of my crafting when I discovered LOTV stamps and this wee girl was the first one I bought.  I had no die shapes, but had a paper trimmer so used that to provide the frame.   Not much in the way of paper or embellishments, and had just started on my colouring, but I think it's not bad.  It is still in my box though, no one has wanted to buy it.
I've a day to myself, Alistair is away walking, I've no plans other than to enjoy the day.  I'm working tomorrow and then on holiday for around nine days, yippee!!!

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing and will see you soon.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Christmas Angels for CCAYR!

Hello to you all, I hope you've had such a marvellous day of sunshine as we here in Inverness have had, it's been truly a glorious day. Unfortunately I was working, but I spent a couple of hours with a couple of clients playing at putting in one of our lovely parks, it was good fun, and a great way to spend a morning whilst at work.

I'm here with my card for;, and this month the challenge is Christmas Angels.
I've used;
LOTV image
Prismacolour Pencils
SB Floral Ovals
SB Corners from Frosty Forms set of dies
Papermania Paper
Gold coloured card and gold Mirri card
Gold and Cream Pearls from my box
Gold ribbon from Hobby Craft
White Fluffy Stuff
Loads of Glamour Dust on wings
I hope it offers some inspiration to you, but don't forget to visit the challenge blog and see what the other DTs are showing.

Thank you for leaving comments on my last post, you are all very kind.
I would like to enter my card into: