Sunday 30 September 2012

Time to myself at last

Had another busy day but found some time to have coffee with a crafty friend which was good.
Got my crafting space back to normal now hubby's friend has gone, in fact hubby has gone too(for a few days), so my time is my own, great!!.

Managed to get 4 Christmas cards made today, but not had a chance to photograph them yet, will get around to it in the next couple of days.

So it's a cup of coffee time ready to watch Downton Abbey and a few rounds of knitting, bliss!

Saturday 29 September 2012

Not much time for crafting today!

It's Saturday and I've spend most of today so far clearing out my craft things from the spare bedroom as we are having a visitor to stay the night.  He is my husband's oldest friend, childhood in fact, and they ate off tomorrow with other friends to Skye canoing.  However, it's a major upheaval for me as I have to find somewhere else to put all my stuff.  How I envy crafters who have their own craft room.  Anyway, it's only for a night and hubby hasn't seen his friend for about 7 years.

So not much time today to be doing much crafting, might get in a little knitting later on, Iv'e got socks on the neddles just now and tomorrow I'm continuing with the Christmas cards.

We enjoyed our walk on the beach yesterday, it was very blustery and really quite cold but at least missed the rain.

I Thought I would add the card made for my husband on completion of the Munros a couple of weeks ago.  His friend Jack also completed them so there was a joint celebration in The King's House in Glencoe. A very merry night had by all.

The card is made with Little Claire Stamps and coloured with Promarkers on an 8x8 card.
I love Little Claire Stamps!!!

Friday 28 September 2012

The reason my blog is named Cuilliesocks

Well another day has dawned and I find myself still tinkering with my blog and attempting to find my way around the system.  Today i am going to attempt to insert a photo of Cuillin and his socks, although I'm wearing them and not him.  This is where the name of my blog comes  from.

Cuillin was always around whilst I was knitting, either chasing the wool, wanting to sit on my knee or just generally being a pest.  Sadly he died last year and he is missed so much, he was such a character.  So from time to time I will likely add a few more photos of him.

I love animals and my son and daughter in law have a whole host of them and as they have no children, the pets are their children, I  call them my grandpets.They cards I receive from son always include "from the grandpets".  Not too sure how the gekos, corn snakes, tortoise and the whatever it is frog thinks about it all, but the 3 cats and Molly the dog certainly have adopted me as Gran.

Anyway I'm now going to try and insert the photo, and then get myself together to go for a beach walk whilst the rain is off, small window of opportunity.

Thursday 27 September 2012

well here goes!!

Well here goes as I said.  This is my first blog and i've had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to do it, even although everyone said it was easy.  My guess only easy if you know your way around the system.  Anyway here I am!!, and I guess I'll learn as I go along.

I am hoping to make my blog a crafting blog and hopefully be able to put on it the cards I've made.  Maybe somewhere along the way other fellow crafters will be able to guide me along the path to sucessful blogging.

I'll make my first blog short and stop here, and lets see what happens xxx