Saturday 22 December 2018

Merry Christmas to You All and a little Advice from a Snowman!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are stress free and looking forward to this Festive Season. 
I'm on track, gifts all wrapped, finished that off today and made sure I cut the paper to fit this time. Just a little food shopping to go and that's it.

This is my last post till the New Year, having a wee break from crafting and blogging, but I wanted to thank you all for your continued support in visiting and commenting, I really do appreciate it, And for the lovely cards that I've received from some of you, such kindness.

It's such a busy time, and happy time for most of us, but for many Christmas  is a sad time, for lots of many reasons, many of my former clients just dreaded this time of the year. We just have to look at the news to see how difficult it is for some folks, and it's getting worse.  I count my blessings that I have my health, family and friends around me. It's a time to remember those who are not so fortunate.

I have a little advice from a Snowman to help you keep calm and carry on,

Wishing each and everyone of you a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas and a New Year filled with Health and Happiness.
Take care of yourselves and see you in 2019

Wednesday 19 December 2018

All I Want for Christmas.....!

Hello Everyone, are you nearly there with your preparations?? Hope you are remaining calm and not getting too stressed. I'm pretty lucky in that I now don't really have much to do, so much so that I just wonder how I did it all whist I was still working. 
I was getting my knickers in a twist whilst wrapping up Damian, Moreen and the pet's gifts today, every piece of paper I cut was far too short. I should have just left it but I wanted to get it all done. I've been awfully tired, so that didn't help, got it all wrapped eventually, then took myself for a walk to clear my head.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last card, I appreciate each and every comment.

I've had a go at making a card using the Black Ice technique, now it's not really all that difficult, having said that it took me five attempts and burnt out my heat gun in the process, however, determined as I am, I got one I was fairly happy with, what do you think?
I've used an Inkylicious stamp, two  pine trees and a John Lockwood sentiment. Silver foil card and dark grey glitter card and of course black card. I didn't think it required .any other embellishments. It was difficult to photograph.
It's Alistair's Christmas card and I'm happy to say he loves it. I think I need more practise, as it seems to EP seems to bubble on the foil, but maybe it just does. If anyone knows different let me know.

The Choral society have been invited to sing a carol concert on Friday at the UHI, University of the Highlands and Islands, Campus which is just down the road from where I live.  The university will donate money to our chosen charity that we did the Carolthon for.  It will be into the New Year before we know how much we raised for that. That will be the last sing for this year, but I do like Christmas carols. 

I hope you are all well, but I know there are a few Blogging Friends who are going through difficult times just now, so sending out healing thoughts to you that you find a measure of comfort and peace.

That's me for tonight, time for a cuppa and a mince pie...of the Christmas type, take care and see you soon,

Friday 14 December 2018

Christmas Lantern!

Hello Everyone, hoping you are well and ready to begin another weekend.  No doubt there will be a business to it as it is ever coming closer to the Big Day.  
I was out early to catch the supermarket this morning as I wanted to buy some bits and pieces and the car parks were incredibly full, so it can only get worse as the days go on. Are you all ready yourselves?? We are really, thankfully we have not much to do anyway, as it's gift cards for our younger family members, makes life easier.  I do have some wrapping up to do, and no doubt Damian will be over with Moreen's gift for me to wrap up too. 

Anyway, I have a little Card-io card today;
This is such a lovely image and of course the sentiment is from Card-io too. Just used a little Versacolour ink for the Lantern's glow. A simple card but so effective. Hope you like it.

This is what I'll be busy doing tomorrow;
Yes, it's time again for our Carolthon, when the Choral members sing in shifts throughout the day in
the Shopping center in Inverness to raise money for our chosen charity. This year it's Inverness Foodstuff, a charity run by one of our local churches who prepare meals for Rough Sleepers, and generally Homeless people, so I'm hoping that the public can manage to be generous, having said that, money for many is a scarce commodity these days, but the generosity of people is always staggering.
So if you are out and about in Inverness tomorrow come along and have a listen, we have a lovely selection of Christmas Carol, and songs, well known and some not so well known and of course a few pieces for Handle's Messiah, and we'er not half bad.  This is a concert that I love doing, and I even did it the other year with no voice at all, as the day before I came down with some sort of throat thing and couldn't sing a I just mimed instead.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned, and I'll see you soon, take care of yourselves,

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Christmas Tree Sparkle!

Hello Everyone, how are you all today?  well I hope and enjoying your day.

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments on my last post, very much appreciated, especially at this busy time.

We are out tonight at Alistair's little concert, a couple of hours or so, and it's all the Traditional music classes doing their bit, so there are all different ages groups and levels of ability. The wee ones especially get so excited, Alistair is so blase....can't find the stress character to place above the e. Anyway, he's an old trooper now.

My card today used a lovely die from The Works;
Very difficult to photograph. It's a lovely die and cuts out a dream even although it's an detailed one. I've cut it twice, one with white card and and then glitter card. I've used a CC embossing folder, them more glitter card.

It's just a short post this time around, hoping to get a visit to your blogs fitted in before I go out. So take care everyone and keep calm,

Sunday 9 December 2018

Cute for the CCC!

Hello One and All, and welcome to my little blog. I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.
We've had very heavy rain today and at times quite dark, it was a day for staying in. However, I got up early to go to the Post Office to post a parcel, before the queues started, this is the way to go now, and I've warned Alistair that it will be an earlier rise tomorrow for the food shopping, otherwise the stores get too busy, and he has no patience for that.

I had a lovely day....well few hours with my lovely friend Rita on Thursday. I started off on the bus at 8;30, arrived in Glasgow at 12:00 and then had to make sure I was at the bus station at 5:30 for the journey home, so in reality I was longer on the bus than a visit. Anyhow, it was lovely to see her and we had a smashing lunch, then retired to the lounge of the hotel and sat and chatted over our coffee. Soooooo much to chat about, we covered a whole range of subjects and felt we'd managed to put a few things right with the world. It's the first time I've been to Glasgow and not gone to the shops...not even John Lewis.  You wouldn't think that sitting on a bus was tiring, but I'm still recovering, but it was well worth it, and I just have to accept that it is what it is when one lives this far North.

So, here I am with the last of our Christmas Card Challenges for 2018, and where has the time gone????  For this challenge Sylvie is the hostess and she would like to see cute cards, here is mine,
Is this cute or what?? This is from a Honey Bee stamp set, it's quite a large stamp and there are about 20 stamps in the set, stars, following snow, tree, fairy lights and more. Honey Bee is an American stamp company and they have some gorgeous stamps. I coloured with Zig watercolour pens. Background is Oxides, SU paper and glitter card. A beautiful snowflake flourish ribbon and gems.
Hope you like it Sylvie, it was a lovely challenge to end the year with and one I really enjoyed.

I mentioned on my last post that I was awaiting a phone call from the GP regarding a  blood test. Well he eventually phoned half and hour late, but hey ho, he's a popular doctor, but the lab didn't do the test that was wanted, so my stomach worries are no further forward. I have to say the doctor was really annoyed too, there were some results, but said there wasn't enough blood to carry out all the tests. My doctor doesn't believe this, anyway the upshot is back to have more blood taken next week and it will be into the new year before the results come through. I just hate needles... which is strange you might think coming from someone who injects insulin 4 times a day, but my blood pressure goes up at a great rate of naughts when I have to have blood taken and the nurse always seems to have a difficult job finding a good vein, just have to get on with it.

Right, that's me for now, as my dishwasher is having a night off, I'm off to wash said dishes and tidy the kitchen.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciated it.
Scheduling this for Sunday morning when the Challenge goes live,

Wednesday 5 December 2018

New Home!

Hello Everyone, gosh but it's Baltic this morning,  it's still -3 outside and despite the heating it's not all that warm indoors either. Hope you are warmer, and well.

I'm waiting for the doctor to phone and I'll find out the results of my blood test taken  four weeks ago, yes this is the first appointment I could get with this particular doctor and a phone appointment to boot. Hopefully, there will be some insight to what is causing the stomach issues. 

So I thought I would post this little card made for my lovely friend Karen as she has just moved house,
Now, unfortunately, she hasn't moved to an Italian villa, much as she would like....wouldn't we all lol. Some of you might recognise this Micheal Powell image that Docrafts had out a few years back. I bought a few of them as I really love his art work. The sentiment is from a freebie from a crafting magazine.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last card, very much appreciated.

Early start for me tomorrow as I'm travelling down to Glasgow to meet up with my lovely friend Rita...some of you might know of her.  I am so looking forward to catching up with her. Her beloved husband Andrew passed away in September, not long after they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, it's such a sad time for her and her family, so it will be good to see how she is.

Alistair was down in Glasgow yesterday, meeting up with his school chum and spent the day in the Kelvin Grove Museum and had a smashing day talking about the "old days". Willie is a mountaineer too, and they both began there adventure in the hills from the age of 11 and have had a love affair with them ever since.  

Obviously the doctor is running late as the appointment was for 10 o'clock, anyway, that's me for now, have a lovely day whatever your up to, but keep cosy,