Sunday 30 June 2013

A Poppy, The Blue Lagoon and a rather Strange Museum!

Hello Blogging Friends, hope you are all having a good Sunday.  The wind is fierce up here in Inverness, but fairly warm and at the moment the sun is shining, at least no rain.

Thanks to you all for the lovely comments on my last post, love reading them.

We had a lovely lunch out with Damian and Moreen yesterday, but how I suffered afterwards, Indian food seldom sits well with me, but yesterday was awful, such a pity cos I so much enjoyed it.  We were meant to go on to friends who were having a barbie as their daughter is on a visit from Australia with her children and there were birthdays involved and I just couldn't make it.  Alistair thinks that some of my upset was down to stress because in the morning I was trying to make corrections to the minutes of the welfare meeting I had for work, where there were glaring mistakes, misinterpretations and omissions.  Would you believe that after working for 14years there they spelt my name Curry instead of Currie, quite insulting really.  Anyway, when I sat down at the PC to type, I could just feel my stomach in an uproar.  I managed to get some of it done, but felt I would have to leave it, otherwise the whole thing would ruin my day, it kind of did anyway.

I am back to the GP tomorrow, so we'll see what happens then, but it's clear I'm still in no fit state to be back at work.  It is all quite worrying though.  I came off work with exhaustion due to work related stress, but since then the stress has upped its level, thanks to my my managers not knowing their .... from their elbow.

I have been told that I will be going for an OH assessment, but the area manager didn't know where, it's a company based in Chester that they have bought in, but, she said it would be somewhere in the Highlands.
The Highlands is an awfully big place, I suppose she could have said Highlands and Islands, so I'm lucky there.  It's no wonder I think I'm going doolally.

Another couple of Iceland photos for you;
This is me at the Blue Lagoon, I had already been in for a dip and it is truly amazing.  In the middle of a lava field, it is the by product of all the power station's waste.  Now I don't know the science of it,but it's manmade. You can see the power staition in the background.  The water is a bit sulphuric but so warm, and outside, that came as a surprise, I thought it was indoors.  Whilst we were in the pool there was a cloud burst, felt really strange.  Cost a fortune for a dip, but one of the sights you had to see.
Whilst walking to the bus station one day we passed this building, at first I didn't know what it was, I thought it was to do with stamps,(led a sheltered life you see), anyway I was fairly sure that wasn't the right word, so on closer inspection through the window, I discovered what kind of museum this actually was,  apparently it contained all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, from every living thing known to man.  No, we didn't go in, mainly because it would have cost around £10, as I said Iceland is very expensive, but we did have a good laugh about it.

My card for you today;

Yes it's another Poppy, sorry about that, and it's from,  I have to say I just love Jane's drawings and she has some new ones, so pop by and have a look.

Base card cut with Xcut circle die and image on to Xcut Scalloped die
CC Silver Spray
Black Soot DI
Stamp it Austraila Sentiment
Black gems from Papermania

That's me for today, I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Sunday.
Thanks for looking, Hugs kate x

Friday 28 June 2013

A Butterfly, a Waterfall and a Hot Geyser!

Good Afternoon one and All, Friday again goodness it comes around fast doesn't it.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on my last card and photo, I really do appreciate your time and encouragement.

Have you ever had one of those days where you are busy but never seem to get anywhere? well that's the sort of day I've had and I don't know why really, but once I've done this it's a quiet evening with my knitting, Alistair will be out for a wee while so I'll also have control of the TV zapper.

I thought I would show you another couple of our holiday photos
This is Gullfoss waterfall and it is just such a powerfully magnificent force of nature.  The guide told us that it equalled Niagara Falls, never having been there I couldn't say, but we were certainly impressed.  You could view it on couple of levels, Alistair went down to the lower level for a closer look, for me it was a million steps too far to come back up.  The photo doesn't show the fabulous rainbow which was across it.

This is an other amazing force of nature, a hot Geyser, shooting up into the air every 7-10 minutes, and if you were near enough you got a good spraying of water,  This was the science bit of the holiday and Alistair was just beside himself with all of this.  When we got to the waterfall the guide pointed out two icecaps, which to me meant not that much, but my hubby was just floored by, the the size of them, the largest covering around a 1000 kilometres, looked like two postage stamps to me, but they were a distance away.  I'm not sure if there is a photo of them.. To think that when I said I wanted to go to Iceland, Alistair dismissed it as an interesting place,  little did he know!.

I've got a little card to show and it is very little as it's an acceptance card for another wedding;
Again the colours aren't showing true, it's a navy background.  Nicola's colour theme is navy and pink and on her invitation card she has a butterfly, in fact I think she made her invitations, so I've tried to keep the theme.
3x3 card blank
Co ordinations in blue
Little Claire Butterfly from Cherish, Hugs, Dream Set
SB Decorative Labels 22 inked with VersaMagic Night Sky
Gems and Glamour dust.

I'm rather pleased by how it's turned out, even although it's quite simple.

We are going out with my son and his partner tomorrow for lunch as we didn't get together for my birthday, so looking forward to that, I think we're going for an Indian meal.

Have a good weekend everyone, whatever your doing, I do hope we get some decent weather.
Bye for now, Hugs Kate x

Wednesday 26 June 2013


Good Evening Everyone, it seems such an age since I last put up a post.  I hope you are all well and for those who are not so good, well here's a HUG.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my wee blog and especially to you all who left such great comments on my last card, story and photo.  I really do appreciate it, because everyone is busy and it does take time to get round all your followers.  I don't know how I will manage it when I return to work, at the moment I have a bit of time. Anyway thank you.

We had a lovely time at the wedding on Saturday, the bride, Amy was so lovely and Malcolm, her groom was very handsome.  However the rain came down in torrents, and the ceremony was held in the gardens, but in time honoured fashion, the sun shone on the bride at just the right moment.  There was a window of dryness whilst the ceremony took place.  Being quite a laid back couple they took the awful weather in their stride.  Photos were mainly of umbrellas.It was very much a do it yourself affair, held in one of the halls in the glen, "the Youngsters" who ever they were decorated it with the most wonderfully coloured tissue balls hanging from the ceiling, flowers from their own and neighbourhood gardens, food made by a local friend who is a chef, and it was out of this world, and a great band to dance to.

Our day didn't start out well as the hotel wouldn't let us in to our rooms until 3 and the wedding was at 2, we weren't dressed and worse I had a naked face.  We explained we were going to a wedding, but no, we couldn't get in,  and there wasn't a room to change in.  Well you cant get into a kilt outfit in a Nissan Micra.  So we had a quick panic and then thought of our friends who stay in the next glen and maybe we could go there, luckily Alistair had there phone number in his phone.  Now Peter and Jean have the Lost Gallery and they were busy picture hanging for their new exhibition on the Sunday, but said to come along, if we didn't mind the upheaval. A further 20 minutes to their place, time was ticking on, got in and changed, Jean made a cuppa, and I was able to have the sandwich Alistair made at home and brought with us so that I could take my insulin, as it would be a long time till the meal.  Alistair had his sandwich too, and then Jean said , what's that on your shirt?, when I looked there was a great big red blob of something, tomato sauce, I thought,  well folks you know that I have had very high stressed recently, they just reached top level at this.  I couldn't believe it, this was the shirt which was found, washed and ironed at the last minute. Anyway it was jam, Peter managed to sponge the stain almost out.  I wanted to kill him, Alistair not Peter. Well all this is going on I'm trying to put the slap on.  It was one hell of a rush, but we made it on time.

We didn't stay at the hotel that night, we were told that our room had been cancelled, it was fortunate that other friends invited us to stay with them.  This hotel makes Fawlty Towers look like the Ritz.  The owner was beyond rude and to think it is on a tourist route, it certainly give the area bad press.

Here is a photo of us all glammed up,
I'm wearing the gorgeous butterfly pashmina that my friend Dale gave me for my birthday, I tell you I was glad I had it, not at all warm.

My card tonight is another lovely image from and it's Freesias
I've used; Promarkers
                DIs to edge around papers and image
                Kanban Vintage Tapestry, First Edition Rose Garden Papers
                Coordinations red card
                Marianne Seniment and Die
                Ribbon and gems from my stash
                Star Dust stickles

I hope you like it, it's a card for a friend who is struggling quite a bit with her diabetes, I thought she could do with a wee card.

That's all from me tonight, see you all soon, thanks for looking
Hugs Kate x

Friday 21 June 2013

Is it a Flying Machine?!

Hello Everyone, it's the weekend again, gosh it comes around so quickly and goes just as fast, especially for all of you who work , although having said that those who don't work at a paid job are just as busy.  I've always got to qualify that statement as  very often folk who aren't in paid employment work just as hard.

Thank you for all the lovely comments you made on my last post, I do love reading them and they always give me so much encouragement, and I am so delight to have reached 50 wonderful followers, would never have thought it.

Now thinking back to Elfshoes, I Googled, as you do, and would you believe I found a pattern for them.  They are a little different, but still have curly toes, so I must give them a go.

Not much news today, I've been busy getting clothes and whatnot ready for the friend's daughter's wedding tomorrow.  Before we left for holiday I asked Alistair to put his kilt out to air and get any creases out, but did he, not at all.  When we arrived home, I asked again, no, it still wasn't put out, eventually, after a lot of "nagging" it arrives on the bed. Where's your shirt?, Oh yes, of course I'll need that, he says.  Can't find it, he shouts from the depths of his cupboard, are you sure I've got one, he asks.  Well he turn the place upside down, in all the drawers too, when at last he finds a white shirt.  That's not the one, I say, well it's all I've got, comes the response, by this time I'm loosing the will to live as I've got a million other things to do.  Well Alistair being Alistair just gave up and went off to play his fiddle, like he does.  Seeing nothing else for it, I dived into the cupboard myself and after a bit of rummaging, found it right one under 3 other shirts, and yes it was crushed to bits, so required washing.  Honestly there are times, oh yes there are times!!  However, his outfit is all together and he'll look great tomorrow.  Is it just my hubby who never looks properly, or are men just like this?

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow as the ceremony is in the garden, it will be such a pity if it rains.  When her sister got married a couple of years ago, the heaven opened and the wedding ceremony was held in Kildrummy Castle grounds, could'nt go inside as the castle didn't have a licence, so fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.
Our friends live in Corgaff over in Strathdon, it's where Alistair used to live so it will be great to catch up with friend whom we don't see often.
My card today is one I made a while ago for Alistair's Godson Kieron;
I't a fairly basic card, never quite know what to do for teenage guys.  I've used everything from the Kanban Gentleman's Adventure range.  I like this sort of Steampunk look, anyway hope he likes it, especially as it's late, his birthday was whilst we were away.

Whilst wandering around Reykjavik I came across a wonderful sculpture that just epitomises how I  feel when I'm at work and why I'm off with work related stress, I just had to get a photo of it;
I have no idea what it is called, but I thought, that's me on a good day ha ha.  Alistair thinks I should show the manager it, but like she would care.

Anyway folks, signing off now, I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever your doing,
Kate x

Thursday 20 June 2013

Weather Beaten, Older and Poppies in the Breeze!

Hello Everyone, it's good to be back!
We had a wonderful holiday, and Iceland is a really fascinating country, in my opinion.  Not for the sun worshippers of course and your more likely to get weather beaten than a tan, but then I didn't go for the sun.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I have wanted to visit Iceland for a while, on the bucket list, well it didn't disappoint. It was however very expensive and we had to choose carefully what we wanted to do, but as it was a very special holiday, Alistair made sure that I did indeed, do all the things that I had on my list.
At this point I want to THANK everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made wonderful comments on my last post about seeing the whale, I was amazed and thrilled that so many of you did comment cos there was no card, just some ramblings about my day, I was really touched by them.

We had good weather by Iceland standards, not much rain and a couple of days where the sun shone and was really warm.
We stayed in a lovely apartment which was very central and Olga, the lady who owns it had left all kinds of information to help with our stay, it even had wi-fi, and I could keep up with your blogs, well some of them at least.

I found some fantastic wool shops, but the Icelandic sweaters were so expensive, from about £150 upwards, so couldn't afford one, I'll have to learn how to knit one, but I did buy a pair of Elfeshoes and here they are,
I just couldn't resist them, you see, being a Lord of The Rings fan, I always see myself as an Elf, unfortunately, I'm built like a Hobbit but without the hairy feet.  I am forever hopeful that I will eventually metamorphosis into a tall willowy  creature as I could just be a late developer. Och well we all have dreams.
I'm sure I could knit these.

Anyway, that's enough of our holiday for now, nothing worse than being bored silly by someone else's tales.  I have got some photos which I will post over time, but let me introduce you to the lovely man who made my holiday possible,
This lovely smiling face is Alistair, and he is very precious to me, and he always makes me laugh, and these days that's no mean feat.

I do also have a card, and it another Thank You card for my dear friend Dale,
This is just a simple wee card using;
SB Poppy Die coloured with Promarkers and sprayed with Gold CC Spray and Sparkle
SB Decorative Lables Tewnty Two, edged with DI in Spiced Marmalade
SB Marvelous Squares with Sentiment from Stamp-it Australia, Sentiment Swirls
Butterflies and gems from my box
Cream base card embossed with Flower Frenzy, Embossalisious Folder,
I've had the Poppy die for ages but could never get it to cut out, so pleased I found the wax paper.

I arrived home to loads of cards and some very lovely gifts, so I've still got quite a few cards to make.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me and comment on my efforts I really appreciate that you do.
Bye for now
Hugs, Kate x

Thursday 13 June 2013

There Be Whales!

Good Evening from Iceland,  and I thought I would pop by to tell you about the most amazing day I've had, sorry no card or photos.
Well I began the day by arriving at my 60th birthday, and I have to say I didn't feel any different to yesterday.  Alistair had a lovely card for me and my gift is this holiday so I had nothing to unwrap.

We went on a whale watching tour or I should say sail. Was it cold or was it cold?  No it wasn't actually,  it was absolutely more than perishing,  at one point I couldn't feel my fingers,  and I had gloves on
There is never a guarantee that you will see these wonderful creatures,  but eventually a Minky whale was spotted,  there was an almighty surge to the starboard side to just see it diving, this happened a couple of times,  but I didn't see all that much of of it.

However,  then we caught sight of a pod of white beaked dolphins. They were fabulous,  jumping about and putting on quite a show for us.
It seemed that we weren't going to see any more whales and by this time the rain had started and although I had on thermals and waterproofs, I was beyond cold. We decided to go below decks and thr boat was now turning back to harbour anyway.  Next thing we hear the guide shouting"Humpback at 12 o'clock, well there was such a rush to grt back up to see it,, but it had dived, but a few minutes later up it came and it was just the most fantasticsight to behold. This wwonderful creature surfaced 7 times and each time was more fantastic than before,  just to see that iconic fluke splashing down into the water was something else.
What a birthday present!

The day is almost over and it's been wonderful,  we had a lovely meal and a walk back to the apartment
And guess what friends?  I've found a great craft shop, I'll be certainly visiting there.
Before I go just want to thank everyone who left such lovely comments on my last card.
Hugs Kate x

Sunday 9 June 2013

Icelandic Poppy in Blue!

Hello Everyone and I hope you are having a great Sunday, and indeed weekend.
I've been busy getting packed, checking that all the documentation is in order and whatnot.  As we usually go on holiday with a holiday company where everything is done for you, this time it's under our own steam, so I'm having to make sure we have everything just right.
However packing is all done, just the last minute things and I think I've got everything I need, even to woolie hat and gloves, well we are hoping to go on the ocean to spot whales, recon it will be really cold there.

Thank you all so much who visited and left comments on my last card, I love reading them and delighted that you take time out of your busy days to visit.

I was amazed that the artist who drew the poppy image, Jane of
left a lovely comment and wanted my permission to show the card on her design blog and Facebook.  Well I was so chuffed, because if you visit Jane's blog you will see some really beautiful cards, I'm just delighted.

I have another poppy card today;
A little bit different, but I'm really pleased by it and it's for a friend who loves blue.
Coloured with Promarkers
Sentiment from Stamp-It Austrailia, Sentiment Swirls
Card cut with Xcut Scalloped Die
Papermania Blueberry Pie paper
Tumble Glass DI
Gems and Glamour Dust.
And that's it, I hope you like it.

Before I go I want to tell you about a friend who has just had her first book published by Amazon for Kindle, it's title is Cafe Paradise and it sounds a great holiday read, and if you go to her website,  you will be able to read a synopsis of the story.  It's romantic comedy, and I've downloaded mine and looking forward to starting it.  It's a bit of a change for me as like crime novels, but it sounds great and it takes place in a city I love York.

I will taking my Tablet with me so hopfully I will be able to keep up with your blogs, and I will see you when I get home.

Crafty Hugs,  Kate xx

Friday 7 June 2013

Icelandic Poppies!

Hello Fellow Bloggers, are you well today? I do hope so and for those who are not so well, sending you big hugs!

I've been pretty busy over the last couple of days preparing for our holiday, trying to pin down Alistair for his clothes is painstaking to say the least.  I asked him to put out what he wanted to take nice and early in case they needed freshening up, so he did that and the clothes got washed and ironed, and then got put back in his drawer, why? I asked, did you get me to wash them if your not taking them, Oh, I they've been in the drawer for a while and I thought I would just get them washed. Honestly, there's times you just want to SLAP!!
Anyway, the packing is almost done, it's only for a week after all.

I went along to see the CAB folk, and a little advice was offered, and that was to reply to the letter the Area Manager sent asking why the other points I had raised weren't mentioned.  My son, who is awfully good at these things also pointed out that I should have had the minutes of the welfare meeting along with the letter, so I requested a copy of those. There were one or two other points that needed clarification as well.  So it has taken me the couple of days to compose that and try to get it in the right tone.  I will post it on Sunday night, and hopefully put it out of my mind and enjoy the holiday.

I met up with one of my colleagues on Wednesday, she is our part time worker I get on really well with her, she calls me her second mum, and she has a bit of a tough time of it at work, I think it's because she is so much younger than the rest of us, but of course very unfair.  Anyway, she gave me a beautiful gift, and a lovely card, although she said not a patch on the ones I make.  It's the though that counts.
So, I've make a Thank You card for her and after seeing the beautiful card on Sue's blog yesterday , I decided to have a look at  where I found a wonderful selection of fabulous digital flower stamps.  I decided to have myself a few, but one in particular really caught my eye and that was Icelandic Poppy, for obvious reasons.  That said I've decided to make Thank You cards for everyone who gives me a birthday gift, so here is the one I've made for Karen;
Sorry the colour is a bit wishy washy, it really is a bit more vibrant in reality.
Golden shade of Core'dinations, embossed with Flower Frenzy Embossalicious folder
Sizzix Dies
Papermania Sentiment
Pearls, gems and ribbon from stash
Poppies sprayed with CC Spray and Sparkle in Silver
Kraft Card
I'm really quite pleased with the outcome.

We are going through to Nairn tonight to listen to a concert given by The Inverness Mahler Players, Alistair is a fan of this composer, I can take him or leave him, although hearing something live makes all the difference.  It's been a while since we have gone to a concert, so I am looking forward to it.

So before I go, I just want to thank everyone who has visited and commented on my last card, always appreciated.  I'm trying to catch up with yours,  and I might get a chance later tonight.
Bye for now
Kate x

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Rosa's Sunhat!

Good Afternoon Blogging Friends, I hope the day has been good to and that you've managed to get done what you planned today.
It's turned out nice now, but most of the day has been a bit overcast, but no rain.
Not really getting much done in the way of card making, more really about finishing off knitting which has been lying around.  I think I've lost a bit of something, I have my new Little Claire Club stamps sitting on my table but, I just keep ignoring them, so maybe I should just have a wee break from the cards.

Thanks to everyone who visited me and left lovely comments on my last post, always appreciated.

For those of you lovely friends who have been following my blog and offering words of advice and comfort, just to let you know my letter arrived this morning, and there was no surprises, and it was very obvious that only one aspect of what the problem is was noted, so on Thursday I'm off to see CAB with my job description and letter and see if they can offer any advice.

I've been trying to get the packing organised, and buying the bits and pieces needed, don't really want to buy holiday essentials in Iceland as everything is so expensive.
I tried on my swimsuit last night and fell about laughing at the sight I looked, Alistair commented that not to worry as it will be so cold just to keep my fleece on top whilst I rush into the hot pool and no one will see. I have a super model's lower half, I wish, but the top half's bit much.

Our Choral Society had it's AGM last night and the feedback about our concert last month was fantastic, we had great reviews, so all the hard work was well worth it. What an expense to put it on though, just as well it was a sell out.   We always have a bit of a social afterwards with a bite to eat and our Accompianist always puts a musical quiz together which is great fun and we have a sign along, nothing high brow, just all sorts.  The evening really cheered me up and was just what I was needing.

So on to my offering for today, it's not a card, but a sunhat;
This was made for a friend's little girl from a pattern in a knitting magazine.
I've used Wendy Cotton Yarn, and although the camera hasn't picked it up too well, the colours are yellow, lilac, blue and a peachy pink.

I have to say Rosa looked a little picture in it.

I would like to enter this creation into;
 I found this challenge blog through May's Blog
and was delighted to find somewhere that I could enter my knitting into.

Well that's me for now, we are having a friend round for his tea tonight as it's the astronomical evening and both he and Alistair are away to that, so that means I've got a bit of me time.
Have a good evening
Kate x

Sunday 2 June 2013

White on Black!

Hi to you all, hoping you have had a good Sunday and that the weather was nice and sunny and warm of course.
We've had a very quiet day here, I didn't feel too well so just took things easy, Alistair got stuck into the dandelions and hedge, what we should really do is get Damian's tortoises over and they could have a feast, apparently they can't get enough of them.

Thank you all so much for visiting me and commenting on my floral card, I just love reading what you have to say.  Many thanks too for all your kind words and advice offered, it is so much appreciated.
I can expect a letter from the area manager this week detailing what was discussed and depending what it's in it I think another visit to CAB might be in order.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a union.  Poor Alistair has had his head done in by me over the last few days, I try not to talk about it too much to him as he just shouts through frustration because being a man he just wants to fix things and he can't.  It is a lonely place to be in though. Anyway enough of this.

I have a card for you, made this one the other week when I was attempting to do the heat embossing thing;
Black base card with Xcut border punch
SB Flora Embossing Folder
Crafty Individuals stamp
Ranger Perfect Medium, Papermania clear embossing Powder
Black Soot, Distressed Ink
MB, Fabulous Phlox Die
black ribbon fromThe Ribbon Girl
CC Spray and Sparkle on flower

That's all folks, enjoy what remains of the weekend.
Kate x

I would like to enter this card into;

Saturday 1 June 2013

Thinking of You!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whatever you happen to be doing.
Weather wise, it started good today and now we have had an almighty downpore and it's turned a bit cooler.

Thank you all who took time out of their busy day to visit my last post and comment on my last card, going by the amount of comments it was a really popular and well liked card.

I would like to say thanks too for all the kind pieces of advice and good wishes for my welfare interview that took place yesterday.  I won't bore you all with what happened, but I don't think it went all that well and I am left somewhat puzzeled by what was proposed, and it feels that I will return to work to a situation that will very possibly cause further stress, so it's not looking good.  I was further thrown, by being told that I might not be able to return to work and go straight into annual leave, can you imagine my blood pressure at that, a holiday that had been booked since January.  I had to go home and await a phone call after the manager had contacted HR.  I thought my hubby was going to go into space when he heard this.  Thankfylly towards  the end of the day I had a phone call to say I could have my holiday.  Like I would'nt be going anyway. So, I wont be returning till later on in June and after I come back from holiday I will have to see where I go from here.  They have suggested that I have an appointment with occupational health, and I'm fine with that.

I was a bit down yesterday and really tired so didn't get around your blogs or post myself, it just felt all too much. but today is another day. Here is my contribution today;

LOTV stamp
Prisma colour pencils
First Edition and Fizzy Moon Papers
Purple card
SB corners
Flower Soft Sentiment
Pearls, Riverbank Revels set
Gems and ribbon from my stash
Glamour Dust
I had treated myself to some Prisma coloured pencils earlier on in the week, I already had Derwent pencils, but what lovely pencils Prisma are, quite different in texture from my other ones.  So a big thank you to Jacqui at,
who told me where to but them and which colours to get to start me off.  If you pop into visit Jacqui's blog you will see some really beautiful cards, with wonderful colouring.

That's my lot for today, going off now to try and get round to visiting you.
Kate x

I would like to enter this card into;