Friday 30 October 2015

Fairy Baby for Friday Oldie!

Good Friday to You All, and hasn't it come around so quickly?????
I hope everyone is keeping tip top, but sending out Huggggggggggs for those who might be in need of them.
Started out really dull this morning but, now we have sunshine, cold though, but we are at the end of October after all.

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my cat Christmas card, you are all very kind and I do appreciate the time you take to visit my blog.

I would like to welcome Florence as my latest Follower, and I'm so pleased that you pressed the button Florence and this brings me up to 98 Followers, never thought I would reach anything like that, so I'm thinking that when I reach 100 mark I should have some candy to give away.

So today it Oldie Friday and here is my card;
Isn't she just so sweet and I think she is an image by Mo Manning and a LOTV sentiment, can't remember what I've coloured her with but as it's a while ago it's either Promarkers or Pencils.

Now why not join in the fun and share one of your older creations, can be be any craft just as long as it's handmade.  Friday Oldie was started by Erika of Snappy Crafts just as a way of seeing how our crafting has changed/developed over time, and after all it's just fun.

I hope you have some great plans for the weekend, in this household it will be the final of the rugby tomorrow and maybe a walk on Sunday if the weather holds, but what ever you do make sure you enjoy it.
See you soon,

Wednesday 28 October 2015

We Six Cats!

Hello to Everyone, and a warm welcome to my latest Follower Florence, It's good to have you here, so thank you for pressing the Follow Button.

Thanks too everyone who sent kind wishes about the loss of Molly and lovely comments on my last card. I do appreciate every comment made.

Just popping in with a quickie tonight, for some reason I am incredibly tired, I'm going to have an early night, Alistair is out at his music group so it's nice and quiet, so it's off to bed with my Kindle.

This is a very little card with an image from Little Claire coloured with a mixture of SN Pens and Prismacolour Pencils. Paper is from a Doocraft pad bought the other year, a little bow from Doocrafts too and a few gems. It's such a cute image, I love it.

I do hope you are all well, but sending out kind thoughts for those who need them, so take care and see you soon,

Saturday 24 October 2015

Molly and a Christmas Door!

Hello Crafty Buddies, how are you all doing, I hope well and enjoying your weekend.

We are all really sad here as my lovely Grand pet Molly had died. Damian and Moreen adopted her from a rescue centre and she was 14 years old. She was a definitely a great character, and knew me as Gran and that I would always have biscuits in my bag for her. She was a lurcher breed. and had the greyhound pointed face, but was anything but sleek.  The cats are a bit lost without her, it's amazing how animals just know when something is wrong.

Here she is; 
Thank s to everyone who left a comment on my Oldie card, you are very kind. Here is another Sheena Douglass card;
Coloured with SN Aqua Pens and matted and layered with Gold Mirri card and Hunkydorry foiled embossed card. 

I had meant to go down to the big craft fair at the SSEC today, but I couldn't face 7 hours on a bus after our trip to London, so as a treat we've had an Indian Takeaway for dinner, I'll suffer, oh how I'll suffer, but it was soo good.
Enjoy your evening and take care of yourselves,

Friday 23 October 2015

Take it Easy Friday Oldie!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and I hope all is well with you and that you have great plans for the weekend, yes that's another almost upon us.

Thank you all so much for your very kind comments on my last card, I appreciate every one of them.

We had a hectic time in London, but I have to say that everyone we asked help of couldn't have been more helpful, a better experience from years ago.
We didn't get all the things done that Alistair planned, but we enjoyed the exhibition and meeting up with friends and I got to  meet David Starkey(the historian that presents all those programmes about the Tudors) and Philip Mould who present an art programme with Fiona Bruce, he is very suave and more handsome in real life.
However, we arrived back late last night and are whacked, so it's an easy day today.

It's time for another Friday Oldie;
A little card made with a Little Claire stamp and coloured with Promarkers.
Friday Oldie was started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and it's all about sharing a handmade project that you've made earlier on in your crafting career. It's just for fun so why don't you join in and share an Oldie.

I've a couple of photos to show you now of why we were in London;
The front cover of Peter's catalogue of his paintings,
And the Artist himself. This is an amazing portrait of Peter, It's a huge picture and it's called Dressing Up for Mam and Dad. All the photographs inside the coat are ones Peter found when his dad died the other year and they are all when  from when he was in the war and was writing back and forth to Peter's mum.  I know you can't get a feel for it here, but to see it for real bring up such a swell of emotion that I get goosebumps.
The Exhibition was making a statement about what is taken for art nowadays, the art work will not be every ones cup of tea, but, it's hitting out at the contemporary art establishment and the nonsense that wins the Turner prize.

I've scrolling through your blogs and seeing some fabulous makes, but I hope you will forgive me for not commenting this time around, I think when you miss so many days it's too hard to catch up.

Take care everyone and see you soon,

Monday 19 October 2015

Mountain Winter Scene and Cosy Socks!

Hello Everyone, hoping today sees you tip top, but if not, I'm sending out caring thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments about my CCC wreath cards, you are very kind.
I've caught the Card-io bug after having watched Wendy on Create and Craft, she makes it so easy looking.  I spent ages at their stand the last time I was at the Birmingham show, I love their little stamps and I always think the designs are stunning in the black and white.
Here is another Card-io card;
I've used a combination of stamps here from two of the Christmas sets, and added a splash of colour for the lamplight and they sky. Lots of glitter and frost.  I have to say I'm awfully chuffed with this one. Hope you like it.
Now for my new socks
There is a sparkle thread running through the yarn which is from Laughing Yaffle, they are so toasty.

I'm going to have a tour through your lovely blogs and then off to pack my case, we are off to London tomorrow at stupid o'clock to see our friend Peter's art exhibition, I'm really excited about it, the exhibition I mean, I don't like London at all I'm afraid, since being called a Scottish B.......d many years ago by a taxi driver because he didn't like that I gave him a Scottish pound note, and when He refused it, I responded with the fact that he either accepted it or didn't get paid, after all it was legal tender.  Not a nice man and no ambassador for England's capital city.

Take care everyone and I'll see you when I return

Sunday 18 October 2015

Christmas Wreaths for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello Everyone and how are you this evening?. Well I hope and enjoying your weekend.
We have had another beautiful sunny day, a bit cold, and I would guess it will get colder tonight, but I'll not worry about that as I've got on my lovely cosy new knitted socks, which I will show another time because this post is all about the Christmas Card Club.  
Karen has chosen the theme and it's Christmas wreaths, unfortunately Karen is not too well just at the moment, so she might not be able to join in, but wishing her a speedy recovery and a thank you for this lovely challenge.
Here is my cards, yes it's a twofer;
The top card is stamped with a Little Claire image and coloured with SN Pens, and Hobby Craft paper, I liked the blue/grey colours.
The second card is made with Card-io Festive Fir Cone Stamps and Versa Colour Ink and a Woodware  sentiment.

I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow, hopefully it will work.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my Oldie card, and thanks to Anne, who pointed out that it was in fact a LOTV stamp and not DoCrafts, the memory just goes, so sorry for the misinformation folks.

The other CCC members will be along with their wonderful creations.
Enjoy the remainder of your evening and see you soon,

Friday 16 October 2015

Christmas Baubles for Friday Oldie!

Good Evening to You All, I do hope everyone is well, but here are some positive thoughts for those who are struggling a bit just now.

I'm scheduling this post for tomorrows Friday Oldie, just in case I don't manage to get around to it tomorrow, loads to do on Friday.

Here is my offering;
A Christmas one this time and it's a Docrafts Stamp and Promarkers for colour.

Why not join in and share a handmade project that you've made a while ago, it's just for fun and it's good to see how your crafting has changed over the time.  Friday Oldie was started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and it's been going a good wee while now, and it doesn't have to be a card, just something handmade.  Give it a go.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Pop Up Owls!

Hello Everyone, I hope your well and your day has been good. 
We have had another nice day here, turned cold tonight though, but what can you expect when we are galloping through October.

I've had a pants day trying to get my printer to work, and all because I downloaded Windows 10, I won't bore you with all the details, but I ended up having to go back to 8.1 Windows, honestly what a palaver.  I had booked car parking at the airport and needed to print out the confirmation and the printer couldn't be found on my computer.  All nonsense, I get so stressed by things like this, and Alistair has even less computer knowledge than I have, he just stomps around shouting about nothing ever being simple.... his way of lending support and being helpful..NOT.

Anyway enough of that and on to my make for sharing today;
A little pop up box card
I've used Tattered Lace Owl dies here and First Edition papers. The sentiment die is one of Xcut little mini dies, Centura Pearl cardstock.

I would like to thank everyone who left lovely comments on my last card and to welcome Barbs who is my latest follower, I hope you continue to pop in Barbs and like what you see.

Take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Saturday 10 October 2015

A Cup of Cheer!

Good Evening to You and I hope you are having a nice relaxing evening, unless of course you're out clubbing in which case I hope your are having a bouncing evening.  I'm way beyond clubbing now, in fact in my youth it was called going te the dancin.  I have mentioned to Alistair a number of times that it's a pity that there isn't somewhere for older people to go in the evening in Inverness for dancing.  I just love the old films where you see people having a twirl around the floor and having a cocktail or two and a live band playing. Those Golden Years long gone, even before my time, but wouldn't it be grand to have it back.

Well if you are a Shakespeare fan I would highly recommend Macbeth, a bit gory and dark, but beautifully filmed. Now I don't know Michael Fasebender from Adam, but I reckon he did a good job as the Thain of Cawder. At least his Scottish accent was fine, unlike Mel Gibbson's in Braveheart.
The Scottish scenery was fabulous, especially the scenes shot in Skye of the Quiraing. 

Had a busy day house wise today, got loads of chores done, Alistair was away at a thing to do with archaeology as it's the Highland Archaeology week, he goes every year, but he thought it wasn't worth the £15 this year, pleased I decided not to go, some of the speakers were a tad boring and he dosed off.

Anyway, here is a Christmas card;
I bought a selection of Sheena Douglass stamps last year and never got around to using them, this is one of them. They are wonderful to colour and I've used SN Pens to do that. I have loads of Hunkydory embossed card, bought yonks ago, so I thought this navy and gold one would go well as a background. A bit of glitter and that was that. I could just go a lovely hot choc.
Sorry that the photo is a bit blurred, hope your eyes can take it.

Alistair has just brought in a coffee and a little gingerbread man, so I will say good night and thank you for your lovely comments on my Oldie,

Friday 9 October 2015

Sunflowers for Friday Oldie!

Good Morning......just and how are you all today?? Crivens, another Friday! can you believe it!
Anyway, it's a lovely sunny day here in Inverness and I've got the fiddle playing going on upstairs at the moment, practise session move up from this evening as we are going out to see the new film of Macbeth. I believe it's all spoken in the original text.  I grew to love Shakespear whilst at school and would read it for pleasure and have acted in quite a few plays as we had a teacher who had a passion for the Bard and drama and started a Shakespearean drama group. Looking forward to that.

For now though I have a card for Friday Oldie, where we share something we have handmade a while ago. Started by Erika of Snappy Crafts,just a bit of fun to see how our crafting has changed, developed, improved over time. There is quite a few of us have joined her, so why don't you, as I say it's just a bit of fun.  Here is mine ;
Most of you will recognise this lovely LOTV image of sunflowers and I think I coloured them in with Promarkers. Just thinking how lovely this is and must use this stamp again.

Before I go I just want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my previous card, you are so very kind and I do appreciated each and every comment.

I'm off now to fix the chains on our vertical blinds, Teallach has made such a mess of them I've had to buy new ones, the chains not the blinds, although he manage to rip one of the veins, he's some boy.
Have a lovely day and a super weekend and see you soon,


Monday 5 October 2015

Jewelled Tree!

Hello to You All, I hope all is well with you today, but sending out kind thoughts to you if you're not.
Just popping in with a quickie post cos I'm busy doin nothing, working the whole day through, do you remember that song from, I think... A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court, sung by Bing Crosby?  I wish it would be shown again as I can't quite remember the story, but I loved the song.
Anyway, I'm having a quiet day, haven't set a foot outside the door, but have Choral practise later tonight, so forced to go out.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my CCC card, you are all very kind.
Here is my card for today;
Using a fabulous image from Chocolate Baroque's Sparkling Trees set, I've coloured with DI and Creative Expressions Metallic Watercolour Paints. Sentiment and embossing folder  from Crafter's  Companion and, green Centura Pearl card.
Very simple and the inspiration came from a card that Florence Langley created a little while ago, so thanks for that Florence.

Of to pick up my knitting now, have a good Monday,

Sunday 4 October 2015

Robins for the Chrismas Card Club!

Hello there, how are you all doing?, I do hope all is well with you, but I'm sending out kind thoughts to those who are struggling a bit just now.

It's time again for another creations for the Christmas Card Club and this time it is Sylvie's choice which is Robins. I must say I think it's a great theme as I love these little iconic Christmas characters.  We have a little chap who visits each year..... well I think it's the same one, but who can tell!
I just dread Teallch catching him.
So without further ado here is my card;
I've been going through my Little Claire stamps, so many I've bought but never got around to using, and found this one.  Plenty of Robins here and it's just a little wee card, coloured with SN Pens, and paper and Kraft card came along with one of LC's Monthly Club Stamps, a few gems and a bit of glitter and that's it done, and it's flat and small enough to post.

Do pop into the other club member's blogs and see what they do.  I really must get around to fixing it so that you can get to their blogs from here.

Thank you for commenting on my Oldie Card, I'm astounded that some of you thought it was good, you are all definitely most kind.
Well, I'm in rugby overload once again, and poor old Scotland got hammered again, och well we do loosing well, LOL!!  That's me for now, enjoy your Sunday,

Friday 2 October 2015

An Old Flapper for Friday Oldie!

Good Afternoon Everyone, I do hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather that has unexpectendly arrived, but if your not so well, I hope you feel better soon.

I wan't to say a big thank you for all the lovely, kind comments on my last card, I appreciate the time everyone takes to visit and comment.

Well it's Friday once again, how quickly they come around and of course it is time for a Friday Oldie. This piece of fun was started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and you can find her here.
It's all about sharing a handmade project from times past and it can be anything, cards, knitting, scrapbooking. It's good to see how our crafting has changed over time, and it is just fun. So here is mine and it is a real oldie, in fact I didn't even know I still had this,

I found this when clearing out ringbind folder, and believe it or not it is the first ever CD card I ever did, well you can tell that.  It's from MCS.  I don't even know if I've done I suppose it's pyrimage properly. It's all been printed on cheap photocopy paper, with glue which is not sticking it all together.
The card base is a cheap one which hardly stands up. However the insert is better. 
I just laughed when I saw this and thought the perfect project for today. I'm going to stick it all down better and stick it up on my gallery, which is the cupboard door of the spare room, just to remind myself of how I've improved.

I've been informed that there is on Corrie tonight that it's the Rugby again, so that means I'll be able to get around to visit you later on.

Enjoy your day and I'll see you soon,