Saturday 24 December 2016

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Couldn't end without a Snowman, shame about the photo, no light here, think we are going to have a stormy Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments and encouragement throughout the year, and not just about crafting projects, I appreciate all the time my lovely Followers take to visit and leave a kind word or two.

So to each and everyone of You, have the Very Best of Christmases with Peace and Joy in equal measure, and Best Wishes for a New Year filled with Good Health and Happiness.

Having a wee break from posting on my blog...nothing else to put on it at the moment, however, I will be having a nosey at what you are all doing.
Till next year, keep safe and have a wonderful Festive Time.

Thursday 22 December 2016

Almost There!

Well here I am and almost there!!!! How are you all doing, coping well in the insanity of the run up to Christmas I hope.  I mean this happens every year and yet it's the most stressful of times and certainly not good will to all men as the saying goes. I refuse to be stressed by it all, if it's not bought, not sorted, not send, too bad.

I decided to get off early this morning to buy food and pick up medication, so I decided to go to Morrison and get the food there, it meant I could park and go into the pharmacy in the town and also hit M&S for the odd thing.  Well worth the effort of getting off my mark early, all dun and dusted and back home by 11 o'clock.  But my goodness the rudeness of folk is astonishing, I've had doors let go in my face, almost knocked off my feet by a man  who was barging his way through Markies. I even caught a hand trying to pinch a Christmas pudding out of my basket......... well that was the last straw. I caught the wrist belonging to said hand and almost pulled the whole body into the basket.  Not letting go of the hand my eyes travelled up to the face and there was a young woman attached to it, boy did I give her a tongue lashing, she didn't even look sorry about it, just annoyed at being caught out. I asked her if there was an emergency that required a Christmas pudding, I mean there could have been, and I would have given mine up if that was the case. She responded with Don't be Stupid!
Now actually by this time I was inwardly ending myself laughing, but keeping a stern face, my response was... rather loudly.. Stupid!! it wasn't me who was trying to pinch a pudding out of another customer's basket. of course this brought other shopper's eyes to the little fracas happening in the midst of them.  I was pleased to say she ended up with a red face and marched off in high dudgeon.  The other shoppers had a good laugh with me, with various comments about "some people".

I remember another year I saw someone take a turkey crown out of another persons basket as they were passing and the customer was busy looking at the shelves.  That was in M&S too, must be something to do with their food.  Oh well, it's cheered me up and I'm still laughing about it.

Anyway, I have a little card for you, it's the one I've made for my lovely Hubby;
I couldn't think what to do for him, but these free stamps came to the rescue, especially the sentiment. They are all from Creative Stamping Magazine and coloured with a mixture of alcohol markers. I used Pixi Powders to make a background. Our local craft shop has started stocking them, so I treated myself. I made the drink a chocolate one, he is rather partital to hot chocolate... well cold chocolate and any kind of the stuff.

I'm going over to mind Milo this afternoon, Damian has been working from home these last two weeks, but he needs to go into town, so Gran to the rescue, but he's also asked if I will wrap up Moreen's gifts, and as I'm a nosey person, said I'd be delighted to. So that's my afternoon sorted out.

Thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards that have been sent to us... you know who you are. It's times like this I wish I had a mantelpiece.

Thank you too for all the lovely comments on my knitted pieces, I hope they go down well with the recipients of them.  I've go so many knitting projects I want to start, but can't get on with them as I can't choose what to do.

I'll say cheerio for now, and see you before the Big Day,

Saturday 17 December 2016

Knitted Gifts!

Hello Everyone, how are you All doing? I hope you are well and remaining sane in the run up to Christmas. I seem to be on track thankfully, with Damian working from home last week it meant I had time to catch up with things at home, and shopping. I even managed to get some parcels wrapped up, but my sellotape wasn't sticking so had to call a halt till I bought new sellotape.  These things are sent to try us, lol.

Thank you all so much for your visits and kind comments on my last card, I know how much time it all takes so it's all very much appreciated.

I'm sharing some of my knitting today,
These socks are for Damian, and the colours just happen to match his Football Team, Glasgow Rangers so, I expect they well go down well. Yarn used is by Arne and Carlos.
 More socks made for a friend in fabulous Noro Kueryon sock yarn, a fabulous slubby yarn and knits up so well.
A cowl for Moreen, The Fisherman's  Wife  Cabled pattern, knitted in Stylecraft Chunky yarn. Knitted on size 10mm pins, and although it's a lovely piece I hat knitting with such large pins and thick yarn, I much prefer 3or 4 ply.

Now as some of you know I was taking part in the Carolthon with the Choral Society today,
Here is the only photo that Alistair took that turned out, battery ran out, so unfortunately, he has not captured the whole group, there are around 25 of us, anyway, here I am with my choir buddy Fiona. There was a good buzz in the shopping centre, so I hope we collected lots for our chosen charity.
We have a break now until January when we will start to practise for our Spring concert.

I was soooo tired this afternoon, I could hardly keep my eyes open, I had made a start on commenting and realised that I'd dozed off when my laptop landed on the floor. I had to go and lie down, now that is not like me, I did sleep though with Teallach beside me, and Alistair made the dinner.  I have been so incredibly tired lately, not sleeping well at all, can't think why really, perhaps one just has phases like that. Best not to worry about it though, just go with the flow, but I felt it such a wast of time going to bed in the afternoon.

Anyway, that's all from me tonight, my card making is all but stopped for present, just Alistair's card to do and I'll have a go at making some tags for the gifts. so until next time, enjoy your weekend and take care of yourselves,

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Christmas Cheer to You!

Hello Everyone,  How are you all today, well I hope, but sending out kind and positive thoughts if you are not too good.

Thank you all so much for all your fabulous comments on my CCC cards, you are all so kind.

I'm having a real break from minding Milo as Damian is working from home, so that means that I've been able to catch up with things at home.
I brought the Christmas deccies down from the loft last week and I've been trying since then to put them up. I just don't know how I managed things when I was working full time, Alistair's response to this was "your older now",  Cheers for that , I thought. 

Anyway it's good to have got all the cards off in the post, only the neighbours to pop through their letterboxes. All presents bought, but still to wrap, but still plenty of time for that, and I managed to put our little bit of decorations up, much smaller scale this year, but Alistair fixed up our Rudolph that he made last year and brought him round to the front garden, I put his lights around his antlers and he is now all lit up. Looking good.

I have only one card to make and that's for Alistair, but still time for that, and my mojo has disappeared somewhat for that one.

Anyway, last night at Choral practise we had sound techies from BBC Radio Scotland to record us singing a few carols for a programme being aired on Monday 19the December between 12.30 - 1.05 pm, it's called Personal Best and I believe it's about how singing can help with mental health. So, if you are around with a bit of time to spare, have a listen in, we sound pretty good and the programme should be interesting. I can certainly endorse singing to help if you experience poor mental health, just like crafting.

I would expect it will be only those in Scotland who will manage to tune into this radio station, but I hope some of you might hear it.
Our other signing date is this coming Saturday when we sing our Carolthon;
We have a lovely programme of Christmas Carol and songs, and as you can see our charity this year is Chest, Heart and Stroke. If you are in Inverness, come along to the Eastgate Centre and hear us and if you're there between 12.30 and 1.30, you catch sight of me singing my wee heart out.

I've got the evening to myself, Alistair is going to his music group, so it's feet up and I might pour myself a wee dram and watch Rillington Place, gosh Tim Roth is chilling in his portrayal as the murderer Christie.
Have a good evening and see you soon,


Sunday 11 December 2016

Snowy Scene for the Christmas Card Club!

Good Morning to You!! I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the weekend. I'm sure like me yo well have lots to get done with the run up to Christmas.

Well it's time once again for the CCC ladies to share their cards for the final time this year.....boy has it gone in fast, and this time it's our lovely Rita who has chosen the theme...Snowy Scene, here is what I've come up with;

Two lovely images from Micheal Powell, bought a few years back when Papermania brought out a range with his art work....Shame about my photography.
I made these a while back and now can't remember what I used to colour them and they are now off in the post. 

I bought whilst at the Birmingham craft show the other year two cross stitch bookmarks with Micheal Powell's art work, in fact the man himself sold them to me and he was drawing at his stall, I was entranced watching him at work, he wasn't holding a workshop or anything, just sketching away whilst he stood there.  It must be marvellous to have such a talent being able to just pick up your pencil and start drawing.

I have enjoyed all the challenges set by the CCC ladies this year, and thank you Rita for this one. It fairly fills up the card box and I've not had a rush to get the cards made, in fact I've still got a few left.
However, a note to year keep them completely flat!! I thought I was doing well with having no bows and bulky decoupage, but even gems can keep the cards from fitting through that ridiculous small slot. 

Not much on the cards today..pardon the pun, just some food shopping, ordinary food that is, can't face the battle of Christmas food shopping yet. So it will be a quiet day.
We were busy yesterday helping to load up a container which is now on it's way to Syria with clothes, shoes and all manner of things that the Refugees need. Alistair and I have been involved with Highland Support Refugees for a wee while now and  it was good to see this huge container driving off with the boxes of clothes for children, which I've mainly put together along with other volunteers. Originally it was bound for Lebanon, but something has gone wrong there and now on to Syria, where very brave Aid Workers, and thank goodness for them, will distribute what we have sent, and that's 919 boxes. 

Thank you all for the comments left  about my previous card, most appreciated.
Enjoy your Sunday whatever you plan to do and see you soon,

I would like to enter the first card into;

Friday 9 December 2016

Floribunda Net!

Hello Everyone, I hope today has been a good one for you and that you are getting ready to enjoy your weekend.

I've eventually made a start on writing the Christmas card and got some of them posted, now this is the part of card I just don't like, Alistair would help, but it's quicker if I do it myself, but I hope to have it behind me by the end of the weekend.

Thank you all who commented on yesterday's card, I know how much time the commenting takes so I do really appreciate it.

Today's card has been made specifically for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge;
 Using the beautiful Floribunda Net image, I heat embossed it and coloured it with DI.
Matted on to black card and then an orangey red card stamped with a few little Card-io stamps.
Paper used is from Sara Davis, Autumn Collection. Added ribbon and a few sequins and left it at that.

No sentiment yet as I'm not sure what occasion this card will be used for.
I always have a bit of a struggle to interpret the colours, but I think I've managed not too badly this month.

I almost didn't bother with the challenge this month, mainly because of the time factor, but then again, it's the last one of the year so it would have been a pity not to enter the Challenge having entered each months during the year.

I read today that Chocolate Baroque will be joining Hochanda, having previously been on The Craft Channel, which I could never manage to view, so I'm really pleased at this news. I do love this stamp company, and have been luck a few times to have won a challenge.

A bit of knitting I think tonight, I did get Damian's socks finished and now on to a cable cowl for Moreen. I had made one a few months back and I'm blowed if I can find it. I've searched all over the house, and it's a small house, so I've concluded it's in the "Black Hole" .

Enjoy the rest of your evening and I'll see you soon,

I woul like to enter my card into the following challenges: 

Thursday 8 December 2016

Walking in the Air!

Good Afternoon, or rather Early Evening, whatever, hello to You All.
I've been trying to get around to doing this post for days now and the time is just running away, I expect you're all much the same.

I've been slowly getting to grips with the Christmas shopping, and I think I've got on top of it, not that there was much to get, we are a very small family, and some gifts will be gift cards. 
Christmas cards require writing, although I did manage to get the abroad ones posted the other day, so hopefully I'll get around to writing them over the weekend.

I've bought Alistair a hat, I found a gent's hatter on-line and ordered a black Fedora, and just by sheer luck it arrived this morning and he was away for a walk. There was no disguising the huge box with the the company name on it and the word hats. So, I've got it wrapped up and stashed it away. I hope he likes it, but there are so many different styles of Fedora, but it can go back if it's not suitable.

So on to my card which is for my Choir Buddy Fiona who adors the Snowman, well who doesn't! I try to make a different one every year for her and so far I've managed.  I bought a Snowman kit a few years ago from Crafters Companion and I've still some left. I've made a bowed from from CC snow acetate, and cut snowflakes from Sara Davis to cover the stuck on bit of the acetate, and made a border to put the acetate under from one of the cards. The photo is not good, poor light to blame, it does really look better in real life. 

Really only one Christmas card left to make and that is for Alistair and I don't know yet what I'll do, I'll manage something at the last minute I expect.

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post, you are all so encouraging.
Off now to make the mac and cheese for dinner, not made this in yonks, a real treat for me as it's dairy and carbs, so tummy beware, but hey ho once in a while and one has to live.
Cheerio for now and see you soon,

Sunday 4 December 2016

Owl Tealight!

Good Evening Crafting Friends and Visitors, hope all is well with you and that you are all enjoying what life has to offer.
I've been away visiting my friends Dale and Stewart for a few days which was lovely, and of course it means getting to see Amanda and Kerr, and luckily this time around little Olivia who is Amanda's Granddaughter how is only 2, what a gorgeous little cutie she is.

Back now, and trying to settle back in, although I loved being away, it knocks out my system with my insulin, eating etc, so I come back shattered and it take me a bit to get back into harness again.

Pleased to say my boys were fine, both survived, but pleased to see me back.

I've been trying to get around the blogs to comment, but forgive if I haven't reach everyone, my fingers would be worn out, but I've spied your makes on my reading list and have seen many wonderful creations.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post, you are all so kind.

I have another MDF project to share tonight;

Once again from Imagination Crafts I painted up a Tealight holder with Starlight Paints and a little Sparkle Medium.  I took this down to Dale and she loved it.

Now, whilst I was away, Damian took Milo to the doggy nursery, which he loved and came home whacked. Here are a couple of photos of him at play, the staff take photos to put on their FB page;
 Milo's new Best Friend
Would take a lot to chew through this me thinks!!

I think this is a fabulous idea for pets, and although it's new to me the daycare centres have been going for a while. I think Damian is going to put him in at least once aweek, it also gives me a wee break.

Well folks, it's cuppa time so I will say good night and see you all soon, take care of yourselves,