Thursday, 22 December 2016

Almost There!

Well here I am and almost there!!!! How are you all doing, coping well in the insanity of the run up to Christmas I hope.  I mean this happens every year and yet it's the most stressful of times and certainly not good will to all men as the saying goes. I refuse to be stressed by it all, if it's not bought, not sorted, not send, too bad.

I decided to get off early this morning to buy food and pick up medication, so I decided to go to Morrison and get the food there, it meant I could park and go into the pharmacy in the town and also hit M&S for the odd thing.  Well worth the effort of getting off my mark early, all dun and dusted and back home by 11 o'clock.  But my goodness the rudeness of folk is astonishing, I've had doors let go in my face, almost knocked off my feet by a man  who was barging his way through Markies. I even caught a hand trying to pinch a Christmas pudding out of my basket......... well that was the last straw. I caught the wrist belonging to said hand and almost pulled the whole body into the basket.  Not letting go of the hand my eyes travelled up to the face and there was a young woman attached to it, boy did I give her a tongue lashing, she didn't even look sorry about it, just annoyed at being caught out. I asked her if there was an emergency that required a Christmas pudding, I mean there could have been, and I would have given mine up if that was the case. She responded with Don't be Stupid!
Now actually by this time I was inwardly ending myself laughing, but keeping a stern face, my response was... rather loudly.. Stupid!! it wasn't me who was trying to pinch a pudding out of another customer's basket. of course this brought other shopper's eyes to the little fracas happening in the midst of them.  I was pleased to say she ended up with a red face and marched off in high dudgeon.  The other shoppers had a good laugh with me, with various comments about "some people".

I remember another year I saw someone take a turkey crown out of another persons basket as they were passing and the customer was busy looking at the shelves.  That was in M&S too, must be something to do with their food.  Oh well, it's cheered me up and I'm still laughing about it.

Anyway, I have a little card for you, it's the one I've made for my lovely Hubby;
I couldn't think what to do for him, but these free stamps came to the rescue, especially the sentiment. They are all from Creative Stamping Magazine and coloured with a mixture of alcohol markers. I used Pixi Powders to make a background. Our local craft shop has started stocking them, so I treated myself. I made the drink a chocolate one, he is rather partital to hot chocolate... well cold chocolate and any kind of the stuff.

I'm going over to mind Milo this afternoon, Damian has been working from home these last two weeks, but he needs to go into town, so Gran to the rescue, but he's also asked if I will wrap up Moreen's gifts, and as I'm a nosey person, said I'd be delighted to. So that's my afternoon sorted out.

Thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards that have been sent to us... you know who you are. It's times like this I wish I had a mantelpiece.

Thank you too for all the lovely comments on my knitted pieces, I hope they go down well with the recipients of them.  I've go so many knitting projects I want to start, but can't get on with them as I can't choose what to do.

I'll say cheerio for now, and see you before the Big Day,


Linda Simpson said...

Oh my the cheek of some people astonishes me sometimes. Glad to hear you kept your pudding. A gorgeous card and I too am partial to hot chocolate.
Linda xxx

brenda said...

Just popping in to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.

Will see you again after the festive season.

B x

Valerija said...

Wonderful card.
I wish you and your family Happy Christmas.
Valerija xx

Sandy said...

I certainly enjoyed reading your account of your shopping adventure. Bothersome for you but the way you word things is quite fun for me!
You sure are good to your son and his wife. It is all I can do to keep up with my life but all of our kids live a pretty good distance from us.
Merry Christmas Kate!
sandy xx

rachel said...

Oh Kate - you have made me chuckle - I do know what you mean and think I may be in the scrum on Christmas eve - or maybe not! Here's hoping late shopping is going to be the key!!! Love your card for alistair! Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs rachel x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Oh my, of all the folk for that woman to try and steal from. She'll be regretting that one lol! My friend used to work in M&S and said she has witnessed fights between elderly women over the turkey delivery lol!
Alistair's card looks fab. I used to have hot choc before bed in the Winter but am into hot Ribena at the minute.
Hope you've got him some of the real stuff for Christmas.
Ang x

Planetsusie said...

Hi there Kate - I've just got these stamps recently and they really are great. I love the colours you've chosen for your hubby's card - seeing as blue is my second favourite colour after purple! The sentiment is really sweet too, we do look after our other halves don't we! lol. As for your M&S story we're of to our local one tomorrow to pick up our Christmas dinner bits and pieces - now I shall be keeping my eye on the basket and no mistake!!! Mind you I shall probably be having a chuckle thinking about you and your experience!

Big hugs and have a lovely Christmas

Sue Pxxx

Unknown said...

Aww a lovely card!
I can't believe someone tried to pinch your Christmas pud!! Haha well done you for showing them up!
Lucy x

Erika said...

Oh Kate I am so looking forwards to work tomorrow and Saturday, there is always fights over something as we run out of food. Ridiculous for one day and two days closed. Some people are so rude too. The joys of being in retail. Ho, ho, ho.
A lovely card for your husband, great sentiment.

Have a super run up to Christmas and good luck tomorrow when Barbara hits.

Hugs Erika. x

cotnob said...

A super card Kate, lovely rich colours - it sounds like it is perfect for Alistair.
Christmas certainly does bring out the best in some people doesn't it, there was nearly a fight over parking spaces at our local Waitrose!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

meg said...

I can imagine Alistair holding a hot cuppa on returning from one of his adventurous outings. Great card Kate, loved your Markies tale some people are so rude and seem to think they are entitled to do whatever they wish,as for people letting go of the door I've started to say thank you for your consideration not,lot's don't say thanks when you hold it for them either though.Hubby challenged a couple smoking in a no smoking area last Saturday,they flicked their cigarettes at him and laughed, how sad to have such little respect for yourself never mind others.

Have a wonderful Christmas, hope the storm doesn't cause too much disruption. Meg xx

pam said...

Fabulous card for Alistair Kate, you gave me a laugh with your markies tale lol.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Pam x

Jennifer Johnston said...

Hi Kate, oh my! you did bring a smile to my face lol! Love this card, the blue colours really pop. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
Hugs Jennifer xx.

Karen said...

Beautiful card Kate, I am trying very hard to stay clear of Pixie powders as I still have a lot of Brusho to use along with other crafty supplies. I've been good at not spending unless it's presents for the past month or so. Hubby has spoiled me a little though with some Black Friday bargains but that was stamps and dies. As I'm trying so hard not to purchase new ink or paint as I know I'm getting that for my Christmas present this year.

I have been admiring your knitting skills and beautiful projects too hun. I miss knitting but it hurts my hands too much these days. I have used 15mm knitting needles and I loved them because they knit so quickly with the chunky yarn: instant gratification lol! But I really admire your skill and patience with the thinner yarn, just gorgeous!

Your post has made me and my hubby laugh tonight too! I've experienced that in M&S more than once. The last time I went to M&S just before Christmas I was badly knocked to the floor by some young female with her ruddy shopping trolley. My mum was with me at the time and she let rip too! We laughed about it once the bruises went and it's the only time I've ever seen my mum do that and I was so proud of her.

I'm the quiet one in the corner who won't say boo to a ghost but it gave me such a fright and I think she saw that and the pain it had caused and that's why she blew her top so to speak. I don't go near there at this time of year anymore I just can't cope with how peeps push or knock past you and the parking can be awful too! All my shopping this year was done online so that was good!

I hope you have an awesome Christmas huni, much love and thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me xx

MaryH said...

Had a bit of a laff at your bravery in remonstrating with the pick pocket. Some folks just don't even begin to realize what it is that this particular holiday celebrates. It's just an opportunity for them to take advantage. And rudeness as well. Guess I've been lucky so far, personally, but saw a young woman nab a parking space at our Mall, that someone else had been patiently waiting on. She came the opposite way, in a small car, zipped right in, and I know she had to have seen the first person. Loving your 'freebie' supplies. I'm always so amazed at the goodies you folks get with the magazines! Love the deep rich blue with the chocolate, and the background is perfect. I am not familiar with the powders you mentioned. TFS & Merry Christmas. Yes, Good will to all men and women too! Hugs.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh you have me smile with your story. Gorgeous card. Merry Christmas x

Mrs A. said...

Your food shopping stories did cheer me up no end today. Mine is all done and dusted and as you say anything forgotten will just have yto stay forgotten. hugs Mrs A and those darn elves.

Carol said...

Your post did make me smile Kate...I'm afraid I haven't ventured near any shops this week, though hubby said Edinburgh wasn't nearly as busy yesterday as usual at this time of year.
Love your card and your knitting further down...those socks look real toastie!
Have a lovely Christmas. Carol x

Sue said...

This is so beautiful.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and wonderful 2017!
hugs Sue xx