Monday 31 August 2015

Wedding Card in Lavender!

Hello Everyone, are you in Bank Holiday Spirit??  Just another day for me, even when I was working we didn't get them off at that point but they were all included in our annual leave.  However for those who are keeping the holiday I hope your are enjoying it.
I started it off with a visit to the surgery to get blood test done, hardly felt a thing, but I have to look away as I just can't stand to see the needle go in, now isn't that strange for someone who injects 4 times a day with insulin.  Anyway, the results will be back for my appointment with GP next week, so just have to wait and see what if anything shows up.

Thank you so much for the very kind comments on my last card and for all the tips and commiserations regarding the dies. As for taking them back, well I would if it were just the one or two, but I'm afraid I've bought all the booby ones as most don't cut well.  NO the only answer is to NOT BUY THEM.

So today's card :
Lavender Centura Pearl embossed with a Embossalisious Folder, Chains, Tattered Lace Mr & Mrs Die, WO Roses and other blooms, Ribbon and Pearls from my box.

We had a lovely walk yesterday through Culloden Woods, which is part of the Battlefield, a good few miles and I've a blister to show for it, but it was a lovely day with just a light warm breeze, and the Culloden Visitor Centre Cafe at the end of it.  We both just wanted water, which they had in a jug with ice, but I bought a slice of Gingerbread, £2.65........WHAT!! I asked the girl at the till, even she was embarrassed, but said she didn't make the prices, well of course you don't I said, whilst taking two pats of butter and glaring at her.  I did offer that one could make a whole Gingerbread for that price, never mind a slice. Now I know, I know, that you have to take into account, ingredients, energy costs for baking, cooks/chefs wages, etc, but £2.65.  Of course Culloden Battlefield is a tourist trap, they come in bus loads and are stranded there for an hour or so, with nothing much better to do than eat and drink, but It's not fair to rip off tourists either, especially as we depend on our tourist industry.
Alistair just laughed, but then it was my turn for the treat, and he didn't pay, just as well we both wanted water and not lattes.  Rant over.

Keep well everyone and see you soon,

Saturday 29 August 2015

A Striplet in Lavender!

Hello all you Crafty Folk, and welcome again to my blog. I hope your Saturday has been good for you whatever you've been doing.

Thank you too to everyone who commented on my last card, the kind words and encouragement are so appreciated.

I didn't make it with an oldie yesterday, I felt I needed a wee break from the computer as I seem to be spending an awful lot of time on it, So I didn't do all that much blog wise, but I have a card for you today;

Made with a striplet and matted on to lavender Centura Pearl. The striplet is cut from Papermaina purple card. Die'sire word die and Papermaina Botanical paper.  Embellished with pearls, ribbon and a dazzler from my box.

Now, nobody can say I'm not a trier, but the amount of times I put this striplet through my machine, turned it around, flipped it over, used an extra shim,  all that and  waxed paper, I can tell you my arm was sore with all the turning.  The word die cut a dream.  I just don't get on with SB/SW dies and I must learn a lesson and stop buying them.  I just don't know how all you SB ladies and gents do it.

Anyway, eventually I got the card put together, but noticed after I'd photographed it that the dazzler had come off the bow, and then......I somehow managed to put my "hand made by" stamp up side down.  I don't if the effort was worth it all, what do you think?????

Hoping everyone is well, but sending out kind thoughts to those who need them, for a speedy recovery.
Take care till next time,

Thursday 27 August 2015

Whimsical Garden!

Good Afternoon Fellow Crafters and welcome to my blog, I hope you like what you see and will visit often.
I'd like to give a warm welcome to my two latest Followers, Jane and Zoe, thanks you very much for choosing to follow me.  Thank you too to everyone who left lovely comments on my last card, and for all the well wishes on the hernia front. 
 It's a very common complaint I know, and I'm trying to pin point which foods I'm eating makes it worse, and so far it seems as if everything does. The GP has given me tablets to take in the mean time, but they don't seem to have kicked in yet.  Maybe the blood tests will show up something.

Are you all watching the new Hochanda craft programme??  I missed the launch, but I will tune in tonight to see John from Crafting Expressions tonight, I've got permission from Alistair, LOL!!

Anyway here is a card made from using another stencil from The Crafter's Workshop;
Isn't this such a lovely image?  Coloured with DI and matted on to Centura Pearl Card. Sentiment from CB McIntosh Stamps set and a little bit of sparkle.

Again as I said I'm new to stencilling, but I could get hooked, and so easy.

We had a bit of an upset this morning and Teallach isn't talking to us, he brought a wee mouse in which was still alive, just a tiny wee thing. Alistair managed to get it off him and took it to safety, well we hope it's safe.  Puss has been a late developer as far as hunting goes, but boy is he making up for it now.  However, that's cats for you!!

It's turned out to be a wet horrible day, so pleased I don't need to be outside.  That's me for now,
take care everyone and see you soon,

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Live with Promise!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and I hope all is well with you and that your day is going well.
I'm having a quiet day today, just pottering around the house and probably a wee bit of crafting later today.  I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, and had to go to the doctors, and it is possible that I have a hiatus hernia, not all that serious in itself, but so uncomfortable and a bit painful at times. Anyway, blood tests next week and than back to GP for results and what the treatment will be.
Of course carrying too much weight does not help, but weight loss is not a quick fix, if only, but enough of that, I'm enjoying a quiet day and Alistair managed to get himself off for a walk.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on yesterday's card, you are all very encouraging and kind.

Here is my share for today;
I've used this beautiful stencil by the Crafters Workshop and sparkled up with Sparkle Medium from Imagination Crafts.  What an easy card to make, just takes a bit of time for the sparkle to dry.
I matted on to a lovely coppery glitter card after having inked around the edges with ginger ink and that it's it.
I really liked doing this one and might invest in more stencils.

Off to forage for some lunch now, and I do mean forage, Teallach has more food in his cupboard than we do, must to a shop but hate food shopping.

See you another day,

Monday 24 August 2015

Autumn is the Year's Last Smile!

Hello to You All  and it's lovely that you pop in to my little bit of a blog.  It's always lovely to see my very talented followers and also to see new names commenting but perhaps don't have a blog so that I can return the visit, so thank you one and all for the time you all take.

We have a mixed bag of weather today, not quite doing what was forecast which was loads of rain, and Alistair didn't go away as he believed the forecast and now is kicking himself, oh well that is the joys of being an outdoor kind a guy.

My card today is coloured with the new Creative Expression Iridescent Watercolour Paints, see what you think;
Well I had no idea where I was going with this one colour wise, I just wanted to use these paints, which are the Christmas Set, and as you can see it turned out to have an Autumn theme.
Image is from Lavinia Stamps, coloured and cut out and put on to shimmer card, then matted onto a card coloured with brayering DI in the shades that I've used on the image. Sentiment is one that was free with a magazine, and some gems.

I hope you can see the effect of the paints as they are rather lovely.

I thought I would show you the beautiful frame Amanda made for me to say thanks for all the little handcrafted gifts I've given her, 
I was really touched by her thoughtfulness in making this so special for me with all the crafting details. It will have pride of place if I can get around to making our spare room my crafty corner and not the end of the dining table.

So that is me for today, I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying their day.
I'm back to rehearsals at the Choral Society tonight, and we are doing something really different, Fanshaw's African Sanctus, which involved a troupe of drummers. totally new to me, but I've heard it in concert and it is something else, so looking forward to that.

Till next time, take care,

Sunday 23 August 2015

Santa Claus is Coming to Town for CCC!

Hello Everyone and time again for another card from the Christmas Card Club
and this time around the theme has been chosen by our Carol and it's Santa Claus is Coming to Town, here is my card;
I treated myself to these new dies from Die'Sire and I think they are fab, a whole village scene and of course Santa and his sleigh complete with reindeers.
I cut the village out of white card and Santa from black mat card. Painting the trees and snow and smoke with the new Creative Expressions Iridescent Shimmering Watercolour Paints, beautiful to use, but the one I used on the snow doesn't show up on the white card though, Cut a second scene in Royal Blue Centura Pearl card to give the impression of a drop shadow and then found some paper for yester year that had a night sky with a lovely star on it.  Star Dust for sparkle. I thought that was all that was needed so didn't add any embellishments.

Thanks to everyone who visits and leaves a comment, I love reading them and do appreciate the time it takes you.

Please have a look at what the other club members create.
Keep well and have a lovely Sunday and see you soon,

Friday 21 August 2015

A Geisha for Friday Oldie!

Hello Friends and Visitors and welcome to another "Oldie for Friday", yes that's another week passed us by, scary or what!!

Oldie for Friday was started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and you can find her here.
A few of us far, have been showing our creations from earlier times, it's good to look back and see how our crafting has changed, developed, improved or not as the case may be. However it's a bit of fun so why not join in, you can show anything you like as long as it's handmade, for example some folk show knitting or sewing, paper crafts photos, whatever you've got.

My card is made with Nicecrane Designs, beautiful images, I have to say I love these Geisha images, and there are many to choose from at the shop.

This is just a quick post which I'm scheduling for tomorrow (Friday).
Thank you you all for visiting and commenting on my last card, and on Amanda's beautiful frames.
I hope everyone is tip top, see you soon,

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Star Gift Box and More Craft Fair Photos!

Good Evening One and All, I hope your day has been a good one for you.
I've had a very productive day crafting with some of my new bits and pieces that have been recently bought, got all the washing out and dried and a few other bits of housework done, even went food shopping which I just hate doing.

I've a little gift box to show today;

A star box made from a template from Crafter's Companion and Centura Pearl card. paper from a Kanban pad, Peel Off border and a mixture of Roses from WO and some Baby's Breath and gold lace from Hobby Craft.

Another few photos from the Fair;

This is Amanda and she makes the most gorgeous bespoke frames, and she had a beautiful collection including this large one made for her new Granddaughter Olivia. What an amount of work goes into them and she is so imaginative in her designs. I think they are amazing and she has only just started out crafting.  She made me one which I just adore and will show another day.

Well, that's me for tonight, feet up and a bit of knitting I think.
Keep well everyone, Big Hugs to those not so well, and a thank you for all the lovely comments  on yesterday's post.


Tuesday 18 August 2015

Oriental Fan Card and some Craft Fair Photos!

Hello Everyone, and I hope you are all warmer than I am today. It's turned out to be a horrible wet and very cool day, I'm thinking that I must go and put a pair of socks on.

I do hope you are all well, but if not, them sending out kind thoughts for a speedy recovery.  
Thank you too for all the lovely comments on my Oldie card, very kind indeed, also for the tips, advice and good wishes for the craft fair.  As I had no idea what to expect, I enjoyed the day, but I thought it was pretty quiet, people milling around but not really buying much, it felt like they were there for a nosey around, I sold a few cards, so I was happy about that, but I really didn't want to be bringing so many home again.
Dale had her sewing stall, but again sales were poor, and she was a bit despondent, but I think that she was trying to sell her beautiful creations in the wrong place, and perhaps more of a Christmas fair would be better.  Amanda, who was showing her gorgeous bespoke frames, took in a good few orders as did her dad with his framed comic books.  
It was all a lot of work though, but new things are always worth trying.

I loved the comment made by one lady at my stall " oh what lovely cards, simply gorgeous, and I'd buy some, but then I would forget where I put them so I'd better not"  I could hardly keep my face straight, but hey ho, her loss.

My card today is one that did sell with it's box;

A Fan card from the Kimono CD by Crafter's Companion, easy enough to put together, just a lot of cutting out. Sparkle and Pearls and I make the stand.
The box was made because it would never fit into an envelope, the sentiment is from the CD and I've used Die'Sire Lantern dies and peel off borders.

Here too is a photo of my stall:
Notice my lovely assistant reading the paper.  I don't have any stands. so just had to lay them out like this. 
This is Dale's stall;
Lovely tea cosies, nappy bags, ipad cushions, bags made form old jeans, knitting bags, oh she had been very busy.

I have more photos but for another day.

Right it is definitely sock time, I can't feel my feet.

I'm away behind in my commenting with being away, I will try to get around, but please forgive if I miss you out, not intentional.

See you all soon,


Friday 14 August 2015

A Walk in the Snow, for Friday Oldie!

Hello Folks, Friday again, another week has whizzed by. Hoping that you are all well, but if not here is a HUG and some kind wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments, I do appreciate the time it takes, but I love reading them so please keep them coming.

Well the craft fair is this weekend and I've been beavering away with the cards and whatnot, the whatnot's I've not got many of, it's hard work all this card making, I've spent a while making another star box, and I wanted to do more boxes, but to be honest, I've sickened myself with paper craft......for a while anyway.

So it's time for another Oldie, all started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and you can find her blog here
to share some our our earlier handmade projects, doesn't have to be cards, could be sewing, knitting, Jewellery, just something handmade.  It's good to look back at how our crafting has changed, developed over time. Here is my offering;
This was one I made for Damian and Moreen and the image is from Justinklined, and I love it. The inspiration was taken from Creative Stamping magazine. The holly stamps are part of the set and there are Memory box dies there too.  I can't remember what the white paste is framing the couple, but it was so effective, don't even know If I've got any left. have to say, I loved this card at the time, and still do.

Well that's me for now, I will take some photos of my stall, if it looks good. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Dale has been sewing and it sounds as if she has managed to have quite a lot of crafty people having stalls, so all we need is interested buyers.

Have a smashing weekend and see you soon


Tuesday 11 August 2015

Fabulous Fishes!

Hello Everyone, hope you are all having a lovely day and that you are well.  I'm being serenaded with Danny Boy on the fiddle as I type this, how lucky can a girl get.....oops, there goes a bum note, at least hubby isn't thumping the floor in time to the music, I always fear he's going to come through the ceiling.

Thank you for your lovely kind comments on yesterday's cards, and thanks Patricia for suggesting that some neutral colours would be good to do, didn't think of that one.

I've busy making this card today with the fabulous Chocolate Baroque stamp for July, I'm a little late,
You can find it here
Fishes coloured with Prisma Pencils and glittered up with a blue Gel pen and Wink of Stella in Clear.
Background created with DI, in Mermaid Lagoon and Cracked Pistachio and images from the Mermaid Queen stamp set, with a bit of sparkle from Wink of Stella. Royal Blue Centura Pearl card.
This was a fab stamp to colour and I've left it without a sentiment so that it could be for any occasion.

Off now to have a tour around your blogs, so till later, take care,

Monday 10 August 2015

Those New Babies!

Hello to You, and welcome to my my wee bit of cyber space, and I hope all is going well for you today.  Thank you to all who visited and left a comment on my CCC card, you are all so kind and it is so encouraging to read your kind words.

We have a very dark sky at the moment, and expecting thunder and lighting any time soon, that was the forecast, and it's doing what it said on the tin.  I got bedding out and dry and Alistair got the grass cut so bring it on. This morning was glorious too and really hot.

I've spent three days trying to construct the lantern that Patricia of Summerhouse Crafts posted last week. Engineer I am not, I just couldn't get the top and bottom bits to fit, I had to finally give up, but I managed to save the panels and I'll use them again in a card. I think I know where I went wrong and it's all to do with not being able to measure properly. I will have another try when the frustration has gone, like maybe next year.  I do think though that my forte is in card making and not construction.

Anyhow here are a couple of little cards that will be going to the craft fair;
 Using Tattered Lace Giraffe die this is just a simple New Baby card. The paper I've had for a while in my box and I've forgotten where it's from.  Some Liquid Pearls and a bow and that's it.

Likewise, using the Giraffe die again, we have a Boy's card. It's a bluey green spotted paper and  turquiose card, again they have been in my box for a while, some nice  turquoise ribbon , and gems. as I say simples......  I do love these dies though, they are so sweet.
Well there has been the most almighty crack of thunder a minute ago, woke both Teallach and Alistair up, they are both snoozing on their respective chairs,  it must be great to be a man and a cat that are soooooo well looked after!!

That's me for another day, I'm off to see to the lamb that's cooking in the oven, the smell of the rosemary is wonderful, looking forward to my dinner.
Take care everyone and see you soon,

Sunday 9 August 2015

Frosty Blue for the Christmas Card Club!

Good Morning Folks, I hope you are all tip top and having a good weekend. Is it good weather where you are? it could go either way here I think, and it's gotten a bit dull now and the big question I put the washing out or not?  I find these huge philosophical questions just beat me at times.

Anyhow it's time for another Christmas Club Card and this theme is Layers and chosen by Lorraine, who loves layers herself, so without further ado here is mine;
A little bit of upcycling this time as the topper was once upon a time another card, not Christmas, but one I received when I left work.  I kept it as I loved the little birds and the delicate trees and with a bit of frosting on it I've turned it into today's card. LOTV paper for background and Centura Pearl in that gorgeous blue shade and silver mirri. Die'sire Greetings Die, Xcut Ovals and gems from my box.
I have to say that I'm rather pleased with the result as I don't usually upcycle, maybe I'll do it more now.

The other girls in the team will be along with their creations soon and they will be beauties.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last card, and to Maureen Killin who commented and is new to my blog.

Have a great day folks whatever you do, I thinks it's shopping for us, hate shopping!! and maybe a bit of crafting, till next time,

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Wedding Carriage!

Good Afternoon.... late afternoon really, it's almost teatime, where has the gone????? Well, I'll tell you, I been making cards, nothing unusual in that you might think, but I'm churning them out at a rate of knots for a craft fair, and it's damned hard work. Just how do you girls who do a lot of craft fairs and design on teams manage to do it all. It's taken me all afternoon to make three cards. Mind you I don't have a craft room, the end of the dining room table is my area, then I have to keep popping into the spare bedroom for all my bits and pieces, then I have to put up a little folding table to put up my die cutting machine, then I need to find a place to use the guillotine, and it goes on and on.  I think that's the hard bit.

Anyway we just make do don't we, martyrs to our passion, crafting I mean.
My friend Dale is organising a craft fair and has asked me to have a stall, like a numpty I said yes, and it's next week, so although I have quite a few cards in my box it's mostly Christmas and Birthday ones, so I've been very busy trying to make the other occasion cards. 

It is at this point I would like to thank all my crafty friends who have offered tips, advice and even cards to help me on my way. You are all so kind, and a thank you too for the kind words left on my last card.

I was off down to Fort William yesterday to meet a fairly new Blogging Friend, Janice, who doesn't have her own blog, but does comment on mine and others.  I arrived a bit worse for wear, as I had discovered that I suffer from motion sickness on the bus, and this is because it is a very windy road along the Loch side down to Ft. Bill. Thank goodness Alistair was with me, he was going for a walk up Ben Nevis, cos I was in some state.  So the upshot was that I had to buy food bags tissues and try to get some kind of meds to enable me to bus it back after my visit.

It was a lovely visit, it's great to put a name to a face, we could have blethered all afternoon, but we only had a couple of hours. Thankfully the return journey wasn't as bad, the tablets must have worked and I managed to get the front seat on the bus.

This is one of the cards for the fair, LOTV image and coloured with SN Aqua pens, SB Floral Ovals dies, Hunkydory card, and Crafters Companion, silver Centura Pearl card. Ribbon, and flowers from my box, a peel off sentiment, Pink and White Pearls and some Star Dust for sparkle.

I hope everyone is well, but sending kind thoughts out if your not, take care everyone and see you soon,


Saturday 1 August 2015

Lavinia Leaves and a Striplet!

Good Evening Folks, I hope you've had a good Saturday and that you got some sunshine where ever you are.

We have had a lovely day, we went for a walk along Nairn Beach, mainly because for some reason I was feeling a bit ladie dadie dum, and I felt I need to get out to clear my mind of all the nonsense going on in it, I wouldn't have put a foot over the door otherwise.  We managed to get to the end of our walk before the rain started, but it was good, not all that warm and a bit windy but it helped to blow away the cobwebs.

My lovely hubby told me to take a "day off", just sit with my feet up and do nothing, so he made lunch and dinner, so I have to say I feel much better now, I have been awfully tired lately and it's the old diabetes not behaving itself.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my Friday Oldie, very much appreciated.
Here is today's card;
Sorry the photo is bit blurred, my photography is a bit of a hit or miss.
My lovely Friend Hazel of Baskets of Joy, gave me a few of these lovely Striplet die cut outs and I've just got around to using them. I don't know what this one is called, but you gals who love these dies will know. I've pot a polka dot card behind the cutout and stamped Lavinia lives down the side. Sentiment, a stamp I had in my box, added some golden Pearls and Bob's your Uncle.
I wish the photo had been better, and I've deleted the original, oh well, worse things happen in the great scheme of things than  a pants snap.

I hope everyone is well, but sending kind thoughts to those who are not.
What we need is some Summer weather, a bit of heat and less rain, I've even had to resort to putting on the heating some days, there will be no energy savings this year me thinks.

There is an annoying thing on Blogger just now, a bar at the top wanted you to take cookies, even when you accept it still comes back the next time you go on to the blog page, sometimes Blogger is just a pain in the butt. If anyone knows how to get rid of it, would you pleased let me know.

Well back to Indiana Jones, could take a part in it, waiting for a new drama on Channel 5 about King Tutankhamun, bet that's not spelt correctly, at 9 o'clock, I love anything that's epic with a cadst of thousands although nowadays it's all computer generated.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and see you soon,