Monday 28 April 2014

Just a Little Card!

Good Evening Everyone,  I hope you are all well, but sending kind thoughts to those who are not so good and hope you'll be better soon.

Thank you one and all for the lovely comments on Dale's card, I do appreciate each and every one.

Well, our concert was super, very well received, but I ended up with such a raw throat that I could hardly speak yesterday, Alistair liked that cheeky monkey.  Fabulous piece of music, but very high notes, and going from really high octaves to very low ones, quite harsh on the old throat, but nevertheless loved it.  We have a break now until August, it will be lovely to have my Monday nights back. More time to craft.

My little offering today was a card I had to make in a hurry, so there is not much to it;
Crafty Individual Stamp edged with Spice Marmalade DI
Centura Pearl card, embossed with Embossalicous Folder
Pearls from my stash

I left it simple as it's for friends who have invited us to a party and to stay for a couple of days and unfortunately we can't go as Alistair is away on a canoeing weekend, it's a pity as we would be meeting up with lots of good friends, but I don't fancy going myself as it's a long drive over to Strathdon.  It's just typical though, nothing for ages and then like corporation buses, two things come along at the same time

That's me for tonight, off to make a cuppa, hope to see you soon and take care everyone,

Friday 25 April 2014

Not a Sewing Bee, More of a Sewing Mice!

Hello Crafty Friends and Visitors, I hope you are all well, but sending kind thoughts if your not.
It's a wee while since I've managed to post anything, I don't know where the time is going, but it's not in crafting that's for sure.  I've only one in the bank, so to speak and it's the one I will show today. I seemed to have slowed right down, and I don't know when I last entered a challenge.  I must get my thinking cap on though for making a leaving card for my friend and colleague Karen.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate the time it takes but for me it makes it all worth while.

After all our hard work it is the Choral Society's big concert tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it as it's a wonderful piece of music we are singing, Mendelssohn's Elijah, and tomorrow at the dress rehearsal will be the first time of hearing it with the orchestra.  I normally buy the CD of the music we are learning, but this time around I didn't, I just trusted to learning without it.  We practise with the piano so having the full orchestra will be astounding.  It's a big sing though, I lost my voice at the last rehearsal when I stretched for a note completely off the stave, I just felt something go in my throat, I'll have to go easy tomorrow.

I'm on holiday now, my first since the beginning of the year and I'm looking forward to a rest and a bit of crafting, but other than that I've no hard and fast plans.
Here is my card;
This card is for my friend Dale's birthday, she doesn't look at my blog so it's safe to post it here.  She is a sewer hence the theme of the card.
House Mouse Stamp
Embossalicious and Papermania Embossing Folders
Core'dinations purple card
Papermania patchwork Paper
Sizzix Sewing dies
Flowers and ricrack from Hobby Crafts
Pearls from Hobby House
Buttons from my box
Star Dust
I hope she likes it.

Before I go, here are a couple of photos taken at our friend's croft last weekend.  They have a magnificient new turkey who was really strutting his stuff, and loads of new lambs from their Zwarblies flock, and once again got a cuddle with one, but what a strong wee beastie he was, took me all my time to hold him;

Hope you like the photos, I'll say cheerio for now and hope you all have a great weekend.
I would like to enter my card into;

Thursday 17 April 2014

Thinking of You!

Good Morning Everyone, and how are you all today.  I hope your weather is Spring like, not like ours this morning, very squally indeed, and It's the sort of dull rainy day that you should be indoors crafting, well I would if I didn't have to go back to work, all good things have come to an end, but I have enjoyed my days off.

I am sad in a selfish way though, my friend at work who supported me all last year when I was going through tough times, is leaving our organisation.  I will miss her, but the new job is a new challenge for her and her first managerial role, and of course she is young with loads of time to make a career for herself, she has also just got her degree, so she has worked hard.  There is nowhere to go in our organisation, that's why we are all so jaded, so really I am thrilled she is moving out and upwards, and hopefully we will stay in touch.

Anyhow here is a little card I made for a client at work to send to our manager who is still recovering from her cancer surgery;
I had this little image and just cut it out and put him on Centura Pearl White Gold Card.
Embossed with a floral folder from Die'sire Embossialicious, edged with DI in Spun Sugar
Sentiment I can't remember where from
SB Asters made from tissue paper, thanks to Hazel for her inspiration on making these.
Buttons and gems from my box.
I've kept it fairly simple for him and shouldn't cost the earth to post.

Well folks that's me for now, I hope to get around to your blogs later when I get home, but I'm working late so I'll see what energy I have left, enjoy your day whatever you're doing

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Hello Everyone, just a quick post to show my Mid Month Inspirational Card for;

There is still time to enter the challenge, which is Poinsettias on your card.
Papermaina Poinsettias Stamp
Prismacolour Pencils
First Edition Vintage Christmas Paper
Core'dinations Card , Embossalicious Holly Folder, distressed
Free Sentiment Stamp
Hobby Craft Gold Ribbon
Gold Pearls from my box

I hope you like it and it offers some inspiration, why not visit the CCAYR and see what the other DT members have to inspire you.

Sunday 13 April 2014


Good Afternoon Crafty Friends and Visitors, I trust you are all well, but for those who are a bit under the weather I'm sending out kind thoughts that you recover quickly.

Well half an hour ago there was a curtain of darkness over us up here, I had to go and put the light on to see what I was doing, then the wet stuff just poured down, now the sunshine is spliting the sky, and the worst of it all is that I have a whirrlygig of washing out.  It can stay out for now!

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last card, I do appreciate them and the time commenting can take up, everyone is busy these days.
I have a few days off now and I'm always ready for them, I'm hoping to manage to do a little crafting, I feel I've almost ground to a halt with the card making, even on my days off there always seems to be something else I have to do.  

I haven't much news, haven't been doing anything exciting, unlike my adventurous hubby, who always seems to be on the go, if he's not actally away somewhere, he's certainly planning something or other.  I'm more of the indoor type, I like nothing better than, my crafting, knitting and reading, and I'm getting through some amount of books just now, all too easy with a kindle.  The fact that you don't have to go out and physically buy a book, but click a few times and one arrives downloaded on to your device makes me forget that I'm actually spending money, although it's all done out there in cyberspace, and it all mounts up.
I been devouring 14th and 15th century historical novels, I'm normally a crime novel person, but I fell into the Wars of the Roses and I'm now facinated by all the machinations of the main players to take and keep the throne of England.  What awful brutal times, especially for women.
 Anyway, here is today's card;
I bought this digi stamp last year and I think it's one of Mo's
Prismacolour Pencils
SB Floral Ovals Die
Freebie Papers
Core'dination Pink card
Hobby Craft Pearl Hearts
Other Pearls from my box
Daffodil from Highland Hospice
Sizzix die leaves

Just one for my box, have not used a sentiment as yet, wait and see what occasion it might be needed it for.
That's all from me today, take care all, and enjoy your Sunday,


Tuesday 8 April 2014

Game Anyone?!

Good Afternoon Everyone I hope you are all well, but if not I hope you feel better soon.

Well I finally got my PVG form finished, although I swore and fussed beacuse I had to do it, I just hate form filling, especially when having to fish around to find all the ID they want, Now the Manager has just to sign off to verify I am who I say I am. 

I have a day to myself, Alistair and chums are away to the mountains and as they decided to go down to Annoch Mor, near Fort William and going by bus, they won't be home until around 9 o'clock this evening.  It's good to get a day to myself, however I've been editing Alistair's latest Story, and enjoying it.  This latest story, I say stoy but they are really memories and this one is about his mum and dad and it's really meant for his children Kyra and Lewis.

I wasn't married to Alistair when his parents were alive, but I've always thought I would like them and wished I had met them, but they were long gone before I was on the scene, and sadly Kyra and Lewis were far too young to remember them.  I've learned little bits about them from both Alistair and his brother  Jim over the years, but reading Alistair's account of his parent's lives was really very poignant.  They were hard working folk who knew tragedy, with the loss of their first child at the age of 3yrs., but had the comfort of Alistair and Jim.  His dad had a great sense of humour and was a  modern man as he did  house work to help his wife, not much heard of back then.  I't very clear from Alistair's story that he and his brother were very much cherished, and encouraged to live life to the full, I hope his children enjoy learning about their Grandparents.

I've got a card for you, one I made a while ago;
This was a decoupage kit, and I made a similar one with chess pieces, but as you can see this is showing a variety of games. I'm afraid I can't remember the make of it.
I think the background card is from Kanban
Buttons and twine from my stash
Glossy Accents

It makes a great male card.  Well that's all from me today, I hope your day is going well. I'm back to work tomorrow, but I will try to keep up with your blogs.

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on my last card.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Beautiful Puss!

Hello my Crafty Friends and Visitors, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your weekend.
Don't they come around so quickly, the week just seems to whizz by. I've finished up work till next Wednesday, but boy was I weary last night, it was a very early PJ and dressing gown night.

I've not managed to get anything made this week, other things have taken up my time, but I have managed to keep up with your blogs and your fabulous creations.  Thank you all for your kind comments on my last card, I do appreciate your time, so it makes your comments all the more special.

So on to today's card;
Now I don't so decoupage all that often, but when I do, I wonder why I don't more often as they are really satisfying to do.  I think this is a Stephanie Weightman design, the paper is from the same kit
Hunkydory Sentiment

SB die
Hobby Craft lace
Gems from my box
Star Dust Stickles

This is just one for my stock at the moment, but I think I know someone who will want it.
I have no great plans for the weekend, the only think that I must do, and It's something not only do I grudge the time it will take and the monitory cost, I have to fill in a PVG form, which is the new kind of  Disclosure need when working with vulnerable people.  Now my complaint is that I've already got one, as have my colleagues, but our organisation are now wanting new ones, which will cost us £57 each. The organisation have always paid for them before, but it is just such a time consuming form to do and some of the details they want are in my opinion just stupid, like which electriciy provider I use, eh! Anyway, again in my opinion they don't always catch abusers as they have to be already on some kind of list, although I guess it's better than nothing, but nowhere near foolproof.

Anyhow, that's me had my moan, so I will love you and leave you and and hope you all have a great weekend

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Poinsettias for CCAYR April Challenge!

Good Afternoon all you lovely Crafters and I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.  If you're not feeling too well, I hope you perk up soon.
We have quite nice weather today, Alistair was even sitting out in the garden reading for a wee while, he's hardy though, It's just too cold yet for me

This is just a short post for my CCAYR inspirational card for April's Challenge which this time around is poinsettias and an extra option of including a doily.
I used a Topper with poinsettias on it, I had this last year and didn't use it
Anita Sentiment
Gold Mirri, Background paper came with the topper, but I can't remember which make it is.
SB poinsettias die, made from card, tissue paper and sparkly vellum
Sizzix Flourish and Leaves dies
Dovecraft Doily
The Ribbon Girl Crushed Gold ribbon
pearls from my box
Glamour Dust in Crystal

I hope it gives you some inspiration, but remember to visit CCAYR and see what my fellow DTs have made.