Friday 26 August 2016

Colours of Autumn Friday Oldie!

Good Morning One and All, Friday once again.... where did the week go???
Back with my Friday Oldie share joining in with our Erika.. and you can find her here.
Erika of Snappy Crafts started this a wee while ago asking folk to share their earlier makes, whatever it is you make, and it's just a bit of fun and lets you see how your style has changed/improved, and all that sort of thing.  There are quite a few of us sharing now, so why not join us.

Here is mine;
This card was made with the free stamps from Creative Stamping magazine a couple of years ago. They were all Autumn  themed stamps and really lovely. Just a simple little card in Autumnal shades.

It is becoming quite Autumnal first thing in the mornings now, and as many of you know it's my favourite season, I just love the colours and crispness of the air.

Well, I must tell you that I finally finished my hoodie thing yesterday, hallelujah!! and I hate it. It isn't as good as the photo in the pattern, especially the hood and I'm sooooooo scunnered (perfect word to discribe my feeling) I can't even think to take it apart and start again, besides you just now when you don't look right in something. Alistair bless him, said it was unique.... I think that says it all.

I have decided to have a post where I will show my disasters, I know we are our own worst critics, but sometimes we're right, LOL!!

That's me for today, thank you for your lovely comments on my last card, I always love to here what you have to say, and especially love when someone new or hasn't commented in a while visits.

Have a lovely Friday, been raining through the night here, not sure what it's going to do, but what ever it does, it will be okay as we are very lucky, unlike some people waking up to bombs, and now like Italy that devastating earthquake, these poor souls are in my thoughts.
Take care,

Thursday 25 August 2016

Seashore Images!

Good Morning Everyone, and already it's shaping up to be another scorcher. I hope you are well and having good weather too.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my Biker card, I do appreciate them and the time you all spend visiting me as we are all busy. I constantly wonder how I ever managed to go to work, especially when I was full time and do all the other things life demands and still find time to do the nice things in life. I do know I was running on empty most of the time in the latter years. However one of the great things about retirement, for me anyway, is that I no longer feel guilty about being busy doing nothing, that's taken me a wee while to learn how to do.  I've had to learn how to go more slowly too, I'm lucky I can do that now.  

Anyway, I've go my third 60th card, and this is for a friend's brother, whom we don't know all that well, so it was just a case of choosing something I thought a man would like, her it is;
Seashore Images from Chocolate Baroque, a truly lovely set of stamps, and this time I've used Starlight Paints as watercolours, they are from Imagination Crafts.  The birds are from Inkylicious. I've mounted the stamped image on to card painted with black Starlights then on to a background using a stencil from MFT, it's a sun ray and coloured with Sparkle Medium. Centura Pearl card in Gold.
It does look so much brighter in real life, I don't know what I do to wash out the colour when I photograph my cards.  Anyhow, Alistair said he would love it, so hopefully Eddie will too.

Nothing much on the cards today no  pun intended....  over to see to Milo later in the afternoon, a wee walk and some play, he gives me such a welcome, such a darling.

Trying to get clothes washed and ironed for going off for a few days holiday next week, Shetland Isles, really looking forward to it, always wanted to go and also hoping to get to Fair Isle. Of course it's the knitting that's the pull for me, no mountains for Alistair though, but he plans to hire a bike and go round the Island.

So that's me for today, have a good one yourself and see you soon,

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Happy Birthday Biker!

Hello Everyone, hoping all is well with you and that your week is going fine.
Cooler now, but still nice  weather, but got a shock last night when I had to drive home in the dark from choral practise, of course I could see outside that it had darkened but somehow the brain hadn't computed that I would be driving in it.  Hate driving in the dark now, I don't know if it's my eyes or lack of confidence, maybe a bit of both. I've forgotten how to put the full beam on, isn't that shocking!!, so I sat for a few minutes to get my driving bearings.

Anyway, it was lovely to get back to singing and with such a beautiful programme this session it's going to be a pleasure. We are singing Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle along with various other pieces by different composers.  I first stumbled through the Rossini way back in 2004 when I first joined the Choral Society, when I didn't read music, sing Latin, and couldn't follow a music score, nearly gave up with it, but here I am 12 years one and not only can I sing Latin, but also other languages, and don't loose the place so much, lol. Seriously folks though, I love choral music and find it so uplifting. Sing is though, doesn't matter what kind of music, it's food for the soul as the great Bard wrote.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my CCC creations, you are very kind. A warm welcome to my two new Followers, Shirley and Mac, thank you so much for choosing to follow, I hope you will continue to pop in when you have time and leave a comment.

So here I am with my second 60th card for our friend Ken for the "Boys" to sign and give him,
Once again I wanted something humorous and found this at Dr. Digi, and just perfect as a few years back, much to is wife's horror he bought himself a motor bike... you know the kind of male menopause thing.  He also has a beard, not like this chap, not does he have his girth, so I think he will see the fun in it.
I wanted a fairly muted colours so silver, grey and shades of blue. Gansi Tambi watercolour paint, Ctaftersworkshop Stencil, cogs with Starlight Paints dubbed through it, the image is mounted on to card painted in Silver  and Black Starlight Paints, a peel off 60, and to finish Glossy Accent on the specs.
I'm posting this even although Ken's birthday is not till next month but he doesn't look at my blog.

Off now to have a look in a parcel that's just been put in the door by Fergus our lovely Postie, it's from Imagination Crafts and stamps and new Starlights, going to be having a play tonight whilst Alistair is out Ken's home with the "Boys" playing music. 

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing, and hoping to get around to visit later today, see you soon

Sunday 21 August 2016

Lots of Layers for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello Everyone, well would you believe another two weeks have gone by and it's time for the Christmas Card Club ladies to share there latest themed cards....where has the time gone???

Anyhow, our lovely Maureen has chosen the theme this time around and she would like to see cards with lots of layers, so without any more ado here are mine;
LOTV gorgeous image and coloured with SN pencils. First Edition Papers. SB Snowflakes Embossing folder, lots of glitter, liquid Pearls and sequins.
Now just for a change I thought I would make a card with a snowman in it, ha ha!! Image from LC and once again coloured with Pencils, LOTV papers and Centura Pearl card, bits and bobs of embellishments, and loads of glitter.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my Oldie card.
Hoping your weekend is going well and that you still have good weather.
See you soon,

Friday 19 August 2016

Presents, Friday oldie!

Hello there, how are you all today?  Well I hope and enjoying this lovely weather. Not for long though, we are to have rain later, and indeed it's been trying since around 3pm. I was hoping that it didn't start until Alistair got the gutters cleaned and the outside of the windows washed, which he did. I've got to catch him when he's on a roll as house maintenance is not his forte. Anyway, two jobs well done, and the sparkling windows now just waiting for Teallach's nose to mess them up again, you wonder why you bother really, but there you go.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments yesterday.
I'm back to join in with Erika of Snappy Crafts, you can find her here , because it's time for Friday Oldie....yes that's a week gone already.  This is just a little fun posting to show handmade projects made at an earlier time, it's good to look back and see how your style has changed, or maybe you now make something entirely different. There are quite a few of us join Erika now, so why not join us, here is mine;
A card I was asked to make for a work colleague a few years back. All from a Joanna Sheen CD, Nostalgia, there are some lovely images for all occasions, but a whole CD devoted to Christmas.
Labrador pups, just so cute.

Apart from holding ladders steady, I've been in my craftroom, I've got yet another 60th card to make once again for a man, so I had to put my thinking cap on as I don't really know this chap well, but we will be with him on his birthday, so thought I would do a card.  I've been working with CB stamps, Starlight paints and now waiting for Sparkle Medium to dry, that's the bit I don't like, want to get it on and done.

Whilst, I was holding the ladders for Alistair, our neighbour came out and I was laughingly saying to him, that I didn't know what I would do if the ladders slipped, save the man or the artificial hip.....
Donnie answered immediately, save the hip, you can always get another man!!! Poor Alistair, said he wasn't amused.

Well that's all from me today. We are heading into the weekend, so I hope you have some nice plans, see you all soon,

Thursday 18 August 2016

One Man Band, Teallach and Swans!

Hello Everyone, hoping you are all tip top, but for those of you who are struggling a bit for whatever reason, I hope things will get better for you soon.

What about this weather!!, blooming marvellous!! We are in a mini heatwave up here in the North of Scotland, I hope that it's as good where ever you are. If I'm honest it's just a tad too hot for me, but it's so lovely to have some good weather at last, and it's lasted more than two days, that must be a record. But, unfortunately our schools returned on Tuesday, when it was scorching, just typical.

We had a super time at the BBQ on Saturday, even although the weather wasn't too great, we all managed to sit outside for the food and a bit of music, then had to beat a hasty retreat indoors as it started to rain, here are the "Boys" giving us Ring of Fire,
There is a fabulous view from Ken and Jan's house and we had Red Kites flying overhead as it was their feeding time too.

Anyway, my card today was made for Simon, 3rd from the left, who is about to become the big 60, and I've made a card for the Boys to give him;
Now I wanted something humorous, and I trawled all the digi websites that I know and finally found this one by Dr. Digi and thought it just perfect for Simon.  He is a Cockney, and plays all sorts of instruments, in my mind a one man band and a Cockney go together, don't know why, and his rendering of Always look on the Bright Side of Life is hilarious.
So this has been water coloured and mounted on to an embossed black background, SB musical notes. I think it's a Tattered Lace Stave Die, and peel offs. No sparkle or glitter on this one.  I think it will go down well.

It's going to be Ken's 60th soon too, but will show that one another day.

As I said we have been enjoying sitting out in the garden, and sometimes there is a fight for the seats,

Alistair left his chair for a minute and Teallach too his chance,

Alistairs' not amused, but Teallach didn't vacated the seat too easily.  What about the style??, this is the fedora Alistair wanted, it's as cheap as chips and if it gets caught in the rain it will turn to paper mache, however it's the 3/4 trousers and the socks that get me, lol.

Finally, went to check on the swans, and there are still all eight cygnets, but my what a size they are now,

The post is a bit photo heavy, sorry about that, but I know some of you lovely Followers have been interested in the swans.

Thanks to everyone who kindly left comments on my last card, so very much appreciated.

Off now to see puppy Milo, haven't seen him since Monday as Damian has been working from home, I'll be given a big sloppy welcome.

See you all soon, enjoy the rest of your day,

Saturday 13 August 2016

Chocolate and Strawberry!

Good Morning to You All, I hope all is well with you and that you have great plans for he weekend, even if it's just a quiet one.

We are going to a friend's BBQ this afternoon, I hope the weather holds, a bit watery looking just now, but it might pass over.  It's one of the "boys" and it will be lovely too see his wife again whom I've not seen since New Year. So good food, and of course the "Band" will give us some music, and I've got my knitting, yes I'm a sado taking my knitting with me, but I can talk and knit at the same time, s why not.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my Oldie card yesterday, I appreciate your visits and comments. I had  new visitor yesterday too, Norm and he left a lovely comment too. I don't know if you know Norm, he posts on Mrs. A's blog at 5 of the o'clock each day and tells of his adventures of the day, he's a great character and he has a lovely girlfriend called Sammy. You can find Norm here

My card today is another for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge;
I've gone for Chocolate and Strawberry this time, another favourite combination of tastes and used images from the Honeysuckle Butterfly and you can find them here, papers are form a beautiful paper pad from the works and I've mounted the image on to Chocolate and pink Centura Pearl card.
The colouring is with Gansi Tambi Watercolours after having embossed the image with Wow powders in Copper.
The beautiful ribbon and stickpin are from the bundles of the most gorgeous embellishments that I won from Wendy, Spanish Crafter.  The colours were just perfect.

The card is just for my box, hence the For You sentiment.
I'm off to get a bit of ironing done now and will watch an episode of Colombo at the same time, I've always liked Ironing and watching the old black and white films on BBC 2 that used to be on.

Oh and just to say, I didn't get a Fairy back from Skye, unfortunately, Ken and Alistair didn't geanywhere near the Fairy Pools as there were so many Tourists, couldn't even get into the car park. They had planned to go into them, but felt they would look chumps trooping along in their wetsuits, they did go to the Viking Village where there has been lots of excavations going on, said that was so interesting. There rain was awful though, but they enjoyed themselves nevertheless.

Cheerio for now and see you soon,
I would like to enter my card into;
and also; 

Friday 12 August 2016

Bella, Friday Oldie!

Hi there Everyone, I hope all is well with you and that you are looking forward to the weekend.
It's Friday and time to share an Oldie, all started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and you can find her here
It's just a bit of fun showing handmade projects made at an earlier time in our crafting journey. It doesn't just have to be cards, just handmade, could be knitting, sewing, pottery, oh any number of things really.

There are quite a few of us playing and sharing now and as I said it's just for fun, and it's good to look back and see how you've developed/improved. Here is what I've found;
Awww! it's Bella, and of course from Wild Rose Studio. papers too. I think she is adorable, probably coloured with Promarkers.

So why not join in and share one of your Oldies.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate each and every one of them.
Met up with two Inverness Crafting Buds, Marlene and Fiona, some of you will know Marlene, and Fiona doesn't have a blog, but does show her work on FB, so that was a nice little hour or so catching up with them. This afternoon I'm spending knitting, I'm now on the hood of my garment, so not all that much to do now, trying to get it finished in time for going to Shetland at the begining of next month, not that I'm expecting cold weather, lol.

Have a good day and see you soon,

Monday 8 August 2016

Chocolate Orange!

Hello Everyone, and how are you all today?? I do hope all is well with you.
Rather cold here today, but good and windy to get towels dry, I'm getting like my mum now, the weather only affects whether I put washing out or not, sad or what!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, we had a quiet one, a nice curry lunch on Saturday, which meant I didn't need to cook in the evening, then a lovely crafting day on Sunday, and here we are at the start of another week.

My Action Man is away for a couple of days with our friend Ken to Skye and the Fairy Pools, apparently it's a beautiful spot. I've asked him to bring me a Fairy back, well you never know. The car was packed high with all the boy's toys, wet suits, ropes helmets , musical instruments, tepee, goodness knows what else. I hope the weather is good for them.

Anyhow, my card today is an entry for the Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge;
I've used one of the new stamps. Tangled Birch and you can find it on the website here.
These are the colours for the challenge;
As you can see it's CHOCOLATE. There are all sorts of chocolate and flavours and I've gone for Chocolate Orange. Using Gansi Tambi Watercolour paints from Kuretaki. I've outlined part of the trees and the sun with Pebeo Foil.  Brown and Orange card with a SB embossing folder. Leaf dies from CC.  Once again the photo isn't showing up the colours all that well.

Now just before I go thanks to all who left such kind comments on my CCC cards, you are all very kind.

\i would like to enter my card into;

See you soon

Sunday 7 August 2016

Baubles for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello to You All, hoping this Sunday is finding on tip top form.

Another fortnight has passed and it's time for the members of the Christmas Card Club to share their lovely cards. Where does the time go?????. Anyway, this time around Margaret  is our hostess and she would like to see baubles, I think we all love baubles, I know our wee cat does.
Here is what I've come up with;
My first card is made using one of Imagination Crafts beautiful stencils and the wonderful Starlight paints, with a silver, black and teal colour theme.
This is a lovely Woodware image and my design is inspired by a card found on Pinterest, ( I will add the crafter's name when I find it), embossed in Wow gold powder, twice, and then I cut out a couple of the flowers and decoupaged them and added gold gems to the centre.
Another Woodware stamp and coloured with SN pens, sticking to shades of lilac colour theme, embossed Centura Pearl card, a few clear gems and a little bow.
I have to say I love Woodware stamps, I've bought a few over the last few weeks and they are lovely to colour.

So that's it for this challenge and a big thank you to Margaret for choosing this theme, I have enjoyed it. My Christmas card box is fairly getting full now.

Incredibly winding up here this morning, and last night we had a thunder storm, with huge flashes of lightening. Some Summer me thinks, in fact there is a distinct Autumnal feel about the morning air.

Before I go just  wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments on my Friday Oldie card,  you are all so kind.

Have a lovely day and see you  soon.

Friday 5 August 2016

Time to Relax Friday Oldie!

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!!, at least I hope its a happy one for you, but if not I hope that things get better soon.

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on my previous card, I love to read them and take great encouragement from them.

As it's Friday it's time once again to play along with Erika of Snappy Crafts, you can find her here, with sharing a handmade project that you've made at an earlier time.  It doesn't have to be a card, just something hand made. It's just for fun and there are now quite a few of us crafties sharing, it's god to look back and see how our styles have changed, been added to, or just improved and developed.
 I know I have changed in so many ways over the few years I've been making cards.
I knit too, but I an not a fast knitter so it takes ages to get projects finished, but I've always got one or two things on the go at once. I've been knitting  socks (now there's a surprise), and I've had them ripped out so many times that I've given up with the pattern. Nothing difficult that I can see, so I've decided that there must be a mistake in the pattern, I'm disappointed as it was a lovely colour work design. But I'm sure I will manage to make  good use of the yarn with something else.

Now on to my card;
Well I'm sure the fans amongst you will recognise the image as Penny Black, I don't have many but I do love them. Not too sure what I've coloured it with, it kinda looks like pencils.

Do join us and share your Oldies.

Well here we are once again at a sporting tournament, the Olympic games, taking place in a country with the most amazing poverty, oh well that's the way the world is now.  The Romans started all of this in ancient times that when things were not going well and the citizens were less than happy with their Caesars, give them games to take their minds of the awful conditions, taxes, wars, whatever......
is any of this ringing bells??  I'll get of my soap box now.  Of course not helped by my hating sport.

I'm off now to see what I can forage for lunch, the only person (?) who has much in the way of eats is Teallach, I always make sure he has plenty in his cupboard.

Enjoy your day and see you soon,