Sunday 31 July 2016

Just a Note!

Hello Everyone, hoping you are all having a lovely Sunday and are feeling tip top, but if not I hope you will feel better soon.

We went for a walk in Culloden Woods this morning and met Milo and Damian, these woods are a favourite walk for Milo as he gets off the leash and I have to say he was very well behaved,mind you Damian is very firm with him, and distracts him when passing people especially children in order that he doesn't run and jump on them. He is such a friendly pup, but getting big and strong and the last thing wanted is that he frightens people.

Anyway we had a lovely walks, I was trying to make up for an non day yesterday  where I was so tired and out of sorts I ended up having to go to bed in the afternoon, no like me at all, especially as we had a lovely morning in Nairn and a bit of lunch, back home and I felt awful.  I'm okay today thankfully.

A little simple and quick card to share today;
Beautiful daisy stamp from the fabulous John Lockwood, which I embossed in silver Wow  powder. Added a little pink colour and green with Derwent Coloursoft Pencils.
Sentiment is from CB  McIntosh sentiment set.
It's a tiny card made for a friend who knits the most wonderful bags, and I bought one for Dale's daughter Amanda's 40th birthday,  in the most wonderful purple colour, which by luck is her favourite colour. She adored the bag, so I thought I'd give Sheena the feedback, we Crafters always like to hear that our creations are well received. 

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my last card.
Oh and Sandy asked to see photo of our Edinburgh jazz trip, didn't have the camera with us I'm afraid and didn't think to use my phone, so sorry about that Sandy. 

That's all for now, take care and see you soon, 

Friday 29 July 2016

Please, Friday Oldie!

Hello there Crafting Friends, I hope you are tip top and looking forward to the weekend.

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last cards, you are all very kind.

Well as you know we have been away at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and had a ball, every concert we went to was a sell out, and my hubby wore his wonderful colourful jazz waistcoat that Dale made for his birthday last year and he did look the bees nees. Now he is looking for a hat......whatever next!

Anyway, I've got an Oldie share;
Now I'm not sure if this is Mo Manning image or not but I love her she is so cute. Coloured with Promarkers.

Please join in with the fun of showing some of your older creations, this was started by Erika of Snappie Crafts and you can find her here a wee while ago and it is just for fun looking back to see how our earlier work has changed.

Nothing much planned for the weekend, just a quiet one I think. although we had a great time and it was good to be with friends, I find it very tiring, and of course my diabetes gets out of control as I'm out of routine, so I was good  to get back home and back to normality. 

So I will love you and leave you and see you soon,

Sunday 24 July 2016

Traditional Colours for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello to Everyone, hoping you are all tip top, but if not I hope you will be feeling much better soon.

This is just a really quick post this time around to show my cards for the CCC, yest that's a fortnight gone once again.  Christine is the the hostess this time and she wanted cards with traditional festive colours, so here is what I've come up with;
Snowmen once again, but in more trad colours.  I keep stamping snowmen on Kraft card forgetting that  Karaft card would give them brown faces, so this is why I've coloured these little guys with white pencil.  The card is CC Desert Storm which is their version of Kraft card, and the fabulous snowmen image is from Woodware, had to order it from Ebay. I'd seen quite a few cards made with it, but had difficulty finding where to buy it, but I perservered.  Derwent Coloursoft pencils for colouring. Tartan paper and Gold Centura Pearl on a DL blank card, lots of Star Dust.

LOTV image for this one and coloured with Gansi Tambie Watercolours, Gold Centura Pearl, papers are some I had in my box, gems and a Papermaina Sentiment, a touch of glitter.It's not as washed out in real life.

Thank you Christine for this challenge, I had fun putting these cards together.

I am scheduling this post as we will be off down to our friends Dale and Stewart for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, really looking forward to that.

Take care everyone and I will catch up when home,

Monday 18 July 2016

A Rose By Any Other Name!

Hello Everyone, and how are you today, well I hope, but if not I hope you will feel beter soon.

Gosh the days are going by so fast, I can hardly keep up with what day it is.  A quiet weekend for us, sometimes that's just what you need.

We are however away to the Edinburgh Jazz Festival later in the week staying with our friends Dale and Stewart, so I am really looking forward to catching up wih them.  So that means I won't be commenting, although I have scheduled my CCC for this Sunday.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments of my last card and your good wishes for our friend's health, you are all very kind.

If you remember me telling you I went to a Sheena Douglass demo with Patricia and Hazel a few weeks back, well I bought this stamp and one of the techniques she was using was foiling, with a Pebeo Paste and Pebeo Foiling papers. I didn't buy the foil at the time as I thought it would be just something else that would lie in the cupboard, but then I found these things in Hobbycraft and decided to have a go.

It doesn't show up well but the out line of the rose is foiled in gold and then the rose itself is coloured with Imagination Craft's Starlight Paints, I diluted Fushia and Orange Oxide together with a little water, and green for the leaves.
I,m afraid that I can't remember the make of the frame, I think it could be Die'sire, but not sure. Chocolate Centura Pearl card and some gold lace. I felt it didn't need anything else.

It's been a dull wet day again, not good for taking least that's my excuse for today.

That's me for now folks, must be cupa time, so take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Saturday 16 July 2016

Wedding Day!

Hello to Everyone and welcome to my bit of Blogland on this Saturday afternoon.
I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.
It's been a quiet day for us today as we were away yesterday to visit our friend who is recovering from cancer, I mentioned him a little while ago. He is now finished with his very intensive treatment and goes for a scan in a couple of weeks to see if it is all gone. We thought he was looking well considering what he had gone through and is back painting, he is a fabulous artist.  We had a lovely visit, but oh my the weather was dreadful, chucking it down. It was a full day out, so today is an easy one.

I have a wedding card that our friend Dougie asked me to make for his Granddaughter who is getting married soon. She won't look at my blog so feel I can show it. Along with the card I made a box for it and a gift bag to put them into. I angst over this project and had quite a few attempts that went in the bin, but finally got it all together;

Sorry once again for the photos.  I used  a beautiful LOTV image, lots of WO flowers. Starlight paints on background, had to mix to get the eau di nil shade, various dies, lace and pearls.

Thankfully Dougie loved it, and had asked me to make on for his daughter who is getting married in 2018, so lots of time to angst about that one.  I think I've gotten out of the way of making commissioned cards, just doing designs to suit myself, I got myself into a tizzy about this one because it was such a special occasion and for a dear friend.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last card and for liking my photos, I've got a couple of photos of Peter and Jean's gorgeous Icelandic pony, that happened to be down in the lower field yesterday,

She is such a sweetie, 30 years old, but now way does she look that. She was born in that field and lived with her mum and aunt all her live, they have sadly gone now, but she has the geese who come into her field to keep her company.

Whilst I was out taking the photo, I noticed what looked like a couple of large birds flying above, dashing to the car to get the binoculars I discovered that one was a Golden Eagle, I think the other was a buzzard, but oh my to see an Eagle in the wild, just put the icing on the cake so to speak.
Unfortunately, all I had was my phone to take pictures and by the time I was trying to capture a shot both birds had moved too high.  That is the fist time I've seen one that's not been in a zoo. They others were amused at my excitement as living where they live  Golden Eagles are fairly common sights, and of course with Alistair climbing mountains he see them too.  It's the simple things in life that make it so special and wild life does it for me.

So Folks, that's me for now, you all take care and see you soon,

Wednesday 13 July 2016

These Boots were Made for Walking!

Good Afternoon One and All, I hope today is a good one for and you are feeling tip top.

It's warm and sunny here so washing out, grass cut and a bit of weeding in the back garden.  There is the odd darkish cloud about but I don't think rain will come.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on Ken's card, you are very kind and I do appreciate them.

I have another outdoor card today and this one is made for another friend who will climb her last Munro next month. It's tradition that your friends climb the mountain with you and then there's a hoolie afterwards.  Alistair had a great party after his last mountain a few years back, so now it's the turn of Cath. Now unfortunately I'm not going, cos I don't do mountains and they will have to be away early and I wouldn't get into the hotel room until the afternoon, and it's all a bit of a hassel, but I will be with them in spirit. The mountain they will be climbing is An Teallach, and it's the one our boy is named after, so here is the card;
Woodware stamp, thought this was just the perfect image for a climber, coloured with SN pens, Momento inks and Ink Dusters to make the background, with Inkylicious grass, birds and sentiment stamps.  I think I should have made the card bigger, the boots look a bit out of proportion, but that's my signature....I always get something not just quite right.

We went down to see the swans yesterday and got some great photos;
Here is Dad keeping an eye out

They were on a sort of viewing platform, what a size they are now and mum was just letting me know that I wan't to get too close, butshe was fine and didn't hiss at me, I moved off and looked back and she had sat down.....potential danger over.

As I've mentioned the swans are in the lake at our new University of the Highlands and Islands grounds and this is the uni building, there are lots of lovely paths around it, and a new installation of the Kelpies

If you look closely there is a little figure on the left hand Kelpie to she the scale, and alone one of the paths there are some of these lovely bowers, you could sit quietly and read, then the front of the building, it's all very modern.
We went in for a coffee, there is a good refectory, and when we come out the swans had got themselves round to the smaller lake,
We wondered how they did it as the cygnets won't yet be flying, so they must have walked, a man who was also watching them showed us a photo of them walking with mum leading the babies around the lake. Kicking myself that I'd missed that one.

Well it's been photo heavy today, but I know some of my lovely Followers like to some of our country side and well, swans are like Snowmen, everybody loves them. They also feel like our swans as we have followed this little family from egg sage to now. They have a super mum and dad as all eight cygnets are still there, they have been so well looked after.

Hope you've enjoyed the post today and not bored, I'm off now to make a chicken curry for dinner, and then visit your lovely blogs.
Seen you soon,

Monday 11 July 2016

Canoeing in the Twilight!

Hello Everyone, beginning of another week, and guess what it's raining, for a change lol!
I hope you are all well, but if not I here's hoping that you will feel better soon.

Well what a weekend for sport.....our own Andy winning Wimbledon, Portugal winning the European Cup, an amazing mountain race for the Tour de France cyclists in massive hailstones, Lewis Hamilton winning a Silverstone, I was just beside myself with all the excitement!!!!! But sarcasm apart, it was good that Andy made us proud once again, as Iceland and Wales,  were out of the footy tournament, and of course Scotland didn't even get invited cos they're pants, it didn't really matter who won, don't do F1, sorry Ang, however I was wowed at the cycling, the stamina and endurance of these men is amazing and the size of the hailstones, well I've never seen anything like it and to be cycling up a mountain that is twice the height of Ben Nevis which is 4,500 ft. they are heroes in my book. Perhaps we will have a calmer household now, with just the TdeF still going on.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my snowmen cards, I have to say that without a doubt I love making Christmas cards, and if they include snowmen so much the better.

Something a bit different today, it's a card made for our friend Ken who will be the big 60 soon and he is one of the "the boys" that Alistair goes away with canoeing, well he is the  main man as he has the tepee where they hold their evening soirees, arguing about politics, sharing the bevvy, playing their instruments and singing.....oh to be a fly on the wall, well maybe not,
Stampscapes images and a mixture of inks for the sky and water, I've scribbled some Sakura sparkle pen over the water to give a bit of a shimmer.  The chap who does the videos for these stamps uses glossy card, all I had was photo glossy card, and I don't think my inks blended as well as they should have, so maybe not the right kind of glossy.
However, it's my first attempt and I'm quite pleased, with the result.  This brand of stamps are fabulous for male cards, especially if it's images for the outdoor man.

Milo has his mum and dad at home this week as they are on holiday, so I have a break. I'm hoping they get into the behaviour training for him, he just about pulls you off your feet when out for a walk, he is getting so big and strong.

So off now to have a tour around your blogs and see what wonderful creations you've got today,
take care everyone and see you soon,
I would like to enter my card into;

Sunday 10 July 2016

Snowmen for the Christmas Card Club!

Hello Everyone, time once again for the Christmas Card Club(CCC) ladies to share their Christmas creations, and this time it's been our lovely Lorraine who has chosen the theme and it's Snowmen.  Well  they are favourites with everyone.
Here are my little guys;
Lili of the Valley Snowman Family coloured with Derwent Coloursoft Pencils'
and the next
Little Claire this time, and coloured with Gansi Tambie Watercolours,
and finally,
Another Little Claire image, I do love LC Snowmen and this one is coloured with the Watercolours.
I was on a roll with the Snowmen and made more but I won't show them at this stage, you can have too much of a good thing. I don't quite know what I've done with the photos, but once again they are pants.  I think I fiddle too much when editing them.  There is loads of sparkle on all the cards but it's not showing up.

Do check out the creations from the other team members, always fabulous work.

I hope your weekend is going well, and thank you for all your lovely comments of my last card,
Take care and see you soon,

Friday 8 July 2016

Game On Friday Oldie!

Hello to Everyone, and here we are at Friday once again, another fast week. 
How are you all doing anyway, I hope all is well with you and that you've got something nice planned for the weekend.

I had my diabetic review this morning and everything is good as far as I'm concerned anyway, although the nurse thought that my long range blood sugar reading was a bit too tight, but as I don't follow the perceived knowledge for diabetes care, I know that my reading is good.  The guidelines are always far too high which over a long period of time makes for diabetic complications.  They still advocate you eat mostly carbohydrates, I worry that so poor information is given out to people.  Anyway I'm happy.  I was even happier that when I met up with my choir buddy Fiona in Costa for a cuppa, I managed to bypass the gorgeous cakes, I am so sweet toothed I really struggle to abstain.

So it's time for my Friday Oldie and here it is
One of the fabulous LOTV images. I love this wee guy, and I'm not sure but I might have made this one for Damian, who is a footy fanatic.  He used to play football when younger, and then whilst working of a company coached their team.
We went along to watch them at practise one evening, and was highly amused at how seriously Damian was taking it all and using all those football commands such as, wheel it to me, man on, square ball and so on..... I hadn't a clue what he was talking about.  He was also trying to give all the subs a chance of playing, but one man didn't seem to be getting a shot and when I asked Damian why, he looked at me in exasperation saying that  as a football coach he had the only Brazilian who couldn't play football.  However, I pointed out that as the man turned up to be to be part of it all the least Damian could do was give him a kick of the ball.  I thought the whole thing was hilarious to be taken so seriously.  Alistair very wisely took me away before I could interfere any further, well I suppose the coach didn't need his mother on the side lines giving out advice.

Do join  us with sharing your Oldies, can be anything handmade and link to Erika of Snappy Crafts here.  Erika started the Friday Oldie a while ago and there are now quite a few of us joining in, it's good to look back at what we made and how  our styles have changed/improved.

We haven't made too many weekend plans as yet except to go and visit our friend Sean who is now out of hospital and doing away nicely, so that will be lovely to see him.  I hope the weather picks up, a bit watery looking as I type this.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous card, I do appreciate each and every one.
See you with my CCC card on Sunday, take care everyone,

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Dancing in the Rain!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well, and for those who are not, here's hoping that you will feel better soon. 
Mind you the weather isn't going to cheer up anyone, rain and more rain, when oh when will Summer arrive.  Thank goodness for crafting!!

I got quite a bit of knitting done last night but I must have been sitting in a poor position as I felt as if I'd twisted myself. I've got a sweater on the pins for myself, hoping to get it finished for our holiday on September.  It's been ages since I had a big project on the go, and now I know why.  I've even got yarn to do Alistair a sweater, must have had a brainstorm at some point. Good job he's not in a hurry for it.!

I've got a card created  using Inkylicious stamps. I just love this image and had seen it on many people's cards in blogland.
Unfortunately, once again my photo is not showing up the colours well, they are brighter in reality, shades of blue, lavender are used and added with Ink Dusters.  I found an old card in my box that had been embossed with a SP folder, the card is a cream pearlesence card, again not showing up.  
I didn't add any embellishments, I didn't want to take away from the image.

Thanks to all who have visited me and left lovely comments, you are kind to take time to do this and I really appreciate it.

Off to the craft room now, the footy is on again no doubt hubby will watch some of it.
I'm saturated with the news of today, it's all been awful, albeit with two Oscars, one a wonderful performance by the former PM and the other escaping robust justice by being given a ridiculous prison sentence for murder. Here in Scotland the sentencing of two women for the torture and murder of a child.  Honestly, what a state of affairs!

I'll leave  you with a couple of photos of Teallach, like crafting he keeps me sane. He is awfully difficult to photograph, won't stay in place long enough.

Anyway, enjoy your evening and see you soon,

Saturday 2 July 2016

Those Who Bring Sunshine!

Hello to Everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying your evening.
Lots of heavy showers up here so just the perfect weather for getting a bit of crafting done.

Thank you all for visiting me and leaving those lovely comments, I do appreciate them and the time you take to pop in.
I did enjoy my mac and cheese last night, so that will keep me going for quite a while.

Well just for a change there's footy on tonight, would you believe it! But Alistair has been warned that the channel is being changed at 9 o'clock, and I don't care what's on as long as it's not football. Now some of you might think I'm being harsh, but we have had the start of the Tour de  France and the flipping tennis which really is like paint drying in my opinion.  The TV is saturated with sport GrrrrÅ•!

Anyway  I have been trying to get a sunburst stencil for some time, I know Sheena Douglass did one, but have tried so many places, even  Amazon and eBay, without luck, however,  I bought one of the Sue Wilson's new Christmas dies called Sunray.
Now you know I don't get along with SB dies, but thankfully this one cut out well.
I coloured it with various sunshine coloured inks and then rubbed on some Alchemy Wax, from Imagination Crafts.  Inked up a sky background and stamped some little Inkylicious birds  in between the rays,reminding  me of Icarus.
Sentiment is also by Inkylicious, and that's that.

I'm thinking I'll go and get into my pj's and dressing gown  getting ready to watch something that's not football, take care of yourselves and see you soon,

Friday 1 July 2016

You're so Tweet, Friday Oldie!

 Hello Crafty Friends and how are you all today?? good I hope.

Well we are fairly marching through the year, 1st. July, where did the last six months go!!, actually where did the last week go because it's now time once again to share an Oldie with Erika here,  just a wee bit of fun sharing something old that you've made at an earlier time in your crafting career. 

The card I'm showing is using stamps from Little Claire called You're so Tweet, and I would think that the images are coloured with Promarkers.

There are quite a few of us now that's joined Erika and it does'nt have to be cards, just hand made, so why not join in.

Thank you for your kind comments on yesterdays card and photo of the pets.  I've been trying to get a photo of my own lovely boy Teallach, but he's not playing along. The bold boy nipped me this morning when I didn't jump to give him more food, he saw a bit of bare leg and must have thought, that'll do till she moves. He got a healthy telling off.

Cold here today, and quite dull, but we are cheering ourselves up by going out to the Castle Street Resteraunt for tea, Inverness folk will know it, it's been around since ever and they do the best macaroni cheese. Iknow, I know not good for me, especially as I aslo have the chips that goes with it, but it's once in a while and a treat.  When I made pasta at home I would never have had chips, double whammy with the carbs, and of course now with the dairy...... but as I say a once in a while treat. 

As yet no plans made for the weekend, but do you know sometimes just doing nothing is good.  Enjoy your weekend whatever you've planned and see you soon,