Tuesday 31 July 2018

Bee Happy!

Hello Everyone, hoping all is well with you and that your day is good. 
Very windy up here in the North, but a fab drying day, washing all out and brought in dry, as for ironing......well, sometime soon.  Teallach absolutely hates when I set the ironing board up as it makes the most awful noise and he gets frightened, so that's my excuse for now.

Thank you so much for you lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate them all.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a story to tell regarding my surgery, that wasn't as funny as my friend's tale. I was sent to the Hospital Diabetic nurse to help me manage my BG which I had been struggling with for a while, and she tweaked my insulin and , and suggested finer needles to help with absorption. So this meant she had to send a letter to my surgery to have my prescription changed. Meanwhile I had ordered more insulin, and when I went to pick it up at the pharmacy, it wasn't there. So, wondering if I had indeed ordered it, I tried to check my medication history on the surgery website, and as they have changed their system, I couldn't find it. No worries, I just phoned and was told that I no longer was to have insulin!!!  The young lady, told me that the hospital nurse had taken me off it, not true, I replied, all I have is new needles. So why would I have new needles and no insulin pen to fit them on to.  Well we did wonder and checked with the doctor who was doing the repeat prescriptions  and she said, and she said that was quite right....no insulin.  So I asked her to read out the hospital nurse's letter and pointed out that no where did it say I was to come off insulin, no right enough said the lady, I can see what you mean. Now by this time I could feel the blood pressure rising and said that this is a mistake and it needs sorting out pretty quickly. Oh well, we'll see  if the doctor can look at this tomorrow.... yes friends I lost it!! and further more she said if the doctor okays it you could come to the surgery tomorrow and pick up the prescription.  I told her that a formal complaint would be going in and put the phone down. I thought I will phone back when I've calmed down. Anyway, five minutes or so later the phone rings and it's one of the main doctors, who can't for the life of him understand why this other doctor acted as she did, of course you can't come off insulin. He was absolutely furious that I had to go through this upset, and he sorted all there and then, would fax the script down to the pharmacy and it would be there by the afternoon, and he was going to investigate with the other doctor this issue.  It wan't only this mistake that concerned me, but what I it was someone who couldn't deal with this mistake, an elderly, disabled or suchlike person, it would have caused them no end of stress. The doctor quite agreed. 

A couple of days later the Practice Managed phoned, to apologise for the way his staff handled it all and felt there was a lack of common sense from the lady who was dealing with it,  Anyway, it all got sorted out, but I was pretty stressed by the whole thing, it's not the first mistake that this surgery had made, but thankfully I am able to stand my ground when I feel things are not right, and shout out to the right people, not everyone would feel they could, and of  course we have all been brought up to think doctors are omniscient,  ...me.. well no I question everything.
So, there's my tale, long winded so I'm sorry, but good on you if you are still here.

On to my card;
This is made with a lovely little Dovecraft set called Bee Happy, the paper is also from the same paper pad, I've just added a little colour and some SU sequins. It's a lovely little set and the selection of papers is beautiful.

Well, it's been a long post so I will end here and give you a rest. Take care everyone and see you soon,

Saturday 28 July 2018

Honey Bee!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. 
Well it had to come....rain!!!, and welcome it is too. No sign of the thunder and lightening though, but it might have been through the night. It is much cooler, but a bit muggy.  How are you fairing where you are??

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate it and the time you take to visit me.

I have another little lollypop stick plaque today;
I've Used Oxide Inks and stamps from the Chocolate Baroque Honey Bee stamp set, I've added a bit of sparkle and some sequins. I found some lovely twine that had leaves in it, from The Works, but it's not showing in the photo.
I gave this to Dale's daughter Amanda when we were down visiting a couple of weeks ago and she loved it, I'm pleased to say.

Short and sweet from me today, have a good weekend and see you all soon,

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Use an Embossing Folder for Back to Basics and Beyond Challenge!

Hello again, back sooner than I thought I would be, and apologies to Carole and the team at BBB as I forgot to post my card to Carol this time around. I think being away has confused me a bit with the dates.
Anyways, here I am now with my card for the challenge of using an Embossing Folder.
Well as you can see it was a bummer to photograph.  I've used this lovely EF from John Next Door, on to black card and then polished u with Pebeo Silver Gilding Wax and Derwent  Metallic Pencils. Silver mirri and Midnight Blue CE card. Very simple but effective I think.

So do play along and join in the challenge, we would love to see what you create. You can find the challenge blog here. You will also find the lovely inspirational cards from the other Design Team members.
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last card, I'll say cheerio for now and see you soon,

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Shades of Grey and Black!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well and having a grand day.  

This is some Summer we're having isn't it!. Incredible heat...too hot sometimes for me, but trying not to complain as it's unheard of up here in the North. We have been lucky and had some rain unlike some areas down South, that must be so difficult for people, especially the farmers, so I hope these areas get some rain soon.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my CCC card, you are very kind.
Not one for Christmas today;
I've used shades of grey and black for this card, the background is a new SU background stamp...Marble and the lovely bird stamp is one of the latest ones from Crafty Individuals which I've embossed with clear powder. Matted on to black card and a silver based Dovecraft card. A few Dazzlers and job done. I have to own up to being very pleased with this one. The Marble stamp is brilliant and pleased that I purchased it.

Now I did say that I had been colouring in on Adult Colouring books, and some of them are hugely intimidating wit their fantastic art work, so I started small with a page from one of Kerby Rosanes Animorphia Notebook;
I've used Prisma Premium coloured pencils for this. It took me a few hours, but I have to say I didn't notice the time go by, and I'm loving doing them. I've now got a little collection of books, thanks to watching You Tube tutorials on colouring, especially one called Pencilstash where the lady there is fabulous at colouring, and Peta Hewit is another brilliant artist to watch. Well it keeps me off the streets lol.

I'm going to leave you with a tale Dale told when we were down on our visit last week. It's hilarious in it's absurdity, but worrying on a common sense level too.
Another of Dale's friends needed to make a Dr's appointment and as she was out and about and near the surgery she thought she would pop in and do just that. She was told by the receptionist that it was impossible to make the appointment, as it could only be done by phone. Now I can picture this scenario as I know this lady who by the way is a hoot and very Glaswegian, she was aghast and said, but I'm here and you've got the means to look up and see when I can have an appointment. No, I'm sorry but you have to phone, so this went back and forth between the receptionist and Christine, when finally she took out her mobile phone and dialled the surgery number whereupon, another receptionist along the counter, picked up the phone and answered the call and hence the appointment was made. Christine having made the appointment left the surgery thinking the world's gone mad.  I have to agree, for the lack of common sense.  I have a tale to tell that will leave you gobsmacked regarding my own surgery, but I'll keep that for another day.

So, that's me for now, off for a sit outside in the sunshine and my new Dorothy Dunnett  book. Just discovered this author, Scottish and writes Scottish historical novels...marvellous, take care and enjoy your day,

Sunday 22 July 2018

Carol Singers for the CCC!

Hello Everyone, good to be back after being away to our friends and the Edinburgh Jazz Festival where we had a fab time, I have to say and a great old catch up with Dale and Stewart. But, it is good to be home again no matter how well treated, and I always miss Teallach.

How are you all doing?, I hope you are all well and still enjoying the lovely Summer weather.
 We've had quite a bit of rain, and duller days, but still warm, except for last night where we could have done with some warmth whilst at our friend's birthday/retirement party. He had organised a BBQ, and a gazebo to sit in, but there was quite a chilly breeze blowing which sent the wood smoke from the fire everywhere. Hence a new pile of washing this morning. Anyhow, it was a good night, and the first time I've heard Alistair and Dougie playing their instruments together and they were fabulous. Doug plays whistles, and mouth organ and is super at accompanying Alistair's fiddle. I only hear Alistair practicing and not hearing the music right through and I was stunned at his rendering of The Achocan  Farewell, it was amazing, and everyone stopped talking to listen.  very proud wifie!!

Now, here we are again with cards for the Christmas Card Club and it's Margaret or Duchess who has chosen the theme this time around and she would like to see Carol Singers or Choirs, here is what I've come up with;
I love these little guys from a Debbie Moore CD called Snowbodies. I've had this CD for a good many years and wasn't one that I got rid of, I did most of my others as it's not the kind of card making I like to do. These elements were ones I had already printed out and had kept in a drawer, so came in very handy and I've just added some Star Dust for a bit of sparkle.. It's quite a small card, C6 or something like that, but all the bits fitted on perfectly. Hope you like it.

Well, that's me for today, but just want to thank everyone who left lovely comments on my last post, and also to mention that although I wasn't commenting whilst I was away, I did see beautiful creations from you on my reading list.
Have a lovely Sunday whatever you're doing and hope to see you soon,

Thursday 12 July 2018

Seascape Lolly Pop Stick Plaque!

Hello Everyone, I hope all is well with you, but sending kind thoughts to those who are not so well.

Thank you all for your continued visits and the lovely comments that you leave, I do appreciated it.

Isn't this month flying by!!, I really want to slow it down, it will be Christmas before we know it.

Well we finally have rain....much needed of course, but strange not to be sitting out having my breakfast and reading a chapter of my book first thing in the morning. I'm hoping that the good weather returns next week as we are off to the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and will be staying with friends, really looking forward to our trip away and catching up with Dale and Stewart, it's been such a long time since we've been down.

Something different today;
Lolly pop stick plaque with Chocolate Baroque Seascape stamps, and painted with Imagination Crafts MDF Chalk paint, I've added a little sparkle to the sun and the sea.

I saw Lesley from CB doing one of these on Hochanda a while ago and thought it was a super idea and since then Sally from Crafty Salutations and you can find her lovely blog here and Sandra from Sandma's Handmade Cards, and there is a beautiful plaque here. Both of these lovely and talented crafters have inspired me to have a go. My last addition to my Sea Wall.

So, that's me for today, hope you like my little project, take care and see you soon,

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Simple stepper card for BBB!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well.

Today I have another card to share for the Back to Basics and Beyond Challenge and this one is No. 7 and it's a Simple stepper card. You can find a tutorial for it here. Mine is a little different, but as long as you it's a stepper it's no matter, there are quite a few different styles. Here is my card;
Found this difficult to photograph, sorry. As this is a technique that I wouldn't usually do, I had to make the design worth the effort and not just a card that would lie in my box, so I decided to make it for my Choral friend Fiona who loves all things "The Snowman"....well who doesn't .  I make her one each year and trying to find something different  is a challenge in it's self. All the images and elements are from Crafters Companion, Snowman set  and the CD, I've just added a bow and some gems. I'm pretty sure she will love it.

Do have a look at what my teammates create and if you can it would be great if you could join in  the challenge, which you will find here
Before I go, just wanted to thank you all for your visits and lovely comments, very much appreciated, take care of yourselves and see you soon

Sunday 8 July 2018

WoW for the CCC!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well and having a smashing weekend. Yet another scorcher here, I keep thinking that tomorrow it will rain, but so far no, although on Thursday night it rained for a while but that's fine when it rains through the night.

Well, it's like being in Ancient Rome, with all these games going on...the Tour de France started today, only difference is we've not reached Gladiator fights yet. Lol!!

Right oh, time again for the Christmas Card Club to show their latest cards... where did the last two weeks  go to...time is passing all to quickly.  Anyway, it's Christine's turn to choose the theme and it's to be WOW. Now I have to own up to being puzzled by this choice. I wasn't sure what was required, as any card could be a WOW. Thankfully Rita put me right, it's white on white...well of course it is, silly me, but I don't think I've ever seen it written like this. This is what I came u with;
Sorry Christine it's not all that imaginative, and I only manage one card this time. 
I used a Sheena Douglass EF and various Snowflake dies. Signature sentiment die, ribbon and gems.

Thank you Christine for the challenge, it got my brain working.

Please visit the other ladies of the Club as they will have wonderful cards to share.

I had a lovely meet up with Rita last Thursday, and although it was a long day travelling it was certainly worth it for Rita's company. We just took it easy, it was too hot to much other than chat and eat.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last card, you are all very kind and it was lovely to have another new Follower, Cristna welcome and I hope you will pop in often.

Now just enough time to get this scheduled for tomorrow Sunday for when the challenge goes live.
So cheerio for now, and remember the sun cream, take care everyone and see you soon,

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Wisdom from the Cheshire Cat!

Hello to You All, I hope today sees you well and having a good day. Another scorcher here, totally amazing heat.

Thank you all for the wonderfully encouraging comments on my canvas, you are so kind. I hung it on my wall earlier on today and it looks good, wonder what I'll tackle next.

Tomorrow sees me up and out early to get the bus down to Glasgow to meet up Rita, a lovely friend from Ayrshire. Some of you may know Rita as she does have a blog and she is one of our CCC ladies. It's been a while since we last met up so there will be lots to catch up on. It's a full day away for me as I'm on the bus for around 71/2 hours, but it will be worth it.

I have a card to share and the theme of it is Alice in Wonderland, and I'm joining in the Alice in Wonderland Challenge which you can find here, which is being hosted by Jannet at Enchanted Place Blog. Apparently it's Alice Day on the 7th July, so only a few days left to enter the challenge.

Alice in Wonderland was the first "big girl" book my parents bought me, I still have it, and it's been a favourite since way back when, so I thought it would be fun to join in. Now I searched through my stash to see if I had anything I could use, and here is what I came up with;
I made a background with Oxides and then stamped the pocket watch stamp. I then stamped a CB landscape edge, wanting to give the impression of woods in the distance. The little playing cards are from my Christmas cracker of a few years ago ( Moreen always buys posh crackers), so they were just perfect. I found a clock wooden embellishment and popped that on too. The sentiment with the Cheshire Cat is from the internet.. I didn't think it needed any gems or sparkle, and besides it might go to a male friend  who is retiring.

Well, that's me for now, hoping to get around your blogs tonight, but I think it will be an early to bed, I was going to say I'll be up at the crack of dawn, but that would be about 4 o'clock, actually at this time of the year, it hardly gets dark at all. So I'll say cheerio for now  and see you soon,

Sunday 1 July 2018

A Beach Scene!

Hello Everyone and hoping all is well with you and yours and that you are still enjoying the gorgeous weather.

It's  been really hot today and after a trip to Nairn and the beach, I had to take to having a lie down this afternoon. The heat is marvellous but when your are not used to it it can zap you, anyway I had a nice read of my book and forty winks.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last card, all are appreciated, especially the time it takes. Welcome too to my new followers, one of which I don't know her name, and I'm guessing that it is a she and that she is either from Spain or Italy....my languages are pants. Anyhow, it's lovely to have you here and I hope you pop in as often as you can.

I've something a wee bit different tonight and it's me pretending I'm an artist LOL!!

Another canvas for my bedroom wall, all painted by yours truly and I've added beach huts from Chocolate Baroque, and the grasses are by Tim Holtz, then some little shells. The ship out on the horizon is an Inkylicious stamp.
Just a side on view. I have to say that I'm chuffed with my sea, it's the first time of trying something like this, and I'm sure our friend Peter who is a fabulous artist would have a chuckle at my efforts, but then I'm not selling this, and Alistair who himself does paint, thinks it's fine.

Can hardly believe that's another week over and the start of July, it will be Christmas before we know it, scary really.

So folks that's me for now, going to have a catch up with your blogs and maybe at half time Alistair might make a cuppa.....yes it's still the footy here. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and see you soon.

I would like to enter my canvas into http://www.fashionablestampingchallenges.com Seaside challenge 136