Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Shades of Grey and Black!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well and having a grand day.  

This is some Summer we're having isn't it!. Incredible heat...too hot sometimes for me, but trying not to complain as it's unheard of up here in the North. We have been lucky and had some rain unlike some areas down South, that must be so difficult for people, especially the farmers, so I hope these areas get some rain soon.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my CCC card, you are very kind.
Not one for Christmas today;
I've used shades of grey and black for this card, the background is a new SU background stamp...Marble and the lovely bird stamp is one of the latest ones from Crafty Individuals which I've embossed with clear powder. Matted on to black card and a silver based Dovecraft card. A few Dazzlers and job done. I have to own up to being very pleased with this one. The Marble stamp is brilliant and pleased that I purchased it.

Now I did say that I had been colouring in on Adult Colouring books, and some of them are hugely intimidating wit their fantastic art work, so I started small with a page from one of Kerby Rosanes Animorphia Notebook;
I've used Prisma Premium coloured pencils for this. It took me a few hours, but I have to say I didn't notice the time go by, and I'm loving doing them. I've now got a little collection of books, thanks to watching You Tube tutorials on colouring, especially one called Pencilstash where the lady there is fabulous at colouring, and Peta Hewit is another brilliant artist to watch. Well it keeps me off the streets lol.

I'm going to leave you with a tale Dale told when we were down on our visit last week. It's hilarious in it's absurdity, but worrying on a common sense level too.
Another of Dale's friends needed to make a Dr's appointment and as she was out and about and near the surgery she thought she would pop in and do just that. She was told by the receptionist that it was impossible to make the appointment, as it could only be done by phone. Now I can picture this scenario as I know this lady who by the way is a hoot and very Glaswegian, she was aghast and said, but I'm here and you've got the means to look up and see when I can have an appointment. No, I'm sorry but you have to phone, so this went back and forth between the receptionist and Christine, when finally she took out her mobile phone and dialled the surgery number whereupon, another receptionist along the counter, picked up the phone and answered the call and hence the appointment was made. Christine having made the appointment left the surgery thinking the world's gone mad.  I have to agree, for the lack of common sense.  I have a tale to tell that will leave you gobsmacked regarding my own surgery, but I'll keep that for another day.

So, that's me for now, off for a sit outside in the sunshine and my new Dorothy Dunnett  book. Just discovered this author, Scottish and writes Scottish historical novels...marvellous, take care and enjoy your day,


dutchess said...

I am just loving this card Kate....absolutely stunning.....it’s still too hot and humid here and I keep doing a rain dance but to no avail....
I adore Dorothy Dunnett and have read all her books...they are addictive...I bought them all from the charity shops till I had them all and then started reading...my husband threatening divorce at one point as I just couldn’t turn the light out till I had finished the book....and he had to stop me starting the next!....enjoy xxxxx

brenda said...

Your card looks stunning in the monochromatic colours Kate.

Did smile at the tale of your criend and the appointment and dare I say we have the same here with both appointments and repeat prescriptions.

B x

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful in black and white and love that new marble background stamp, stunning. Gorgeous card in the pencils, just beautiful.x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Love this card and the background is amazing!!! We had rain last night and it was wonderful for the garden!! The owrld really has gone mad these days!! Thats crazy that she couldnt book an appointment!! Hazelxx

Diane said...

Wonderful marbling and stamped design Kate. Wow you are really fabulous at coloring. Mine looks like a 5 year old got a hold of someones pencils. We too are having the worst heat wave, all they talk about is how unusual it is but it does seem to be the norm now. Your story of your friend not being able to book an appointment made my day.

Hugs Diane

Sue said...

We are hot here too, and I am sick of it! Can't go out into the yard and do anything for the heat! But, soon we will be complaining about the cold!

Your gray card is so lovely. That background stamp is outstanding and the bird and flowers look awesome with it.

Coloring books can be fun, and a lot of them are beautiful papers now, so they are suitable for making cards with. And coloring is so relaxing.....cheap therapy!

Your friends story is hysterical! Sign of the times, everybody is nuts!!!


Christine Harrop said...

I love the monochrome look Kate and the marbled background stamp is terrific. The antics at the surgery beggars belief!!!!I think I've probably stopped being surprised by people's stupidity.Hugs Christine xx

Linda Simpson said...

These are gorgeous, love the monochrome card and gorgeous background too!
Linda xxx

Mac Mable said...

This monochromatic card is right up my street...I love it. That background stamp is fabulous and the new bird stamp looks great. Wow to the colouring in the books and you clearly are loving it. Mad story about your friend and the doctors surgery...such a waste of everyone's time....absolutely stupid x. Looking forward to hearing your story about your own surgery ...x.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is gorgeous, what a great background. We so badly need rain down here, way too hot for us. Love your absurd tale, thankfully ours isn’t like that.

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Your card is fabulous Kate. The new CI stamp is a real favourite of mine and it looks amazing teamed up with the background stamp. I haven’t seen one like that before but it works so well. I bet you’ll get lots of use out of it too. Your colouring page is beautiful and I can just imagine how therapeutic it is, it’s lovely. It’s a funny story about the Doctors and it just shows what the world’s coming to. Not sure how that’s progress! We had a small amount of rain a couple of days ago but not enough to make any difference to the ground which is so badly scorched. Take care of yourself. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

Birgit said...

I love that card-the Monochrome in grey is so different and it works so well. I love the marble look for the background and the birdie still stands out. I hate the heat and do complain but, I am Canadian and it just would not be right if I did not complain. That reception is nuts! How stupid.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous card!! The marbling effect looks so amazing!! I love the beautiful, colorful page from the coloring book, too!! And oh my gosh, what a funny story about the appointment!! Crazy!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

scrAPpamondo said...

Fabulous card, love the marbling background and the shades of grey and black looks gorgeous! Beautiful colouring of that book page, too!
I'm stunned by your friend's appointment story... Our world is really crazy!!

Anet's Crafting said...

Hallo Kate, your card is just beautiful. Love your fabulous colouring. Well done. Hugs Anet x

Wendy L said...

Looooove love that background stamp, fab cards Kate.

I do agree about your friends doctor appointment, world has gone mad. Back in UK, we were lucky to get through to doctor by phone, constantly engaged, xxx

meg said...

fantastic monochromatic card, love the background and the bird stamp, the world has gone daft what a carry on to get an appointment wish I could have seen the first receptionists face when she realised what your friend was doing

Mia said...

Your card with shades of grey is amazing, Kate. I am in love with this colour combination. As I have already told you, I LOVE colouring books. I buy mine from bookdepository with free shipping worldwide. I also buy digital colouring books via etsy (and I especially love the Jade Summer books). You may have a look if you want. I especially love the digital colouring books because I am able to adjust the size of the images and create cards. You may try it too, if you want. Also, I want to thank you for sharing the two ladies you watch their videos in YouTube. When I have time, I will watch these videos too. Hugs, my friend.

Jannet said...

I love your marble background Kate how very effective the grey shades are! I have some Phyliss Harris colouring books as I love her art. I have never actual coloured any of the pictures in yet though! Your friends gp surgery story does not surprise me in the least ! Take xxx

rachel said...

Thats an amazing marbled stamp...really fabulous. Great card too. I love your colouring too. Beautiful. Hugs rachel xx

Pat said...

That marbling stamp looks fabulous with the CI bird and foliage Kate and the black and grey is so elegant, and I love your pretty colouring and the flowers with the sweet hummingbirds is a great subject. Your story about the surgery just defies belief. Hubby and I are always saying that common sense seems to have gone out the window, and this just backs that up. x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Yes, here I am again lol!!! My, you have been busy and I have missed a lot.
This is fabulous......maybe 51 shades of grey lol!!!
Beautiful effect with the marble stamp.
As you will know from our little chats, we have both had issues with GPs and hospitals but this is up there with the most ridiculous Gps receptionist stories I have heard lol!!! Good job it wasn't you she was messing with lol!!!
Ang x