Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Bee Happy!

Hello Everyone, hoping all is well with you and that your day is good. 
Very windy up here in the North, but a fab drying day, washing all out and brought in dry, as for ironing......well, sometime soon.  Teallach absolutely hates when I set the ironing board up as it makes the most awful noise and he gets frightened, so that's my excuse for now.

Thank you so much for you lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate them all.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a story to tell regarding my surgery, that wasn't as funny as my friend's tale. I was sent to the Hospital Diabetic nurse to help me manage my BG which I had been struggling with for a while, and she tweaked my insulin and , and suggested finer needles to help with absorption. So this meant she had to send a letter to my surgery to have my prescription changed. Meanwhile I had ordered more insulin, and when I went to pick it up at the pharmacy, it wasn't there. So, wondering if I had indeed ordered it, I tried to check my medication history on the surgery website, and as they have changed their system, I couldn't find it. No worries, I just phoned and was told that I no longer was to have insulin!!!  The young lady, told me that the hospital nurse had taken me off it, not true, I replied, all I have is new needles. So why would I have new needles and no insulin pen to fit them on to.  Well we did wonder and checked with the doctor who was doing the repeat prescriptions  and she said, and she said that was quite right....no insulin.  So I asked her to read out the hospital nurse's letter and pointed out that no where did it say I was to come off insulin, no right enough said the lady, I can see what you mean. Now by this time I could feel the blood pressure rising and said that this is a mistake and it needs sorting out pretty quickly. Oh well, we'll see  if the doctor can look at this tomorrow.... yes friends I lost it!! and further more she said if the doctor okays it you could come to the surgery tomorrow and pick up the prescription.  I told her that a formal complaint would be going in and put the phone down. I thought I will phone back when I've calmed down. Anyway, five minutes or so later the phone rings and it's one of the main doctors, who can't for the life of him understand why this other doctor acted as she did, of course you can't come off insulin. He was absolutely furious that I had to go through this upset, and he sorted all there and then, would fax the script down to the pharmacy and it would be there by the afternoon, and he was going to investigate with the other doctor this issue.  It wan't only this mistake that concerned me, but what I it was someone who couldn't deal with this mistake, an elderly, disabled or suchlike person, it would have caused them no end of stress. The doctor quite agreed. 

A couple of days later the Practice Managed phoned, to apologise for the way his staff handled it all and felt there was a lack of common sense from the lady who was dealing with it,  Anyway, it all got sorted out, but I was pretty stressed by the whole thing, it's not the first mistake that this surgery had made, but thankfully I am able to stand my ground when I feel things are not right, and shout out to the right people, not everyone would feel they could, and of  course we have all been brought up to think doctors are omniscient,  ...me.. well no I question everything.
So, there's my tale, long winded so I'm sorry, but good on you if you are still here.

On to my card;
This is made with a lovely little Dovecraft set called Bee Happy, the paper is also from the same paper pad, I've just added a little colour and some SU sequins. It's a lovely little set and the selection of papers is beautiful.

Well, it's been a long post so I will end here and give you a rest. Take care everyone and see you soon,


meg said...

Love your card Kate, beautiful soft colours and those busy bees. Appalled at you tale re surgery, sadly people don't seem to pay attention to detail or understand the consequences of not reading letters properly, so glad a more senior GP sorted it out promptly for you.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh golly, what anightmare for you witht he insulin. Thats so out of order!!! Glad its been sorted out now. We are just waiting for Dad to go on it too after a year of being very badly controled and pills not helping, Love the card its so sweet, that sentiment is great, Hazel xx

cotnob said...

What a terrible time you had Kate, that is certainly not acceptable - like you say it could have been even more serious if it happened to someone that was elderly or disabled and to expect you to go and collect the prescription as well!
Your card is fabulous, so pretty.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Crafting Queen said...

Really lovely card. What a worry about your meds.

brenda said...

Such pretty soft colours and lovely design Kate.

As for the new NHS prescription website, if it's the same system ours uses it's absolutely rubbish since GDPR came in. When I tried to do my July repeat the system locked me out, followed the link to ask for access, no response. So rang surgery only to be told they don't accept repeats by phone anymore, I reminded them that we live out in the Fen and the surgery dispenses for us but no, I had to drive to the village to order. And guess what, when I went to collect they were out of stock of one of my meds but not to worry they said and would be in Monday - were they, of course not. So I was given four 'loose' pills to "tide me over"! I really do despair of the NHS at times and I could go on.........

B x

scrAPpamondo said...

It's incredible how some doctors could make such warning mistakes! Luckily you has been strong and have found a good main doctor!!
Pretty card with a lovely sentiment, as a happy end :D

Cristina said...

Hola Kate! Me ha apenado empezar a leer tu carta, qué imprudencia, y me ha alegrado saber que todo se resolvió! La tarjeta es una preciosidad, tanto el tema como el diseño me han gustado mucho, un trabajo encantador!
Un beso

aussie aNNie said...

Oh gosh Kate, what a real personal upset and drama for you. The is not acceptable and life is at stake, especially with insulin. As an RN I was practice manager for a large practice in Sydney where we had around 500 patients a day, yes, you read rightly so. Nothing like this happened or would have happened but I guess times have changed and some do not have empathy or ethics anymore...sadly and glad you are now okay.

Your card, under stress, is sheer delight. The bees are gorgeous, so 'don't worry be happy', all's well...big hugs.xxxx

Lisa said...

Gosh, Kate, what a horrible ordeal you've had to go through. I hope everything gets straightened out and you are able to rest and relax.

Your card is stunning!! I love the beautiful design and the bees!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Wendy L said...

Very interesting tale Kate. Good job you held your ground, it could have turned into a serious situation.
Love your card, very apt firms, the world's worst worried. Xxx

Linda Simpson said...

An interesting read and such a horrible ordeal for you. A gorgeous card and love the bees.
Linda xxx

Flo Langley said...

That is so frightening to think that those sort of mistakes are being made. We were brought up to accept what the doctor says but you really do have to check everything these days. Hope everything is sorted and that the new needles are better for you. Beautiful card.
Take care, Hugs Flo xx

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

A great card Kate and the sentiment works perfectly with it. What a performance you’ve had to put up with and how ridiculous to think you could just stop taking Insulin. I’m pleased that you stood your ground and that you eventually got things sorted and also had an apology, which is rare these days. You take care of yourself and I hope that the new needles help. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Good for you standing your ground, that is awful that you could have just agreed and come off your insulin. Your card is very cute

Mac Mable said...

Loved reading your post Kate. You should not have had to go through that. As you say what if it had been someone who perhaps could not have dealt with it....Common sense should have been the order of the day and clearly it wasn't x. How could you have suddenly come off insulin???? No sense at all. Love your cute card, the layout is so pretty and the sentiment so perfect x.

Rita said...

Good for you Kate. Some serious mistakes are made at the minute. But on a happier note your card itself tells a tale. Fantastic card too. Hugs Rita xxx

Sue said...

No insulin for a diabetic could have very serious consequences....glad you stood your ground until all was sorted and corrected!!

Kate, love your beautiful flower and the little bees buzzing around it. Very pretty card.


rachel said...

Gorgeous card Kate. Lovely bees. So sorry to read your story but so glad you question everything...these people! Makes me wonder if you would have been sorted so quickly if you hadn't mentioned a formal complaint? Xx

Anne said...

Very sweet card Kate, I love to see bees :)
What a palava with the Dr, good job you finally got someone sensible to sort it out but as you say it could easily happen to someone who didn't feel able to stand up to them
Have a good day, it's breezy here so all my bedding is on the line - it makes me happy to see it clean and blowing!!
Anne x

Jennifer Johnston said...

I love this card Kate, the colours are so delicate, makes
me feel relaxed just looking at it. So pleased the insulin
situation has been solved, just goes to show we should all check
everything these days. Anyway, all's well that ends well. Take
care of yourself lovely lady.
Hugs Jennifer xx.

Margarets designer cards said...

All I can say NHS at its best, hopefully you are beginning to feel better, I know I am a diabetic and they don’t seem to understand some tablets put my sugar up so they gave me an extra tablet which sent it down down down, when I stopped taking these tablets.
Anyway I love your card, it’s bee lovely
Take care
Sorry it’s a late comment

Diane said...

Wow Kate, glad you were able to straighten out your insulin issue, I never enjoy having to speak to medical staff as they always have an attitude. Love the fun bee card design.

Hugs Diane

Pat said...

More bees and these are really pretty too Kate and ove the ferns and flowers with them and your story is so worrying that things can go so badly wrong in this day and age, and like you I don't treat the doctor as invincible, and would stand my ground if I thought I needed to. I'm so pleased you managed to get it put right quickly as this could have been extremely serious for you. x

MaryH said...

Delightful card with this bright little bee buzzing around these pretty ferns. If it helps, we deal with the same kind of issues where the medical staff don't seem to be very careful about this kind of thing. I take metformin. Learning from past mistakes, I always ask our dr to give me hard copies of the rx, don't fax to the insurance. Even if they just digitally send the rx locally, things seem to go amiss. Well, my dosage was upped from one in the am, to another in the pm, and I'd just gotten my 3 months supply. No prob, said the dr, here's a new RX, and when you run out, get this new one for 2 per day filled. Take it to where I get the med locally, they keep it on file. Unbeknownst to me, the dr's office had faxed this to our medical insurance folks, they filled it, mailed out the meds at the new dosage rate. However, I did NOT know it had been mailed, so never realized it didn't arrive with the other meds I had sent in the hard copies for. Fast forward, I go to the local place to get the new rx, and was told it had been previously filled, and I could not get any more pills until about 2 months later. WHAT? Many phone calls later, and missing my pill for over a week, I got it straightened out, and was sent a new supply. Not charged, BUT it goes against the total amount that my insurance company covers for the year. SO I will be paying full price for the rest of the year. It does indeed send the B/Pressure into orbit...and I always seem to get someone with a heavy accent on the phone, I have a hearing loss, so there's that to contend with as well! I guess it happens to all of us, but it is so upsetting. Glad you got it straightened out eventually, and I'm glad you are sending a letter of complaint. It would have been very serious for you, with the insulin. Hugs & TFS.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Smashing little card. Love the little bees.
I did mean to ask the other day what the outcome of the head honcho's investigation was.......if any?
Ang x