Friday, 25 September 2015

A Twofer for Friday Oldie!

Hello One and All, gosh Friday again, where has the week gone???? they come around so quickly don't they.

Thank you all so much for you lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate all the time you lovely people take to visit and comment on my little efforts.

Teallach and I have had a lovely peaceful time whilst Alistair has been away, but all chaos reigned this morning when Alistair was trying to fix the shower switch, which became a bit dodgy just as he was going away. I've been having to have baths and getting in and out is no mean feet I can tell you, I'm not built for baths now a days, and having to wash my hair using a jug is a right pain in the back having to lean over the bath.  Nothing is ever simple to fix in this house when things go wrong, I swear it's been gerry built.  Anyway, my handyman has managed it, so looking forward to my next shower.  Alistair gets himself into quite a tizz when there is maintenance to do in the house, he hates having to do things, but won't call in a tradesman.  He really should just live in a tent.

Anyway, it's time for an "Oldie" and here is mine, in fact I've two, but one is Damian's;
Now for the life of me I can't remember much about this card, the poppy might be from a LC stamp. 
Damian made this lovely clock when he was in school, a long time ago now, must be about 30 years, anyway, the time mechanism has been broken for years, but I happened to notice them in Hobby Craft the other week so bought one and fitted it together and I've once again got my lovey clock working.  I've always loved it and think he made such a super job of it. I have it in  the kitchen.

So why not join Erika of Snappy Crafts and the few of use who share projects made in days gone by, it's just for fun, but it's good to see how our crafting has changed over time.

We're heading into the weekend, I hope you have some nice plans for it, don't know what we are doing, but you know sometimes it's good just to do nothing much.  Alistair is away again next week on the Traditional Autumn Canoe Trip, so peace and quiet once again.

Cheerio for now and keep well,


Sandy said...

Glad you can take a shower again Kate -- sounds to me like Alistair would love to live in a tent and be able to hike everyday!
I don't blame for loving that clock - it is a beauty and made with lots of love!
Sandy xx

Erika said...

Hi Kate, I love the flower on your card, it's beautiful.
The clock is stunning, glad to hear you got it back working so that you can enjoy it.
Thanks for joining me sharing an oldie today, have a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

Marlene Atkinson said...

A gorgeous card kate, the flower is gorgeous and design. The Clock is gorgeous, you must be very proud of your Son. Marlene

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
oh my it's really horrible being without your shower.
I used to experience this when visiting my sister, as she had shower that broke down.
Sitting in a bath has been a no,no for me for many years.
So I used to stand in the bath and wash myself.
So I really know how you felt.
When I used to get home I used to think oh thank goodness.
Luckily she has a new bathroom and shower nowadays.
My DH is a wizz at most DIY so I am very lucky, and it saves us money too.

Your Oldie today is wonderful, and I love the super blue flowers they are so gorgeous.
Great design as always.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Lorraine said...

A gorgeous card, love the pretty flower stamp.
The clock is beautiful.
Lorraine x

Patricia said...

Hello Kate,
Love your card, create colours and design.
I really like the clock and good for you managing to fix it.
The bath in our house is never used. John does not have the strength in his arms to pull/push himself out.
Me!! I find sitting in a bath a total waste of time. I have a shower and use the time I would have wasted for other things.
Enjoy your freedom again next week.
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Smashing card. The florals are lovely. What an amazing clock. Your Damien is quite the craftsman. Its great that you have managed to repair it.
I like a shower for speed but sometimes you cant beat a bit of a soak with a good book or magazine........see, I can multi task in the bath too lol!
Have a great weekend.
Ang x

Jo said...

Oh, I do love a nice long soak in the bath although it's a bit of a rarity nowadays as I do a shower it is. Your card is lovely...those flowers are just beautiful....and gorgeous colours too. Fabulous must be so happy to have it working again.
hugs Jo x

rachel said...

glad you got your shower fixed. lovely oldies - brilliant! Hope you have a good weekend! Hugs rachel x

pam said...

Beautiful oldie Kate, lovely flowers.
Sorry I love my bath! DH likes hie shower though..
Hugs Pam x

Anet's Crafting said...

Hallo Kate,your card is beautiful and elegant, love the pretty papers. So glad to hear that your shower is sorted out. The clock Damian made is just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs Anet x

meg said...

Wonderful card Kate the colour combo is beautiful, Damian's clock is also a masterpiece. Like your hubby mine hates calling in tradesmen and will have a go at almost anything, it just means a much longer wait to have the item back in working order. Have a great weekend we're away to Glasgow for the day with Scotrails introductory £10 return for the over 50 club.

downrightcrafty said...

this is beautiful
hugs Kate xx

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful clock Kate and love your stunning card. Take

cotnob said...

Such a pretty card Kate, lovely colours. Your clock is fabulous, it must be really nice to have it working again.

Sue said...

Pretty card, love the green and browns. Good job on fixing that lovely clock so you can use it again. It is beautiful.