Tuesday, 27 August 2019


Hello Everyone, I hope all is well with you, and you've been enjoying the lovely weather that we've been having.
 Sorry to have been missing this last week but I've been without the internet, and learning just how dependant one is on it nowadays. It went down last Tuesday and only got it up and running yesterday.  Now as if it wasn't inconvenient enough, but the load of nonsense I was given by the various people at the Post Office broadband office was just amazing. I'll not bore you with  it all but I'm furious at the very poor service. Sitting in waiting for engineers to come, then to find out that, that was cancelled as he wasn't needed was the last straw. i didn't miss the chap I was speaking to and hit the wall,I was shouting so much my neighbour who was outside sitting in the garden, popped his head in the window to see if I was okay....I'd forgotten that the window was open. If I hadn't phoned yesterday, I would have been siting in waiting for the engineer again today. No one has been able to give me a satisfactory answer as to why I've been without the service for a week. I did demand some compensation. so £20 was offered of my next bill, however that doesn't make up for all the time I spent on the phone either talking to someone or hanging on the other end of the phone waiting to speak to someone......"your call is important to us" kind of thing, aye right! Not to mention, trying to find a screwdriver to take the facing off the junction box, changing micro filters, moving the router  and all sorts of other things that were going to magically fix the problem. Well, thankfully it's back on. Alistair, as usual was attempting to be helpful, by stating that when I'm gone, he's going to rip the whole caboodle out, he couldn't be bothered with it, he does make me laugh!!.

Right then, thank you for the lovely comments left on my last post, and sorry I've not been able to comment  back,  I do appreciated all your comments.

My card today is Oakwart, a Hobgoblin from Pink Ink,
   I'm loving these fantasy images from this company, and they are big stamps. I've coloured Oakwart with coloured pencils on mixed media paper, and added sparkle and glossy accents with a few gems to finish. I've not got a clue who I can send this to, so it will remain in my box till I can think of someone.

It's becoming very dull and I think it's going to rain, I believe that thunder is forecast, anyway I'll away now sort out what's for dinner, take care and see you soon,


dutchess said...

What a fabulous image Kate and it looks like you have had lots of fun colouring....
Oh how I empathise with you over the internet companies...ours went down last week and it was suggested to me that someone would come in 2 weeks time...really...shouting really does work doesn’t it....xxxx

scrAPpamondo said...

So sorry for your internet problems, Kate! Hope that now you could relax, as all seems fixed.
Your card is stunning, such amazing fantasy stamp and how lovely you have coloured it!! The sentiment popping out is a perfect detail! Love this work so much!

meg said...

your card and tale of woe made me smile Kate, he looks a real character, no internet problems at the moment fingers crossed, but I was expecting a letter last Thursday having paid Royal Mail an excess postage charge and been in receipt of an e-mail stating it would be delivered then, the postie came with 3 parcels but no letter when I enquired why, I was told they were too busy and the local manager had decided not to deliver anything but parcels.

Marlene Atkinson said...

Sorry to read about your internet problems, I think we come to depend on them and when they do, it's like loosing an arm. Your card is gorgeous, love the Hopgoblin image. Marlene

Daffodil Cards said...

I can see why you were going up the wall, just shows how much we depend on it for our day to day lives. My hubby is like yours, "what do you find to do all the time on it?" LOL He threatens to throw the computer out of the window - IF we lived in a house not a bungalow LOL
I LOVE your goblin card Kate, wonderful colouring. I'm sure most people would like it in the post.

Hope your thunderstorms didn't arrive, we had a smattering of rain this morning and beautiful from then on.
Faith x

Mrs A. said...

Sorry to hear about your internet. We had 4yrs of interrupted service until they finally identified the problem. Hiope your sorted now.
Oh my goodness . This goblin is the bees knees. Just going to have to get him for myself. Love your gorgeous colouring. I can’t seem to get on with pencils. Hugs Mrs A.

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous card, perhaps he us the hobgoblin in your internet Kate, he looks a bit mischievious xxx

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, Kate, a week without internet!! I don't know what I'd do. I can totally imagine how frustrating it had to be for you. I'm so glad you got it back!! Your card is absolutely adorable!! That hobgoblin is too cute!! I love how you colored him!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Rita said...

Hello my friend. You make me laugh, I know it wasn't funny, but thought of you shouting and reeling off I just can't imagine. Glad you have everything sorted out now. Love your latest card, those stamps look amazing. Just think this time next week I'll be up at yours. Getting excited now. Hugs Rita xx

vintagerose said...

Hi Kate oh i am so sorry that you had to go through this ,its not fun dealing with these people,but i am so glad you have the internet back on now.
I love your card ,its so detailed ,i love looking at it and finding the different things on there,well done my friend xx

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Kate, was wondering where you were but glad it was only the internet and not health. We do rely on our 'hobby' nowadays, particularly as we are getting older what else is there to do??
Love this card, the image is so cute and coloured perfectly...love how you made this card..hugs.xx

Birgit said...

Nothing is more infuriating than when the internet or TV goes down and you have to deal with the companies. I do love this card and that stamp! The image is wonderfully coloured and love the extra touches

vintagerose said...
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Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super stamp for your card Kate, I love anything fantasy themed and he is gorgeous and beautifully coloured using your pencils.
Sorry to hear about your frustrations regarding your internet service, but glad to hear that you are sorted now.

Karen Dunbrook said...

wow...such an amazing image, you did so well with colouring it all.
Good luck with your calls, it takes so much time.
x Karen

cotnob said...

A super card Kate, such a fun image and great colouring.
Sorry to hear about your internet problems, we are with Virgin and I have to say we have very few problems but when we do they almost expect you to fix it yourself - thank goodness hubby has retired now and is home to sort it when necessary.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Margarets designer cards said...

Fabulous card and I love the image

Mac Mable said...

What a fabulous fantasy image and what a unique and marvellous card x. Sorry to hear about your internet problems Kate x

Anne said...

This is fabulous Kate, I'm loving the Pink Ink designs at the moment Cathy is an amazing artist.

Sorry you've had all that inconvenience, it's scary when you realise you how reliant we are on technology these days and you always seem to be banging your head against a brick wall dealing with these companies :(

Anne x

Lorraine said...

A gorgeous card Kate. The goblin looks fab.
Sorry to hear you've had so many problems with your internet. Hope everything runs smoothly now.
Lorraine x

Pat said...

Sorry you have had such a frustrating time this last week Kate, but thankfully full service has been resumed. I love Oakwart and you have coloured him beautifully. I personally don't have anyone to send to who would appreciate this type of image but it is so detailed and a fun image to colour. I love the sentiment too. x

Karen said...

Kate this is just stunning! I will have to look out these images when I have the money as I love your Hobgoblin!
We've had the same sort of run around with our insurance company because of the leak we had. They coughed up some compensation for mucking us around but would not fix the issues we had. Needless to say we'll be moving the policy as soon as we can as I'm not impressed in the least.

One thing I can recommend is Plusnet - we've been having issues with our router and they have been more than helpful and are actually sending us a new one, no charge. Reasonable prices too huni, if that helps.

These companies are so eager to take our money but not so eager to fix their problems or issues, blooming annoying it is. I can't imagine you getting annoyed with anyone though so they must have really ticked you off. Hope it's all sorted now xx

Sue said...

I LOVE this stamp, how fun to color up and what a great job you did with that. I think anyone would enjoy getting this card, so much to look at and enjoy.


Anet's Crafting said...

Beautiful card Kate, love your colouring. Hugs Anet