Monday, 17 November 2014

White Winter!

Hello Everybody, I hope all is well with you all.
Well it's been another dark day, just like a day in November really!!  I've had a lamp on most of the day. I don't mind cosy dark nights but I hate it to be dark during the day.

Well I got nowhere with the curtains, didn't have my size in shop or online, and it was just as well that I measured as I was out with my drop. When we first move in  here I has a notebook with measurements, and notes about info I would need to replace items when the time came, can I find it? not on your life.  Anyway, then I decided to try Next, found a pair that I thought  would be good, out of stock again and not sure if they will be in again.  Guess I'm not buying new curtains any time soon.

Alistair came home after a few days cleaning and gutting Jim's house and really upset by the state Jim was living in. He is just not managing to keep up with house cleaning. I feel so sorry for Jim as this is a new state of affairs for him, but he has put on a lot of weight so getting around isn't easy, but he also seems to have given up a bit on things From what Hubby describes, sounds as if Jim is in a depression and completely overwhelmed by the state of the house.  He is also not good with authority and asking for help, he does have a social worker, but believes he is useless and doesn't do anything for him. Which is not actually true. Poor Jim is his own worst enemy really.  Alistair has spent a bit of time writing to Jim's daughter to inform her of her Dad's condition in the hope that she will support him and advocate for him.  She lives near him, we will support her, but are too far away to be putting in frequent appearances.  Poor Alistair is exhausted but quite worried about his brother, but I'm sure between us all we can sort it out.  This getting old and vulnerable is no good.

Enough of family troubles. I've finally managed to have a play with some of my new stash;
I've made this card with an Imagination Crafts Stencil and Sparkle Medium in Silver.
Black and Silver card, the snowy effect is on my photo editing program, but I'm thinking that it's made the photo a bit blurry.

This is my first time using a stencil and the sparkle medium, and I think I need a bit more practise. I think I will buy some of the card that is advised for the sparkle medium, as I used Cor'dination card and it bevelled a bit.
Anyway I hope you like it.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last card, I do appreciate them.
See you soon, take care of yourselves,


Carol said...

This looks lovely Kate, it's a gorgeous stencil. Carol x

Pop's Cards said...

Gorgeous sweetie, just gorgeous :0)) huggles Pops x x x

Rita said...

What a gorgeous card Kate. I have not used my glitter paste for two years, I better check it. Sorry to here about Jim, it's so sad when these things happen in the family. Take Care of each other. Hugs Rita xxx

Patricia said...

Good evening Kate,
A beautiful card considering it's the first one you have made with your stencil and Sparkle Paste. I really like the effect.
I do hope it all goes well, nothing worse than getting old and not coping. Hopefully Alistair will get through to the daughter to get help for her Dad.

Patricia xxx

pam said...

Beautiful card Kate, love your stencil and sparkly paste..
Sorry you have family troubles, it`s such a worry..

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Shame about your curtains chuck. They were not meant to be.
Super card. You wouldn't believe its your first bash at this. They do some lovely demos on the Imagination Crafts stall.
Best wishes.
Ang x

MaryH said...

Kate, Your family situation sounds like what a lot of us have to go through with relatives (and perhaps with ourselves one day!) I too find, that I'm just not as interested in keeping things as pristine as I once felt necessary. I understand what you're saying though. One still must maintain things so as to not be a health hazard! I hope your family can get it sorted. The depression sounds like you've got the situation analyzed for what it may be. Your card is lovely. This Sparkle medium I'm reading about on some UK blogs is new to me. Is it similar to the embossing paste? Perhaps with just glitter in it? It turned out so pretty the way you've done this card. Wouldn't have known it was your first effort. Will be interested in hearing about what different paper you think will work better for you. Always good to know new resources to have fun with. Hope your Tuesday will be a brighter day with no electric lighting necessary. I hate dark gloomy days too. TFS & Hugs

Sue said...

This is gorgeous Kate, the sparkle looks wonderful.
Sorry to hear about Jim, it must be of a worry to you both. I hope his daughter will be able to help out.
hugs Sue xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh dear what a worry, hope things get sorted. Gorgeous card x

Creations by Shirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous, love the christmas scene!

Marie-Louise said...

Great work with the sparkle medium Kate. My first ( and only) attempt went straight into the bin.

rachel said...

I adore this stencil Kate and I think your card looks fabulous! I tend to use 300gsm card for most things and haven't had the problems you mentioned!I hope you manage to get Alistairs brothers problems sorted out. Big hugs rachel x

Hazel said...

Kate , not good about Alistair's brother, such a worry. Hopefully the daughter will get things sorted. Love your card, I haven't got a clue what the sparkle medium is, but it looks good on your card. That's a pity about your curtains, have you tried Dunelm? Hazel x

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, This whole thing of getting older is not funny, I went through a very hard time with the last few years of my Mum's life, not the same person at all.
Card making was my escape then, and a way of letting her still craft, since she had been my teacher for so much.
Love your card, never tried this type yet.
Janice W

Anet's Crafting said...

Hallo Kate, your card is gorgeous. Well done. I love the pretty stencil scenery and the sparkle. Hugs Anet x

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Kate, love this...Real winner of a card and most gorgeous creation and colours..sorry if I miss any of your creations, my hours with my dad are getting longer, today I am trying to have a rest before I go up later this afternoon..
aNNie xx

The Journey is the Start

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

I'm back in blogland and hopefully normal services will resume, once I recover lol! Lovely card Kate, love the stencil and sparkle. Its so sad getting old, especially when you don't cope as well. I have my Aunt who is 92 and I do her cleaning once a week to help her as she is so arthritic and can barely walk. Her Daughter comes every third week to do the cleaning as she lives away. I hope Jim's daughter is able to help although if she lives nearby you would think she would be aware of the situation already. Susan xx

Peanut said...

Growing old is never easy. We don't have any kids to depend on... it's scary to think what will happen in the future. I hope Jim gets the help he needs. Anyways, your card is gorgeous.... love the sparkle and glitter. Well done, Kate.
hugs, Asha

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A beautiful card Kate, gorgeous stencil image. Sorry to hear about your family worries, hope they sort themselves out soon.

Diane said...

Fabulous stencil design Kate with the sparkle medium. I love glittery card designs. Sorry to hear about Jim I hope things improve for him.

Hugs diane

Erika said...

Kate a lovely card with your stencil and sparkle medium just perfect for Christmas.
Shame about your husbands brother, hope you manage to get something sorted.

Happy crafting in the dark! Dark here too.

Hugs Erika. x

Christine Harrop said...

Love what you have done with your stencil Kate. It looks great. It's just as well we don't know what lies ahead of us!! I hope Alistair's niece gets herself organised and helps her dad. Hugs Christine xx

cotnob said...

This is a wonderful Christmas card, such a lovely sparkly scene.

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
what a superb Christmas card.
I love the fab designing of this fab creation.
Yes you are right this getting old is not nice when you can't even do things around the house.
Hope all resolves itself soon.
Nothing worse than worrying about a relative that lives away from you.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous card! So pretty and Christmassy :-)
Lucy x

Sue said...

I love your card, Kate. The silver and black combo is perfect for this forest scene you have created. Such a pretty card for the holidays too.


meg said...

Beautiful card Kate the scene you have created is so reminiscent of a winter's night just love it

Sandy said...

Like your card? I love it - quite smashing.
I stay overwhelmed with how far I seem to stay behind. Every time I think I have a chance of catching up, then whamo, everything seems to be in a mess again. I spent the day working on a Christmas project but everything I touched ended up in the trash, oh woe is me.
So good of Alistair to help with his brother. Sounds like Jim is overwhelmed. Hope things get straightened out for him soon.
My best to you and your family Kate.
Sandy xx