Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alistair's Waistcoat!

Good Evening Blogging Friends,  I hope your day has been good.
  Mine has been mixed, do you ever have days when most things go wrong plus you can't settle to do anything constructive?  This is how I was today.  It started off with me phoning the garage to find out the status of our car.  Now this is something I have left to Alistair as it is really his car and I know nothing about them in any case.  However, I decided to to tackle it as I felt that Alistair doesn't ask the right questions and ends up getting angry and shouting at the person on the other end.  So, eventually I got through to the correct person and was told that he is very sorry that we have had a wait( it's been a month now), but the wrong parts keep arriving from Nissan, but he was sure that the part need would be with him today and that as the car was up on the ramp they were ready to go and that we would have the car back today.  Alistair's comment when I got off the phone was "don't hold your breath".  Well we duly got a call to say it was bad news, they had fitted the part and the ABS light was still coming on. So another part has been ordered, they think it is a magnetic bearing that's the problem now, but the mechanic feels confident that car and owners will be reuninted tomorrow. Honestly your at their mercy.  however, I kept my cool and asked politely that if indeed the car is road worthy tomorrow could they possibly bring it to us rather than us trying to find a way to their out of the way workshop.  No problem, they replied.  Alistair couldn't believe I'd requested that, said he would never have thought about it.  So, the saga goes on.  Goodness knows if we will have the car back for the weekend, but the longer it's away the more my confidence is disappearing about driving again, so fingers crossed.

What a ramble that was, no doubt I've bored you all to death.  Thank you all for the great comments left on my last post, and for taking the time to stop and peek in. I've enjoyed browsing around your blogs and seeing what you have all been doing, some great projects out there.

I don't have a card tonight, but something a bit different, it's Alistair's Waistcoat.  I finished it just before Christmas for him as he wanted something bright and colourful to wear when he's fiddling, put your dark glasses on here it is;
It's a Vintage pattern from the 40's, and men back then must have been a lot slimmer, it only just fits him.  There was only one size and i'm not good at adapting patterns.  I guess that knitters back then were much better at doing that sort of thing.  Anyway, I've used one of my favorite brands of yarn, Noro which is Japanese and it is so wonderful to knit with, albeit pretty expensive.  The back of the garment is done in a self colour 4ply.  Alistair loves it and says wearing makes his playing so much better, well..........maybe.
Thats all for tonight,  Kate x


Patricia said...

Good Evening Kate, WOW! I just love the waistcoat. If I am every up your way I am sure I will be able to spot Alistair!!!!!
I tell you wearing it would brighten up any ones day, just my kind of thing.

Hope you get your car back soon, John Jnr & DIL are having the same sort of problem with their car. 6 weeks they have been waiting for a replacement Fuel Tank.
Getting back behind the wheel is what you need sooner rather than later.

Patricia x

pam said...

hi Kate, fabulous waistcoat, hope you get things sorted soon

Wendy Fraser said...

Wow, that's gorgeous, no wonder he loves it. Are you going to the demo on Saturday? I'll hopefully be there in the afternoon xx

Hazel said...

Kate, Alistair's waistcoat is just fab, he will brighten up the hold of the place he is playing at, As for your car and driving again, you will have to think positively you can do it. These garages are all the same I some times think because the bill will be paid by the insurance company they just keep finding more and more wrong. A bit like vets as soon as they know you have pet insurance the bill goes up. Take care taking those decks down. Hazel

Chare Gaskell said...

In terms of the actual hat's quality it is absolutely great. It puts my other Cheap Waistcoats to shame with the exception of jackets.