Thursday, 11 October 2012

No rain today?

Good Morning All, Just a quick post before I go off to get ready for work to say I had a really good sleep and feel much better today.  It seems to be yet another lovely morning even although heavy rain is forcast, lets hope the weather people got it wrong.  I'm on a countdown till my holiday which will begin at 4.30 on Saturday for two weeks and boy am I needing it. I started a little craft group at work, work is a drop in centre for people with mental health issues, and I am just so delighted to discover that so many of my clients are really talented crafters.  I've introduced card making which none of them have done before and it's taken off like wildfire.  So some weeks its bring your own craft whatever it is and other times I prepare materials and have a card workshop.  I'ts a lot of work on my part as it is'nt easy to get time to prep, we are such a small team and were are all attempting to provide projects for clients at the same time keep the drop in running on  a daily basis.  Oh for the want of funding!!!! Anyway, it's fun and as I'm a firm advocate that crafting is emmensly theraputic and the folk get so much from it, I go the extra mile.  So this week it's bring your own, but there is always someone who wants to be shown how to stamp or colour. anyway here is a card made as an example for one of our groups
I later decided to add the Across the Miles and be able to use it myself to send to friends.
So that is me for today.  Hope everyone has a lovely day whatever you do,

Kate x


Erika said...

Super card Kate. I too have worked in this field of crafting and found it most rewarding. I did a class of 30 recently (with helpers on each table) and we all had a great time. It doesn't matter what age or disability crafting can been done by all and it is a great social event.
Hugs Erika.

Marie-Louise said...

Marvellous card Kate.

Patricia said...

Kate, that is just beautiful.
Patricia x

scottish crafter said...

Well Kate this card is delightful, I bet your clients enjoy having you teach them or just give a helping hand. Guess your work is rewarding but very tiring even so your holiday will be something you will be looking forward to.

It's now raining in Fife.

Wilma x x

pam said...

gogeous card Kate, fabulous image.

Debbie Vidler said...

Kate what a wonderful card and couldn't agree with you more about how therapeutic card making or being creative can be am sure they all love the opportunity to express themselves unfortunately in Aylesbury it has rained heavily all day and didnt even start with any sunshine :(