Friday, 24 November 2017

The Snowman!

Hello to You All, are you keeping warm and cosy??  We are cold here, with snow yesterday, but it didn't stay of long, except on the hills where it can stay.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate the time out take to visit my wee blog.

Yesterday, we went to see if we could buy each others Christmas prezzie as we wanted particular things, me.. slippers, oh yes I'm getting old when slippers become really important and they had to have a good sole to be able to go to the washing line and dustbins etc. The fact that I have small feet and the shops in Inverness don't often keep size 3 I thought it was better to seek them out early. Alistair was successful in spending his money and the said slippers are put away until the big day. Next  it was Hubby's turn, he wanted particular trousers for wearing in the mountains, so off we went to a mountaineer shop.  What a price!! well, he does need good equipment and I don't grudge him, but oh my I wasn't prepared for it. However, what an amusing time it was. There wasn't too many to choose from, and sizes seem to be limited, but I advised he take a few pairs of different sizes to the fitting room to try, especially as he said he was a 34 waist,  well one pair were okay in the waist but a shade too long, tried another make and they were too tight in the waist, but not too bad in length. I was back and forth looking for other makes and sizes, honestly he wouldn't have spent so much time if he was having a bespoke tailored suit  fitted.  Anyway,  we were gradually narrowing the trousers down, but he spied another pair that looked like the length would be good, but they were a 32, oh they'll fit fine he says, and off he goes to try them on. I gave him a few minutes and went to see how he was getting on.. well laugh, I nearly bought a round, he was stuffed  into them, could hardly breath and looked as if there would have been little movement for sitting or stretching legs. He did eventually acceded that they were no use, I mean it was like me trying to get into a size 12 or 10. In the end he found something and he is pleased, but the sight of him standing there kept me amused all day, and reminds me why I married him....he makes me laugh.
So trousers are away till Christmas, although I bet he is wishing he had them on today as he is away for a low hill walk.  

Right, here is today's card;
This is for my friend Fiona who loves all things Snowman. It's a small card as I had difficulty finding a larger image to cut out, I've added snow and glitter to him but it doesn't show,
The inside has images from the Snowman. Fiona did say she wanted her card this year to be in the shape of the Snowman, so hope she likes it.

Now, tomorrow is our Choral concert, all of a sudden it's upon us, so tomorrow will be a long day with rehearsal during the day and the evening performance and it's the first time that choir, soloists and orchestra come together.  Our weekly rehearsals are accompanied by a piano, so it's always exciting to hear the actual orchestration of the pieces we are doing. Here is what we are singing;
This is a rather lovely painting for our programme, it's along the side of the River Ness, and I worked in a little cottage near the furthest away church, although not good memories of that.

Well, rather a long rambling post, but I'm signing off now and getting the ironing board out.
Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are and I'll see you soon, take care everyone,


dutchess said...

A lovely shaped card for your friend Kate...she is going to love that’s a classic.....we are forecast for snow tonight so I hope like you it’s only on the high ground ....enjoy the concert xxxx

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous card Kate, I love the Snowman, xxx

brenda said...

This is just adorable Kate, both young and old would appreciate this one.

B x

Anne said...

Beautiful card Kate, the snowman has certainly stood the test of time hasn't it.
Sounds like your shopping trip was fun! I'm a 3 too and everyone always says how lucky I must be and gets lots of bargains in the sales - couldn't be further from the truth. I got my Mum some beautiful sheepskin slippers last Christmas and I'd have loved some but they only started at a 4, very annoying!
Have a great weekend
Anne x

Marlene Atkinson said...

This is adorable, I love the Snowman, a great film that has lasted a long time. Marlene

Valerija said...

This is really wonderful!
Valerija xx

scrAPpamondo said...

Lovely shaped snowman, just perfect for a card!! Surely your friend Fiona will love it!

Lorraine said...

A brilliant card, fab shape and of course a gorgeous snowman
Lorraine x

meg said...

Beautiful snowman card Kate, your friend is sure to love it, snow lying here, really cold too. Megxx

cotnob said...

It sounds like you had a very productive and fun day shopping Kate, it's good to be able to laugh at each other.
Your card is fabulous, such a brilliant design - I'm sure your friend will treasure her card.
I hope our concert goes well and you have an enjoyable day.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
oh how our Men folk make us laugh I have had similar times with my hubby when trying on items luckily it was at home as I think my old age isn't good for my bladder in these such cases.
Lovely card I just love the Snowman and your is brilliant.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Jennifer Johnston said...

Love your snowman card Kate, your friend will just love it! The inside is brilliant too. I really enjoyed reading about your shopping expedition, so funny lol! sorry but the thought of Alistair squashed into a size too small, made me giggle, I could just picture the scene, I do hope you enjoy your concert. We have had hailstones and snow today and it has been very cold. Stay warm and snug Kate.
Hugs Jennifer xx.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
What is it with fellas trying to get into something that cuts off the circulation? Had the same with Mr D last year with some Wrangler jeans.
Love your snowman and I bet you wouldn't mind getting one of these for your mantelpiece.
Hope your neck is better and you're all set for the concert.
Wish I could be there.
Best wishes.
Ang x

Mia said...

Beautiful card, Kate. I love snowmen!
Have a great time tomorrow!
And there is an award for you, my friend, on my blog!

aussie aNNie said...

Cutie of a snowman Kate, afraid he would melt in a second here especially today, so hot.xx[aNNie]🎄

Flo Langley said...

What a fabulous post Kate. I have missed reading them over the last couple of weeks. I always feel as if I am with you when I read them. I now have images of Alister trying to get into those trousers!!! :) Sounds like you both had a lot of fun buying your presents. The program looks so pretty. Lovely winter scene. Hope all goes well at the concert. Enjoy! Fantastic card. Love the snowman.
Hugs Flo xx

Mrs A. said...

Hope the show goes well today. . I smiled at your account of all the trousers being tried on. Glad to hear that Alistair got sorted in the end. That is a super snowman shape card. Hugs Mrs A.

downrightcrafty said...

adorable card love it
hugs Kate x

Pat said...

I love your snowman card Kate and your friend is bound to adore it, and I love the images on the inside too. I laughed about your tale of hubby and the trousers. My husband is similar and would be useless shopping for any clothes on his own. His colour sense is not great either, but better than it used to I hope your concert is a great success this evening. I have sung that Mozart Mass too, but quite a few years ago now and really enjoyed doing it. We are doing Britten's Ceremony of Carols combined with other carols from the two books we use this year, and I am doing the Soprano solo in the Britten which I hope will go well. Our concert isn't until the 9th Dec so a little more practice time yet thank goodness. x

Linda Simpson said...

I got hubby's presents yesterday too. I too have trouble finding slippers in size 3. Glad to hear you are both now sorted. A gorgeous card Kate, love the inside too.
Linda xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sorry I am late been so busy with fairs. I love your posts, this one really made me smile. I love my cosy slippers but have don’t wear them outside. The trouser episode was funny. I persuaded Graham to try on a pair of skinny jeans in America, he hated them. Your card is gorgeous, loving the fussy cut snowman, one of my faves. Hope the concert gies well, the picture is beautiful.

DIMI said...

Hello Kate !
Glad to meet you through Mia,s blog!
Beautiful card!And your snowman is so cute!!
I’m sure your friend will be pleased!
Hope you will visit me too!
Have a lovely weekend!
(Aussie Dimi Decoupage)

Zoe Tant said...

I love the Snowman and love your card too! Zoe x

Cara said...

Fabulous card, I'm sure your friend will adore it. I hope the concert went well. Ahh men and their beliefs, hubby is just the same. Have a great week x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Wow fantastic, fun and beautiful snowman card! Love it :) Take good care and stay warm, xx

Sandy said...

It is a bright and sunny afternoon here in Northern Florida and for us Southerns we think it is a bit on the chilly side but Kate you would laugh at us.
Love your snowman - we have the DVD and I loved playing it for the kids - the music on it is so relaxing with wonderful snowman images floating with the music.
How smart of you to Christmas shop together and getting something you really want and need. Sounds like you had a good time!
It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by and you have another concert. So glad it went well - I have the CD you sent me and will have to get it out and play it throughout this season.
Art leaves the 28th of this month to go see his children and grandchildren. They live clear across the United States in Arizona. He will be gone a week and gives us each some time away from each other although we get along splendidly. I stay here and man the fort and take care of the cats.
As you know, I love reading your posts -- Boy you do have small feet. I do know that European sizes are different from American sizes.
Don't know when I will post again - right now I am learning how to work with colored pencils. To do it right takes some skill but I do enjoy doing it and have several adult coloring books.
Although I do not follow many people right now - I so enjoy your blog and love your stories and language!
sandy xx

Mac Mable said...

Enjoyed reading your post Kate....I wanted to do it justice, so left it until today to digest it x Fun about the trousers and glad you got the slippers x I suspect you will be tired after your long day x Such a cute card, so personal and so Christmasy x

rachel said...

a brilliant card Kate and what a funny story - you had me chuckling awy too so thankyou for sharing! Big hugs rachel x

Sue said...

Kate, I too love all things snowman, and especially this snowman. Loved the movie and saw it with someone very special years ago, a young friend who was visiting over the holidays, so good memories. Card is such fun, love it, and of course so will your friend. Leave it to a man.....a woman would have taken one size larger in the fitting room, while a guy things he can get into the same pants he wore at a younger age......ugh.......Great story....


Barb said...

What a fantastic snowman card. Finally won't want to put it away after Christmas. I loved reading about your shopping trip. My hubby makes me laugh every day and I think that is so special. I'm with you on the slippers. Not the size though. I'm size 5 but I get two pairs a year and they have to have good soles so I can go out to the bin. Barbxx

Anet van Zyl said...

Love your pretty snowman shape card Kate. Fiona is going to love it. Hugs Anet x