Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Alphabet Birthday Card!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well, but if not sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

I'm now on my laptop, it's good to have it back and working so much better.  However everything had to be wiped off as there were so many viruses, the technician backed up what was important and not much of that, just photos, and some of them for my blogging posts, but I've lost passwords, and for the life of me I can't workout how to get a pinterest button so that I can save to my boards, which I can't find either. I've been on to the help page, but can't make head nor tail of it, I honestly don't know how I did it before, I must have lost some little grey cells since then.
I had to work out how to connect to wireless and install the printer. It's been a pain, but that's technology for you.  If anyone out there can tell me how to sort pinterest I would be so pleased.  I seem to have lost my boards too.
Good job I keep a book with all the various passwords or I'd have been stumped. I have Windows 10 but that needed an important update and now it's all a bit different again, wasn't life so much simpler before all of this kind of stuff!!

Anyway, the card your seeing is Damian's birthday card, his birthday is today, and although he is now 46, it seems like yesterday he arrived.

The dies are Sue Wilson and the design is from the brilliant John Lockwood. When I watched him make this on Hochanda last year I thought what a great design for my son. I bought the Alphabet dies, but didn't have much else. I hadn't realised that he had cut the dies with sticky stuff and could then put the black glitter on the spaces. I did it with a quickie glue pen and let me tell you that was a labour of love, took absolutely ages, saying this Damian liked it saying it was smart!! I used the colours of his favourite football team.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last couple of cards, much appreciated.

Just before I go I thought I'd show you what Rowan got up to yesterday;
I hadn't noticed that whilst she was snuggling into me that she was nibbling away at my cardi, couldn't believe it and the worst thing is that it's cashmere and I loved it.  I bought it a few years ago when I could still afford to when I was still working. I was too stunned I couldn't be angry, so lesson learnt wear old togs when doing the Grandpet sitting. It's a cosy card so I will keep it for wearing around the house.

So that's me for now, take care of yourselves and see you soon,


Barb said...

Hi Kate, glad to hear you're back in action again. Sorry I'm not able to help as I'm always after help myself!

This looks great and is certainly a good idea for a different card. I hope Damian is enjoying his birthday. What a shame about your cashmere jumper. And I bet Rowan was very quiet while she nibbled away! Barbxx

Mac Mable said...

So glad you got your laptop back but yes I agree technology can be a nightmare! Your card is so classy and you can tell it was a labour of love. Neat trick with using the colours of his favourite football team and how you've hi-lighted his name. I shouldn't have laughed but did have a chuckle about Rowan nibbling your favourite jumper until I read it was cashmere! Thank you so much for kindly stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I have so missed crafting! x

Valerija said...

Lovely card Kate.
Have a great day.
Valerija xx

aussie aNNie said...

A big smile re the cardi, how cute in a way. Love your card Kate, it's very different and lovely...xx{aNNie}

meg said...

a great card for a guy Kate, what a job with the glitter I would have done the same and not thought about using asticky backing. Sorry Rowan loved you're cardigan a little too much, like you I would continue wearing it about the house.

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

This is a lovely card Kate. I really like the colours that you've used and the framing looks perfect. Glad you've got your laptop sorted now. If only technology was a simple as crafting!!! Have a lovely day, Sandra x

Wendy L said...

Wonderful card Kate. Dont do technology!!!!! xxxx

Flo Langley said...

Lovely card Kate. Ooops! Rowan having fun! I can't remember how to do the pinterest button either. Do you have to go into the settings in your pinterest account and do something there and then it appears on your tool bar. Sorry, I'm not technically minded at all.
Flo x

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful card Kate, love the design. Oh dear naughty Rowan.
Linda xxx

Sue said...

What a unique card, love it. Makes a nice guy card too.
Oh no, I also have some around the house clothes that look just like that and a cozy coverup on the couch too from when Keeya was a wee pup. They are quick and you don't even know they are doing it.
Glad you are sorted with your computer, they are great when they work!!


Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
Happy Birthday to Damian.
what a lovely card for Damian and you have created it is wonderful.
No wonder he was pleased with it.
So glad you have got your laptop back.
Windows 10 can be a right pain as quite a few things are hidden, and when they update they move things so you can't find them again without routing around.
I would just love my MAc back but penshioners funds just don't stretch to their prices for new ones, and after your Pc is over 5 years old they won't give you new updates which I think is crazy after paying all that money for one.
So sorry to hear about your cardy.
I always wear old clothes when child minding for my Son as he has 2 dogs.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cotnob said...

I'm glad to hear that you have got your PC back Kate, sorry to hear about all of the problems though - fortunately I have a husband and son who are rather clever with technology so they sort things out for me.
A fabulous card, such a brilliant design - perfect for a masculine make.
What a shame about your cardi, it always happens to our favourites doesn't it!
Take care.

Diane said...

You laptop sure sounds like mess Kate, I am glad parts are working now. Love the masculine design. Oh my I sorry your cashmere cardi that Rowan chewed on is ruined. Years ago I had a puppy that took to chewing leather shoes, but only managed to chew one of each of my pairs.

Hugs Diane

rachel said...

a lovely card Kate but yikes - that jumper - oh dear - glad you weren't too cross though! As to the pinterest button - I remember Brenda (floral fantasies) writing about how to do it so maybe if you search her posts from a couple of years ago maybe you'll be able to find it. I am afraid my brain cannot retain such things!!! Big hugs rachel x

pam said...

Fabulous birthday card design for your Son Kate, your poor cardi! does look a mess, bet you could have cried..
Sorry cannot help with Pinterest either.
Hugs Pam x

pam said...

Are these links for Pinterest any help Kate..


Unknown said...

A really fab card for your son!
Oh no! That's such a shame about your lovely cardi! And I'm terrified of computer viruses after getting a couple of scary ones as a teen! Ones that completely took over the pc! One was a caterpillar crawling around the screen eating up all the data! And another one was a big scary devil face!! Terrifying!! One we had another one that was a swirling vortex that slowly got bigger and bigger until you could no longer see anything on the screen! They really were awful and scary!! And I don't think we could recover and memory back then!
Lucy x

Mrs A. said...

Oh dear! Looks like Rowan loved your cardi too.. The alaphbet on your card is a brill idea. Hugs Mrs A.

Sandy said...

I have never owned a cashmere sweater or a cashmere anything for that matter. I am sick and shocked!
Wonderful birthday card. You know what they say " a good deed never goes unpunished"
Sandy xx

Peanut said...

Fab masculine card, Kate! Naughty little Rowan. I know what you mean about being too stunned to be angry. I read somewhere that certain cats are drawn to cashmere. Up the upside (if there is one), Rowan is one classy cat! LOL
hugs Asha

MaryH said...

Beautiful card, Kate, and I can just bet it was a true (but fiddly) labor of love to adhere all these letters. I like the way you've done the colors too. Quite stunning. Such a shame about your lovely cashmere sweater. I doubt I'd have been that forgiving about it either! (but good that you were). Good luck with the laptop woes. I keep most of my pswds written in a small notebook by the computer as well. My Pinterest button disappeared and I can't get it back either, so I'm no help. It's so frustrating when these things change on our equipment and we can't get back to where we were. Happens to all of us I expect. Glad you have your laptop back home though! Hugs & stay warm. TFS

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
I remember seeing John's and this is a super version too. Hope Damien enjoyed his day.
Your poor cardi. Once my tears had dried, Rowan would've been at doggy dentist having teeth removed lol! Don't know anything about Pinterest I'm afraid so hope you get sorted soon.
Ang x