Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Crystal Snowflakes and New Stuff!

November.....EEEEEK!!!! Hello Everyone, gosh where did October go??,  well at least we had beautiful weather. Really frosty this morning though and yesterday rained all day.

Anyway, how are you all, I do hope good, but kind thoughts coming your way if you're not.
I'm recovering after my trip to Glasgow, still a bit tired,as when away from home base my blood sugar get knocked to blazes as I find it difficult to control when eating out, and when my BS is raised I get very tired. 
However, upon saying that, both of us had a lovely time, Alistair with Jim and me at the craft she and meeting up with Rita. It is really so good to meet Blogging Friends, and this time Rita and I spent more time together and could have spent more if time had been possible. I was amazed to learn that we both sang in the same choir many decades ago, although not at the same time...small world. We had a ball spending money, and our first port of call was to the Imagination Crafts stall and as we were first there was able to chat to Sue who owns the company and is a fab designer. I love their products and have to say that's where most of my money was spent. I have photos of my purchases which I will put up.

Our hotel.....well I wouldn't recommend it, we had a tiny room up in the attic, sloping roof which Alistair cracked his on when getting out of bed.  The smallest of toilet and shower space, had to come out of it to dry. And it was four flights up and no lift.  I struggled with the stairs I have to say, I'm not fit and could feel a pain in my chest long before I reach the top floor. I asked for a move but it was full and not possible.
The dining room was in the basement, which was more stairs and so cramped especially when full, an hour an a half allotted time for breakfast, it was noisy, people having to share, two waitresses hurrying around, and then they doubled as chambermaids. Nightmare!!  At least our room was clean.

So enough of all this, just to say it was good to get home, oh and I've done something to my knee, so it's painkillers and Voltarol gel for the moment.
On Sunday, once home I was at a Craft Workshop with a super guy called John Bloodsworth, he is going around the country fund raising for the charity Mind.  He used to be a producer on C&C, it was really a good day, all about the techniques of using the Geliplate.  Now I had been wondering if I was missing something by not having one, but I don't think it will be something I'll rush out and buy although I did enjoy the workshop, and I don't mind getting messy. Always good to learn new things.

Now I do have a card to show;
My first attempt of using Sparkle Medium on acetate, so difficult to photo. I had made this before I went to the show, but had forgotten how to attach the acetate on, another reason for visiting Sue's stall as she was able to put me right. You might be able to see that the acetate is bevelled, but it comes flat for posting. I'm sure my new one will be better as I can see quite a few mistakes.

Now for my new stuff, quite a few piccies;
 Imagination Crafts Globes and owl tee light holder, been wanting them since seeing them demonstrated on Hochanda,
Well one couldn't not buy their wonderful stencils, Starlight Paints and Sparkle Medium, which is the most luscious red colour. Little lights to use with the globes, and the all important spatula.
 A fab Sheena Douglass stamp, Card -io and Sue Wilson stamps, Pebeo black gesso and some lovely little linen canvases, oh yes, I think I'm an artist now..lol, a few sequins and a roll it off, for picking up waste, it's a brilliant tool, I also bought some heatproof acetate.
Now, I just had to have this yarn and pattern, little slipper boots, and they look easy peasy and will make a fab gift, or not as the case might turn out.

So there you are, I don't feel I spent too much, and certainly not something that I might never use, in fact everything there is what I was going for, the yarn is the only thing not planned.
I hope I've not bored you silly, but I know some of you do like to see what is bought at craft shows, I know I do.

Thanks to all who visited and left such kind comments on my last cards, I have tried to catch up a bit with my own commenting, but when you've been away from it for a few days, I find it's just not possible to go back and do everyone, nevertheless I have seen your lovely creations on my reading, list, so please forgive if I haven't commented.

Up early awaiting our new sofa arriving, apparently it could come anytime between 7 and 12 o'clock, so that's the first hour gone.

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing, I'm having a quiet one until I have to go and see Milo, who after I left him yesterday, got into a cupboard and had a go at Moreen's sandals and her Ugg boots, don't know how bad they are, and worse was that he has destroyed a Queen ( Freddy Mercury) book of Damian's which was rare and valuable.  So once again Milo is in the doghouse. I wonder what it will be today.
Thanks for staying with me on this saga today, and see you soon. Oh and the sofa has just arrived, and it's looking good.


Wendy L said...

Wonderful card Kate, sound like you need a peaceful day today, xxx

brenda said...

That little lot is going to keep you well occupies for a day or two Kate, have fun. Love the elegance of your monochromatic card.

B x

Marlene Atkinson said...

A wonderful card, it looks like your going to be busy with all your new crafty bits. Marlene

Pamellia Johnson said...

Beautiful card, love the dark background. So many fabulous goodies, looks like you are all set to start your Christmas crafting! Our weather has been strange again. No frost or snow yet but we did have some pretty cool and windy days, but now today we are back up to 20 degrees! hugs :)

Barb said...

What an interesting post this was Kate. Firs of all I must say how beautiful your card is. I love the effect of glitter paste and it looks gorgeous on the acetate. I enjoy watching Sue on the television and have seen her make the domed acetate cards. It's a very stylish idea. She's obviously a favourite of yours and I have a lot of their stuff too. Some very exciting products.

Well you certainly bought a lot of goodies so have lots of fun using them. I'm sorry to hear that you have damaged your knee. All that walking up and down stairs in the hotel probably didn't help at all. It sounds as if the staff had to work really hard doing waiting and cleaning. Enjoy your new sofa and I hope Milo is better behaved today. What a little monkey. He'll be a grown up in a couple of years though .... It is sad that Damien's book was damaged. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx

Florence said...

Gorgeous card Kate. Fabulous result with the sparkle medium. Sorry to hear about your hotel but it sounds like you both had a fun time despite it. Great craft stash. Something to keep you out of mischief :) Loving the look of those slippers. You must show us a photo when you have made them up.
Take care,
Flo xx

Erika said...

Oh naughty Milo, guess he was fed up on his own, bless. Shame about the Queen book too.
As for your sofa Kate if it's from the same shop as me I'm thinking around 1.15! But then you do live a lot nearer to the shop. :D

Loving all your super new stash, lots of goodies to play with there. I shall look forwards to seeing what you come up with. Those wooden bits are lush and that wool looks super soft and cosy, just perfect for slippers.

A super Christmas card, love how you've added the acetate and the added sparkle behind. Have fun.
I meant to organise for John to come to my group too but unfortunately he was in this when the children were off school and a lot of my ladies had other plans. Still at least you and the girls at Aberdeen got to have fun with him.

Take care and enjoy your day, hope the sofa arrives sooner rather than later.
I always try and book the hotel at the SEC when we go to Glasgow, it is a bit expensive but then we don't do it often and only usually stay the one night.

Hugs Erika. x

meg said...

A wonderful card Kate the colours give it a lot of drama and I love the idea of the acetate front.Shame about all the mischief Milo has been up to we had a pup that ate through the plasterboard and into the adjacent room one day, apart from that he was really good. Sounds like you had a good time in Glasgow, despite the hotels failings, your goodies look great

Hope the blood glucose levels settle down quickly, I'm worried about hubbies he is diet controlled type 2 and isn't good with his diet, he should know better we met whilst doing our nurse training, his review is due and he'll make an appointment when we come back from America I'm willing to bet my last penny his HbA1C will be up.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the show Kate. Lots of gorgeous goodies purchased, whats the point in going if you don't buy plenty of things to play with? :)
You have some pretty stencils there and I can see some more gorgeous cards being created like the one you shared with us today. I've never used acetate as a base for sparkle medium, only card so this looks fab.
Hope your knee soon improves and that Milo has behaved himself today.

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi there, thanks for the visit and the welcome. It looks like you got some fab stuff at the SECC- and I too bought a couple of the Imagination Crafts stencils you got when we went to Happy stampers. Your hotel sounds like a nightmare, I do hope you have your pain under control now. I shall be off to Hobbycrafts at the NEC on Sunday, I'm sure crafting goodies will be following me home! lol. Hugs, Shaz xx

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful card Kate, I love that you had a good time at the SECC and got lots of lovely crafty goodies.
Linda xxx

Sandy said...

Where do I start!!! Those stairs where you stayed would have done me in for sure!!
I am glad you had a good time with Rita at the craft show. Sounds to me like you were a very wise shopper. Concerning the yarn and pattern, you are such a good knitter there will be one lucky recipient! Bad Milo - did no one realize this young dog could get into the cupboard? What a shame about the book.
I hope your knee is doing better - I cannot take pain killers or at least if I do, they put me to sleep!
I don't use my Gelliplate at all and am sorry I bought it!
Your card is quite beautiful and very dramatic - Bravo!
Sandy xx

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Lots of new goodies to play with too.
Love the card in black and white, beautiful. I love making cards with acetate.

Poor Milo, sounds like he was bored, but oh my!


cotnob said...

A beautiful card Kate, a gorgeous design - I have never tried using Sparkle Medium on acetate, it looks fabulous.
It looks like you found lots of super new crafty goodies, I can't wait to see what you create with them.

rachel said...

My word - what a fabulous post Kate - you have been busy! Your buys look fabulous and i can't wait to see what you do with them!!! Sorry about your hotel - sounds a bit tricky! Love your make too - brilliant! Hugs rachel x

pam said...

Sorry about your hotel spoiling your weekend Kate, sound like one we had, up in the gods! was awful!!!
Love your stunning card, so many lovely craft goodies you have to play with.
Thats why we had our Labrador in a cage when on his own! we had no trouble at all..only in it till he was 5mths too..
Pam x

Lucy Woods said...

What a beautiful card! So classy and effective! Loving the new goodies too! Can't wait to see what you make with them!
Lucy x

aussie aNNie said...

Kate, wowzer lol, your goodies look fabulous and can't wait to see your creations with them...the stamps are surely to be the winners here for me as I am going back to stamps too..love the colour of your wool.xx{aNNie}

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
what a very super card, and such a gorgeous design.
You are very brave using acetate.
I don't very often use it as I am not always pleased with my results.
Your purchases look super.
You did make me laugh at your hotel room beacause I can relate to that when we went to chichester once.
We had exactly the same sort of room, and shower, and there were road works right outside the hotel that made all the traffic make such noises going round it.
We also had to go down lots of flights of stairs for the dinning area.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Wow, what a stunning card. Its gorgeous!
That's some fab goodies you've bought there. Can't wait to see what you do with them all.
John Bloodworth has a great blog and used to do some good demos on C&C too sometimes.
Hope your sugars are sorted again now.
Ang x