Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stars are Like Friends!

Good Evening Everyone, I hope all is well with you and that you have enjoyed your day, or if not I hope tomorrow will be better. As Scarlett O'Hara said "tomorrow is another day".

Rain, dull, and cold up here, really dreich weather for May, but hey ho it is Scotland after all.

Not much news from me today, had a play and a very unsuccessful walk with the pup as someone with a very noisy petrol mower switched it on and poor Milo freaked out. We were far enough away, but he refused to walk, just sat down and wouldn't budged but whined. So walk abandoned, not point in stressing out the wee guy.

I have a card I made for our friend who has cancer, he has gone through very intensive treatment for five weeks, so it's now wait and see. He was however in hospital last week as his throat was badly burned and he couldn't swallow, so had to be fed by drip.  He has been a guinea pig for these trials, so the oncologist at med team don't really know what to expect by way of side effects. He is a very brave man, and we are all hoping he comes through it all.
An Inkylicious verse, chosen because at the moment he doesn't want any visitors, as he would want to talk, but he can't, so I thought this verse was so appropriate.  Memento Inks applied with Ink Dusters and matted on to black card. Very simple card, the verse is the important part.

Now Pamellia asked for a phot of Milo, I have put one on my side bar, he is 7 weeks old in it, here are two I managed to snap today, not easy as he doesn't stay still for long;
He is fairly getting big and not so easy to lift and hold him now, he is 11 weeks old now and I think he is going to be a big dog.

That's me for now, a little bit of time in my craft room I think before Peaky Blinder starts.
Take care and see you soon,


Cara said...

I think that's the perfect card for your friend. I was wondering how he was doing and am sorry the hear that he is struggling at the moment. I shall keep him, his family and friends in my thoughts. Milo is just so cute! Cara x

rachel said...

such a sad but moving story of your friend Kate - I do hope he is okay! He will definitely love the card. Milo is gorgeous - such a wonderful pup!! Big huggles rachel x

Valerija said...

Wonderful card with wonderful sentiment. It's perfect card for your friend.
Milo is so cute!
Valerija xx

pam said...

Beautiful card for your brave friend Kate, hope things go well for him.
Milo is adorable, just like our lab..
Pam x

Barb said...

The perfect sentiment on the card for your dear friend Kate. He certainly seems to be going through it and sounds a very brave man. I hope his poor throat is soon better and hope that all goes well for him.

Milo is a dear little dog. Is that his friend he's sitting with! Hugs, Barbxx

brenda said...

So I guess that like me you are a GWTW fan Kate ?

Your card and that sentiment seem perfect for your friend, I am sure it will be much appreciated. And how Milo has grown, a lovely cuddly boy.

B x

Patricia said...

Morning Kate, what a beautiful card and a wonderful sentiment for a very brave man.
I hope things go well for him.
My goodness Milo is going to be a BIG boy, he is a real beauty.
Beautiful morning here so far, I hope you get some sunshine today.
Have a good day.
Patricia xxx

meg said...

Wonderful sentiment Kate it demonstrates your support whilst he is in hospital recovering from the damage to his throat, the background is the perfect foil for the words. I hope he feels better and is able to swallow soon. Milo is a real cutie.

Christine Harrop said...

Beautiful quote on your card. Thoughts and prayersd are with your friend as he goes through all this. Poor Milo. Something similar happened to my sister's tiny Yorkie, Molly, when she was a baby. Now when they are out walking she always moves as far away as possible from anything that makes that kind of noise. She's the same with kids on bikes and scooters for some reason and does the same thing. She will only pass them after she has moved as far away as possible from them. And yet Jeanie doesn't think anything has ever happened with children so she doesn't know what that is about. Funny little creatures. Hugs Christine xx

Florence said...

Lovely sentiment. Perfect for your friend. I hope the treatment is successful. Great photos of Milo.
Flo xx

aussie aNNie said...

Brilliant work, fabulous colours combined here. Milo looks so gorgeous..and growing...Enjoy the weekend.x

Linda Simpson said...

Milo is such a sweetie! Beautiful card too, I am sure your friend will love it! Great background too :)
Linda xxx

SARN said...

I hope your friend's treatment is successful. Lovely card for him.

Milo is gorgeous xxx

cotnob said...

A beautiful card Kate, such a fabulous sentiment and pretty colours.
Milo looks adorable, such a shame he was frightened on your walk.

Hazel said...

Kate, this card is just perfect for you friend, not so good that he is having side effects, they will get him sorted out as soon as possible I am sure. Oh milo is so cute still, yes there is not point in up setting him. They are funny at this age aren't they? I think your right he is going to be a big sized lab! Our Harris was like that at Milos age and he is no small dog. Looking forward to seeing you next week. It's come round quick. Hazel X

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
A wonderful way of letting Peter know that you are there for whistles and bells just soothing words of support.
Milo is a real cutie but I bet he's a handful lol! In the interests of fairness, I think we need some snaps of the beautiful Mr T lol!
Have a great weekend.
Ang x

Sandy said...

I too hope that everything is going well for your friend. Your card is perfect!
Milo is so cute - I would have loved to see you trying to walk him. Did you have to pick him up and carry him home? He really is a pretty dog!
Sandy xx

Sue said...

A beautiful sentiment and card. So much cancer illnesses,seems every time you turn around you hear of another person or friend. Hope your friend can weather the harsh treatments and be well again.


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Anet van Zyl said...

Awww Milo is just adorable Kate. He is just sooo cute. Your card is beautiful love the layout and background you created with the sentiment. Hugs Anet x