Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Bit Late, Vintage Christmas Card for CCC!

Good Afternoon, to all my lovely Blogging Friends, I'm finally back.
Thank you for all the good wishes, they were really appreciated, and cheered me up no end, because I've been no end of sorry for myself.

Our fabulous holiday to the Norwegian Fjords turn out to be a disaster health wise for both of us.
I was really seasick on our way over, force 9 gale blowing and my sea legs were just turned to jelly, not to mention my stomach, then the cold/flue virus which had hit both of us a few weeks prior to going away, came back with a vengeance and just to round things off, on the last night I caught a  gastric bug, which has stayed with me for over a week.  We are both feeling poorly, no appetite, I feel sick at the thought of tea and coffee, so I am strictly on Adam's wine, to get fluids down. I feel as if I've been wrung inside out.No more cruises for us, however the Norwegian Fjords are beautiful, and it was lovely and cold, the snow was wonderful on the mountains.

Anyway, this is the reason I've not been blogging or commenting, I'm now just beginning to feel a bit more like doing it, so I'm sorry to have missed all your lovely creations.

I'm late with Rachel's choice of card for the CCC which is make a Vintage Christmas Card.  I really thought I would have to miss this one out, but I've managed this;
I've used Joanna Sheen's Nostalgia CD, which I always forget that I have and it's a lovely CD.
Everything from the CD except for the hessian ans the Liquid pearls and Glamour Dust.

Thank you Rachel for the challenge and I'm glad I could manage it.  I hope to get around to see my lovely CCC friend's cards over the next few days.  I'm still lacking in energy, so it's a phased return sort to speak.
Oh and before I go, just to mention that for you who have been following me for a while and know that my work situation has been a bit precarious in terms of funding.  Well, the NHS who have funded us for years are now pulling the funding and will run the service themselves, so come mid-June we will cease to exist and I will along with my colleagues  be redundant. An end of an aera.

Hope to see you soon, thanks for visiting me,



meg said...

So sorry to read that you were unwell on holiday,you really needed to enjoy your break, the stress at work and being unwell before leaving must have taken it's toll. Also sorry that the NHS is withdrawing funding soon I hope your clients will continue to receive support. Beautiful card Kate I love these vintage traditional images. Hope you feel better soon.

Rita said...

So sorry to hear about you both being so I'll on holiday. Terrible news about your work too, but that the NHS for you. Your card is so beautiful. Take Care of yourselves. Hugs Rita xxx

dutchess said...

lovely card Kate and so glad you are feeling a bit better....holidays....I always come home I'll or am ill whist away....Take care now and get really better xxxxx

Jacee said...

This is a wonderful vintage feel card Kate, I love your design.
Sorry to hear you've been poorly, I do hope that you'll soon be back to full health, take care, hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Marie-Louise said...

Kate - so sorry to hear all your bad news. It was a pity that your cruise was ruined by the weather as cruising is a fabulous way to holiday. Hope you both feel better very soon and get rid of the flu bug once and for all.

Beautiful card. I have never seen this cd. but it looks like a very useful one.

Gibmiss said...

Hi Kate
Fabulous image... Stunning card...
Hope you are well
Hugs Sylvie xx

Carol said...

A lovely vintage card Kate. Sorry to hear your cruise was such a disaster... Very disappointing for you both! Hope you feel better soon. Carol x

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
oh I am so sorry to hear about your holiday, and both of you not being well.
Such a very pity as I expect you were so looking forward to it.
I remember about 8 years ago we went to Disneyland Paris in the December.
Now I never get a cold or flue, but you have guessed it I did just before we were due to go, and the weather was 6 below at the time.
My DH suffers from heart probs and it was too cold for him to venture out in those conditions, so we spent most of the time in the hotel room.
Love your super vintage Christmas card.
That sounds a super CD.
I do hope the both of you get better soon.
Sending big hugs your way to make you feel better.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

This is a beautiful image making for a beautiful card. Glad you are feeling better now after your eventful trip.

Lorraine said...

A fabulous vintage card Kate.
I'm so sorry to read how poorly you have been, and while on holiday too.
I hope you are both fully recovered very soon.
Lorraine x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Kate you poor thing and poor Alastair too. What a shame to spoil your hol and still be poorly, hope you feel better soon. Your card is gorgeous. Sorry to hear about the job but may be the best thing for you, no more stress. Take care x

Shona Hamill said...

Nice to see you back Kate. What a shame you were unwell during the trip and after. Sorry to hear about your work situation too. Love your Christmas card looking forward to seeing you back on my dashboard again. hugs, Shona xx

rachel said...

Hiya Kate - firstly your card - its wonderful - a really great make - thankyou so much for joining in - it does sound like you've really been through the mill - oh my word - and redundancy to top it all - I know you've not been happy but I'm sure you feel a bit torn. Big hugs kate - Rachel xx

pam said...

Awww Kate I know a bit of what you have been though as my husband and I have had that nasty flu virus, I ended up with a chest infection and pulled ribs, least we were at home, how awful to be so poorly on your holiday..sorry about your work situation..
Lovely card ..
Take care hugs Pam x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Glad to have you back blogging and feeling better.
Terrific traditional card. Fits the theme perfectly.
Sorry you've had the news you were dreading. Hopefully your clients won't suffer in the process.
Maybe its time to consider full time crafting and cat cuddling.
Take care my friend.
Ang x

Hazel said...

Kate, I love your card, you have captured the vintage look really well with your image. It is. Very traditional. I hope you and Alistair will get back to full health soon. Nothing worse than that washed out feeling. Hazel x

Diane said...

Oh Kate, what a horrible experience, so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope things improve soon.

What a lovely nostalgic image and design.

Hugs Diane

aussie aNNie said...

Hi dear Kate, I was wondering how you were as it showed on my blog you had not made a card for a while...when your name came up today I was thrilled...sorry to read you were unwell....love your card and keep happy.xxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Kate, your late I am late, we always get there in the end!!?
Your card is stunning, love that fantastic, nostalgic Christmas scene. Great design, the hessian looks great.
Have a good day
Hugs for both of you
Patricia xxx

vic said...

Hi Kate ah I'm sorry your cruise was a disappointment how frustrating, it's such a shame! Your vintage card is beautiful love the image I hope everything else is ok
Hugs to you
Vic xx

Christine Harrop said...

Super nostalgic card Kate. Oh poor you - it never rains but it pours, as they say. Hope you and Alistair are on the mend now, and sorry to hear about the job situation. Big hugs Christine xx

hotpotato said...

Hi Kate, sorry to hear you've been so unwell, hope you soon feel better. x

hotpotato said...

Hi Kate, sorry to hear you've been so unwell, hope you soon feel better. x

Peanut said...

Hope you're feeling better now, Kate. What a bummer to be ill like that. And thank you so very much for your kind words. Rosie is very grateful for the positive vibes. And your card... really brings back memories of Christmas in the good ol' days!
hugs, Asha

cotnob said...

A beautiful Christmas card Kate, such a lovely vintage scene.
Sorry to hear that you were both so poorly on your holiday - such a shame, I hope your are both on the mend and feeling much better.
What disappointing news about your job as well, very sad news.

MaryH said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, and could manage the vintage challenge. This is really such a pretty image, and lucky you to have it on cd. Very pretty & nostalgic look on your lovely card. TFS & keep feeling better. At least you have memories of beautiful scenery even if the other parts of the cruise were not so memorable. Hugs

Sue said...

WOW, Kate, between the illnesses you both have suffered lately and now the loss of your job, you must feel like you have been hit by a ton of bricks.
Sorry all this is going on at once. Sounds like your trip could have been better too if you had been feeling better!

Your card is wonderful, what a beautiful scene, love it.

Take care of yourself and feel better. Thinking of you.......


downrightcrafty said...

sorry to hear about the holiday but this vintage scene is fabulous
hugs Kate xx

Anet's Crafting said...

Hallo Kate, your Vintage card is gorgeous, love the beautiful image.

So sorry to hear that you both were so sick while on holiday. Hoping you and Alistair will get better soon.

Kate, so sad to hear about your work. Thinking of you and sending you big hugs. Anet x

scrappymo! said...

Sorry to hear of the pending redundancy...end of an era indeed!

Sorry to also to hear how poorly you have been,...what a drag on your holiday. And here we were thinking of taking that type of cruise...

Your card is lovely. Very vintage and yet pretty too!

Anet's Crafting said...

Kate I am so sorry to hear about your work. Thinking of you and sending you big hugs. Anet x.