Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Autumn Card!

Hello Blogging Friends, I hope all is well with you and sending good wishes and hugs out to those of you who are not doing so well.

Thank you to all who commented on my last card, very kind of you and I love to read them.

I've not managed to post anything for a few days, although I have tried to follow and comment on your blogs, sorry if I missed a few, I'm afraid that my mind has been a bit all over the place thinking about the Occupational Health meeting that was happening.
Well, it happened yesterday and on the whole it went OK in as much as the Dr. listened to what I had to say and even gave me an opening to talk about an issue that I would have struggled to introduce myself.  I was so glad that Alistair was with me, his presence kept me fairly calm, although he said he could see that I was shaking every time I lifted my glass of water for a drink.

So the outcome is that there are a few recommendations to make changes for me at my work and to have a fairly long phased return.  I have reservations about my work actually making these changes but at least I have medical backup.  The Dr. seemed to be astounded by the worker to workload ratio and could see why I had been so stressed.  I will be returning to work mid September, and hopefully there will be changes made for me, but if not, well, that's another ball game.

I'm feeling much better now that this meeting is over, although I have to go back for a review in 2 months time.  It's not the outcome i would have wanted, but hey ho, folk with open heart surgery are getting sent back to work after a few weeks now, and I'm no where near that sort of condition.

My card today;
This little creation was inspired by Creative Stamping magazine and it using the free stamps that came aalong with it.  The design is the same as the one in the magazine by Kim Dellow, I just put my little twist on it.
I have stamped the background with various ink pads in Autumn shades. Base card is Kraft and the background papers are Nitwits Country Lady from LOTV. Twin and buttons from my box.

I've never made a background with stamping and I must try more as it's really effective.  It's a really simple card, but I like it, I've left it bling free for a change.

I will love you and leave you now and hope you have a good evening,
Hugs Kate x



downrightcrafty said...

like your background stamping and the colours you have used
Hugs Kate xx

Doreen said...

Love your gorgeous card,fabulous

rachel said...

a lovely card Kate - I love making backgrounds and these colours you've chosen are wonderful. I hope you feel okay after your meeting - at least you have got medical back up now but I don't envy your return to work. Will be thinking of you xx

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous card Kate. the deign and colours look fabulous.
Lorraine x

Hazel said...

Pretty card Kate. Love the colours.

Hazel xxx

Rita said...

Hello Kate. Glad to hear your day went well. Maybe not the greatest outcome, but at least now they will have a better understanding of your situation. Your card is so pretty and I love your background idea as well. Hugs Rita xxx

Diane said...

Hello Kate, Glad to hear you are doing well. Very fun card design with the nice background.

Regards Diane

Wendy Fraser said...

Glad to hear your meeting went as well as it could. Super card, love the autumnal colours. xx

Amber Holder said...

I do hope your work will make the accommodations that you need. I love the scattered leaves on your card. They have a very natural feel, as though they fell that way.

Best crafty wishes!
Staying Crafty

pam said...

hi Kate, glad your outcome at the meeting wasn't to bad,
your card is lovely and a beautiful design

Norma said...

Hello Kate:) Lovely card and great background stamping. Glad to hear you meeting went well and I sure do hope your work makes the accommodations for you my friend!! Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Patricia said...

Good Morning Kate,
Hope the day finds you a lot calmer, not the best outcome but that`s life. Just remember to use that simple little word "NO".....!!
Brilliant card I am loving your background and the simplicity of the whole thing.
Have a Good Day

Patricia xxx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
I love making my own backgrounds as you are only limited by your own imagination. . . . . . And mine's fairly vivid lol!
As I am a relative newbie to the blog scene, Im sorry I don't know what your job is but I do know if OH make recommendations, an employer ignores them at their peril. Obviously its in their interests, as much as yours, to have a reasonably stress free and productive employee.
Good luck chuck!
Ang x

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
firstly so glad all has gone fairly well with your meeting. Not the outcome you would have preferred, but at least you haven't got to worry about it again for a while.
Lovely card today, I too like to stamp my own background papers now and again. You have made an excellent job of this.
Have a wonderful crafty relaxing day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sandy said...

Hey Kate - I certainly hope everything works out well for you. If you could go for the next couple of months without worrying, that would be great. Anxiety and worry is not good for your physical and/or mental health that's for sure. It is wonderful that you can escape into card making and your cards are always beautiful! You have done a grand job on you Autumn card. Love the colors.

Pop's Cards said...

Good morning sweetie, this is really super gorgeous, hugs Pops x

vicki said...

Beautiful cards I hope everything goes ok once you go back to work,
Have a lovely wknd

Alison Scott said...

Love the card Kate. The colours are fab. Very autumnal!
Thanks for your comment, it's much appreciated.
I know I'll miss her as when Stevie is away it's just us two girls together.
Remember if the changes have not been made you don't return. Don't let them flannel you that it'll be done soon after your return, if that's the case, they can wait for your return.
Take care

Anet van Zyl said...

Your card is beautiful, Kate. I certainly hope everything works out well for you and that these couple of months will help you to recover, anxiety and worry is not good. Cardmaking will definitely take your thought away from everything and is a good therapy.

Heather Rogers said...

Hi Kate what a lovely card! Work have to do what OH say it is the law they would not dare to ignore them. So stop worrying right now!;)
Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Kate love your autumnal card! The background looks lovely. Sorry I have been missing but didn't get any chance to do blogging with my family being here - very full on! I have read all your posts including the one where you have received the letter from OHD, this is what should have been happening all along. Your workplace have got to follow the recommendations from OHD and if you are covered by the Disability Act then you will have recourse if things aren't done. I know its difficult for you but try and use the remaining time you have before you return to get stronger. You should have a phased return to work and this will enable any problems to be ironed out at that time! Thinking of you, Susan xx