Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sock Blockers!

Hello Everyone and I do hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
Thanks to all who commented on my last card, I look forward to reading them and appreciate the time you give to visiting.

I have had a really lovely afternoon knitting and watching Les Miserables on the TV, not the glossy new one obviously, but one that was made a number for years ago going by the amount of actors who are no longer around.  I have never read Victor Hugo's book, so I only knew a little of what the story was about, it has now encouraged me to read it, so I must see if I can get it on my Kindle.  I didn't managed to go and see the new film when it was here in Inverness, but i did enjoy this version, and I got a bit of my latest socks done.  I was so frustrated yesterday as I had to rip out one and a half socks, It looked as if I wasn't going to have enough yarn to complete the other sock, so annoying.  I didn't check the yardage of my yarn, I just assumed that 100g would do the job.  Anyway, I've now started again with other yarn which I have to say I like better.  But look what I have for you today, Sock Blockers.... my very clever husband made them for me as he thought it nonsense to pay around £25 for the small size and you only get one.  He had a look at what I needed and hey presto, I've now got a small and a medium set of Blockers.  It makes such a difference to the sock especially if for a gift, which most of mine are.  I'm so delighted with them I thought I would show them here;

Well, I've no card for you today, I began one last night but I quickly realised it was going nowhere, so it's been abandoned for now. I also don't know why my typing has suddenly  gone on to center mode.

That's me for today, off to bring in the washing and make a start on the dinner.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend
Kate x


Jacqui's little piece of England said...

What a great idea Kate, love the idea of knitted socks for the winter I must admit I do suffer with cold feet :)
jacqui x

Alison Scott said...

Please excuse my ignorance in these matters, but what are sock blockers?
I have no idea what you would do with them, though you're very lucky having a handy hubby to make the things you need.
Les Miserables is available for free on kindle or at least it was.

Karen Osborne said...

Hi Kate, oooh I love those socks, I could have done with those while I was standing in a muddy field flying the owls yesterday. You do have a very talented hubby as well, I see a market for his sock blocks with all your knitting friends!

pam said...

love the socks Kate, I always have cold feet. pam

Hazel said...

Well Kate I have just looked up to see what your sock blockers were, I never knew there was something out there to keep socks in shape and to dry to the same size. A bit like shoe trees until you use them you don't realise what a difference they make to your shoes. Love your socks, I can remember having to do heel turning when I was at school. Hazel

Wilma Brown said...

Alistair is very clever and saved you a fortune, oh to have a hubby who can make things. My hubby spent his life at sea and is not very good at DIY. Love your socks, have not tried knitting them but my mum used to knit socks for my brother in law for his fishing.

Wilma x x x

Erika said...

Great sock Kate, just my favourite colour combo, it looks lovely and warm too. I'd not heard of sock blockers but what a great idea to keep the shape. I'm afraid I'm not great at knitting or crocheting but I'd like to learn at some point.
Hope you enjoyed your film too, I've yet to see the new version too, saw the show in London and cried my eyes out. So sad.
Happy crafting, hugs Erika.