Friday, 22 March 2013

I'm Still Here!

Hello Everyone,  I'm still here, just not managing to get much crafting done.  It seems an age since I last posted so, although I have no card to show or even some knitting, I thought I'd better let you know I'm still in the land of the living.

Thank you one and all who left comments on my last blog, very much appreciated, and I always find them so encouraging.
I've been trying to keep up with all your creations and news and have loved everything I viewed, some really inspirational work from all you talented folk.
Please forgive if I've missed any of your posts but, I've had some trouble with my PC system, I couldn't access any of your blogs, every time I clicked on them I was told the server failed to find.  I don't know what the problem was and I was blaming the fact that I'd signed up to Bloglovin and maybe it wasn't all compatible, anyhow I've managed to get it fixed, even that is a mystery to me.

We have been very busy at work, illness strikes again, which overloads those staff members who are remaining to make sure the project can open, so I'm afraid I was just too tired to really do all that much in the way of crafting.  I do however have some photos to show you and hope you like;
 I have Grand pets, not Grandchildren and here are two of them, Toby who is a Horsefield Tortoise and really quite small, he's awfully cute and friendly, and Molly, who is just a big spoiled doggie.  As Damian, my son and his partner Moreen have no children they have lots of pets so hence the Grand pets, but as I love animals too I play along with it. Damian has a few lizardy creatures, a corn snake and fish, there are also 3 wonderful cats, who don't like their photos taken.
Then there's me, taken today at Culloden Battlefield, it was perishing certainly blew the cobwebs away this morning.  We had planned to walk round it, but it was  too cold, thankfully the Battlefield is just up the road from our house so we didn't have far to go to find a warm drink.  It's just dawned one me that I have no photo of me on my blog this is the only one,  pity, it's not so good because surely I must look better than this, oh well, we can't all be photogenic.

I hope to have a card tomorrow, I've been asked to make a couple for a friend so I will have to get cracking.
I'll love you and leave you, and hope you all have a good weekend, I've got two days off to recharge my batteries and unfortunately, Patricia, Wilma, hazel had to cancel their visit because of the horrendous weather, so I'll have no excuse to slack with the card making.

Bye for now,  Kate x


Patricia said...

Good evening Kate,
Hazel and I are really disappointed that we had to cancel our trip to meet you. I am sure Wilma is as well. Just did not want to take the risk of being stuck in a snowdrift on The A9.
So as you say no excuse for not getting on with your cards.
Love the pictures of your Grand Pets.

Patricia xxx

Wendy Fraser said...

It was baltic in town, I can only image what it must have been like on the battlefield! Brrrrrr! xx

Alison Scott said...

You're definitely made of hardier stuff than me. I only went out to deliver Ellie's dinner. They were coming here for dinner but she was goosed after nursery and an overnight at her other Gran's, add the weather getting bad and we decided to leave it. However we had catered for a full table and so rather than it be wasted we delivered it, all ready for munching.
Shame your visitors had to cancel, but the A9 is notorious!
Re your question about Copics and Promarkers, I use both because that was the colours I liked. The Promarkers were mainly bought when Hobbycraft had them on a deal, the Copics I went through a phase of picking up a couple each visit to the craft shop. I don't have tons of them or anything. I don't mind which one I use, I go by colour rather than maker. I haven't tried the Spectrum ones. I might when my skin tones start to run out.

pam said...

Hi Kate, lovely to meet you, does look awfully cold, snowing and settling here again. pam

Crafty Lark said...

Goodness you are hardy, I did go outside today for a wee while but most of our day has been terrible. I do remember how cold Inverness was when I was a teenager there. It is a shame not to meet with your pals but it is better for them to be safe. Love the tortoise. xx Flora

Sue said...

Sorry you couldnt all meet up Kate but the weather has turned bad again! I just wish we could get some warmer weather the old bones are creaking LOL stay safe and warm hun big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx Sue

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Kate, yes I am disappointed at not meetingup today. Weather is horrendous out there but hopefully next month will be better. Love your Grand Pets. Take careout there.

Wilma x x x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh you certainly look cold Kate and that wind was down here - bitingly cold all week, I don't think anyone would look glamorous in it not even Victoria Beckham (and she certainly wouldn't manage to smile)! Stay warm, Susan x

Staying Crafty said...

Lovely to see your grand pets :) I think we all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of one's crafty pursuits.