Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Little Cart!

Hello Everyone, Happy Valentine's Day!  Did you all get cards or did you just make some?  Alistair loved the one I made for him, thought it was quite a hoot.

 I hope you've all had a good day and you have been able to have plenty of time to have fun and craft.
Me, well I was working and what a woozier of a day it was. As usual short staffed, and some very needy folk who all wanted attention at the same time.  The place was going like a fair, at one point I suddenly realised that four people were talking AT me all at once, the phone was ringing and the doorbell buzzing as someone wanted in, couldn't find my colleague, two of the clients were having a shouting match with some pretty foul words, and I thought "that's it, it's finally happened, I'm now mad and I'm in Bedlam".  Susan, then appeared, with another of our clients who was in a flood of tears, I have say to Susan herself looked as if she was having a nervous breakdown.  We looked at one another and burst into hysterical laughter, it shut everyone though and one very kind client asked if she could make us a cuppa. We finally pulled ourselves together and got folk sorted out.  Half and hour later our manager arrived, and said "all quiet then, that's good".  There was no time to have a debriefing about it all, and why certain things happened, but the main cause is too little staff to cope with the volume of clients, but it's across the board in the care business. So just tomorrow to go and then my days off, can't wait, poor Susan has to go until Saturday.

I had this little card in the bank so to speak, too tired to put my thinking cap on tonight to make a new one;
The colour hasn't come out too well, it is really quite colourful.

Another Paintshop Poppets decoupage form the CD, as is the sentiment and backing papers, silver miri card, bow and glitter.

I want to say thanks to everyone who left comments on my last card, very much appreciated.
That's me for tonight, I need an early night, cheerio
Kate x


SUE said...

Hi Kate thanks for following my blog! love this cd it has some lovely images on I just forget to use my cd's sometimes. Gorgeous card love it huggles hun Sue J xxx

Doreen said...

A beautiful card,love the image and fab

Marie-Louise said...

A very pretty card Kate. I keep forgetting about my cd's.

pam said...

lovely card Kate, never use my cds now, still buy them though,..pam

Shona Hamill said...

Another fab card x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

This is lovely Kate what a super image loving the colours
jacqui x

Hazel said...

Good morning Kate. Sorry to read that yesterday was such a stressfull day for you all, hopefully today will be better. Yet again you have made a lovely card, the colours are great.

Just sitting having 5mins to myself had to be in for just after 7am mummy broke down on the M90 last night AA where terrible took them 2 1/2 hours to send someone out to her and then it was only a pick up truck. So she has had to get the train. Take care. Hazel

Lena Misquitta said...

Gorgeous card, Kate. Hugs, Lena

Patricia said...

Good Morning Kate,
(HUG) (HUG) (HUG) for yesterday WOW!! what a day you had.
Love your card it is so beautiful. delicate and very thoughtful.
Hope today was better for you.
Enjoy your weekend

Patricia xx

Pop's Cards said...

Morning sweetie this is a fabulous creation, hugs Pops x x x

Alison Scott said...

Beautiful card. Very pretty.
Hope today at work is less stressful. Enjoy your long weekend off.

Erika said...

Sounds like you had one hell of a day there...good job crafting is relaxing, you'll need it. Lovely card and cut image.
Enjoy the weekend, hugs Erika.

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
this is a very cute and pretty card. Just love those paint pot images. Don't own any though. Something else always got in the way when I wanted to buy them.
Your hubby must have loved it.
I mad a very hurried card for my hubby.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
sorry that should have read paint box not pot.