Friday, 28 September 2012

The reason my blog is named Cuilliesocks

Well another day has dawned and I find myself still tinkering with my blog and attempting to find my way around the system.  Today i am going to attempt to insert a photo of Cuillin and his socks, although I'm wearing them and not him.  This is where the name of my blog comes  from.

Cuillin was always around whilst I was knitting, either chasing the wool, wanting to sit on my knee or just generally being a pest.  Sadly he died last year and he is missed so much, he was such a character.  So from time to time I will likely add a few more photos of him.

I love animals and my son and daughter in law have a whole host of them and as they have no children, the pets are their children, I  call them my grandpets.They cards I receive from son always include "from the grandpets".  Not too sure how the gekos, corn snakes, tortoise and the whatever it is frog thinks about it all, but the 3 cats and Molly the dog certainly have adopted me as Gran.

Anyway I'm now going to try and insert the photo, and then get myself together to go for a beach walk whilst the rain is off, small window of opportunity.


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Johny said...

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