Thursday, 3 August 2017

Winter Wonderland!

Hello Everyone, hoping you are all well and having a good week so far.  
Lovely rainy weather here but, thankfully the temps are alright for me, I couldn't manage with the heat that the Continental countries are having just now.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last card, and remember if you haven't done so comment and you will be entered into the Candy draw, if you want that is.

I've had a rather frustrating day of it, not helped by not feeling tickity boo this morning... could find no reason for this, but just one of those days, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I had to pick up medication at the pharmacy, and one of the items was one of my insulin, I take two kinds, well they hadn't got any of the sort I'd ordered. However it would be in tomorrow, feeling really irked by this, I asked why is there not enough of it kept , oh there's  a high demand was the response. Okay well I guess there are more and more people  being diagnosed with diabetes, but obviously there are all coming to Inverness. Then the assistant said something about, she hadn't realised that there was no stock at the time of my order, well this confused me and so I remarked that it was a fault to poor stock keeping and not the high demand story, well yes I suppose so was the reply, but she was awfully sorry, but could I come back tomorrow, I doubt it was my answer. 
However, nothing much I could do about the situation, but I left the shop annoyed and thinking that I'm fed up with the mistakes that are being made. Anyway, with all of this I failed to check what I had been given, big mistake because when I got home I found I had been given along with my own meds, someone else's.  Well can you imagine my.... well I suppose it was anger by this time.  So I phoned the pharmacy, and explained, and as luck would have it it was the same assistant, who said could I bring them back.... aye right, was my reply. Oh well our driver finishes his run soon and won't be able to collect them. Again she apologised. I went on to point out that this wasn't by far the first time this sort of thing has happened, and that it wasn't really good enough. Steam coming out of one ear by now..... then her response tipped me over.... well well just redo the other lady's prescription and when you bring these ones back well just BIN them.. Bin them, do you know the state of the NHS now? and your wasting drugs. By this time Alistair had arrived downstairs and was wanting to know who was on the other end of my tongue, saying I need to calm down. 

I was then told that things were difficult in the pharmacy as they had no management, apparently the pharmacist had left that week. So of course that would make all the difference to giving out someone else's drugs. I gave up, as I could feel that I was going to explode at the girls attitude. However, as this pharmacy has made all sort of mistakes over the last few years with my meds, and it's the important ones, wrong insulin type, insulin phials instead of pens, oh the list goes on, that I've decided to try another pharmacy.
What concerns me is that this might be happening to people who may have a problem with getting to the shop, if there are mistakes, or perhaps not notice that they have been given the wrong stuff. I at least can sort it out. Although, Alistair has stopped me from going away back into town today, as it's their fault.    My god what a rant, but this sort of carelessness really gets my goat. Sorry!!!!

Here is my card;
Another stamped that I found whilst I was away for my few days the other week, not sure of it's make, but another image that I thought would do for a man. All I've really added was some colour to the sky and the water, and added Fluffy Stuff (love it) and some glitter. Snowflake embossed card and a few gems. The sentiment is from Creative Stamping magazine.

So, that's me for now, I'm going back to have a go at sorting out my printer, yes another frustration as it's gone wonky since there was a further update on Windows 10. When windows 10  first installed I had to redo the whole printer thing, but there was a new update the other week and I'm going to have to do it all again, and just to top it all, Alistair seems to have lost the search ability on Goggle on his PC as there is a voice  that keeps telling him to talk to it and he's been telling it what he wants to search for.... The North Buttress of Ben Nevis was the last thing I heard, oh we are a mad household, only Teallach is sane!!



meg said...

Hi Kate, what a day you've had, sounds as though your pharmacy is inept at best, I believe that the rules are that there must be a pharmacist to check the prescriptions, they shouldn't be dispensing medication if they don't have one. Sadly any drugs returned are binned automatically, even phials of controlled drugs I remember when there was a shortage of diamorphine and any returns were destroyed despite the nursing team having it prescribed for patients, enough of that though.
Love the card, agree it would be perfect for a guy but the image is too beautiful to reserve it just for men, take care Megxx

Dortesjs said...

ohh what a day you had my dear friend. Hope you are feeling better.

Linda Simpson said...

Oh dear what a day hun! A beautiful card and I hope you enjoy your evening.
Linda xxx

Mac Mable said...

Now this is an interesting post and enjoyed reading it Kate. I am with you on the troubles etc in the pharmacy. It simple is not good enough and all people need to do is their job. How flippant about throwing the other persons medications away. What if someone couldn't/didn't know they had the wrong meds etc.... No wonder you where so mad x Sorry to hear about the troubles too again with your is a wonderful thing when it works! I am not a fan of windows 10 either x Your card today is so calming...excuse the pun! Great texture and ever so pretty x Glad Teallach is doing well!!!! x

Wendy L said...

Wow, love your card Kate.
Love your rant too, I do wonder about the NHS and how they waste money and yours is a prime example. xxxx

Wendy L said...

Sorry that sounded wrong, I meant your Pharmacy was a prime example, not your meds, xxx

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

A beautiful Christmas card Kate and I love the embossed snowflakes too. I know what you mean about the pharmacy. I have to take in repeat prescriptions and it really annoys me when they come take the prescription off me, vanish for ten minutes, then come back out telling me that they're out of a certain medication, and to call back later in the day to collect it. Why can't they tell you this when they take the prescription off you? It really frustrates me like they think you have nothing better to do. Anyway, rant over. I hope that you feel better soon. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

Valerija said...

Awsome! Love this card!
Valerija xx

cotnob said...

Oh dear Kate, it sounds like you are having a very frustrating day! I had lots of problems with my Mum's medication - she had them blister packed because at 89 years old she often forgets that she has taken them. They come in packs to cover four weeks but whenever we went to the pharmacy they were never ready even though the repeat prescription was sent a week in advance. There were always lots of excuses - they didn't have the right tablets, not sufficient staff, not enough time, they had been mislaid etc., etc. In the end we gave up and now I get the tablets and put them into a dispenser that I purchased on Amazon. I hope you find a pharmacy that is more reliable.
Your card is beautiful, a pretty scene and lovely embossed background.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Jennifer Johnston said...

Hi Kate, sounds like you've had quite a day ! Hope you have had a quiet restful evening. Your Christmas card is just beautiful, such a lovely scene. Love the stamp and the addition of the fluffy snow. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, take care lovely lady.
Hugs Jennifer xx.

Marlene Atkinson said...

Hi Kate, it sounds like you have had one awful day with one thing and another. I have had problems with my medication as well, either they don't give me the right amount or they have missed and item, then they say you'll have to come back for it. It makes me so cross, if they can't do the job properly then they shouldn't be doing it at all. Thank you for a lovely morning yesterday it was good having a catch up.

I love your Christmas card a gorgeous Winter Scene. Marlene

aussie aNNie said...

The comments above have said it all....sorry to read you went through this. A beautiful card to show us all and it's sure a stunner Kate..
Enjoy your weekend.♥

Cara said...

Your card is just stunning, such a wonderful scene and I love the snow. I think you were very restrained in your response to such an appalling situation. Giving you another person's medication is just beyond belief. Sadly, once medication gas left the pharmacy if returned it has to be destroyed as it may not have been kept under the correct conditions or may have been tampered with and there is also an infection control risk. As you say it is a complete waste of resources. If you have the energy I'd certainly formally complain, the risk had you been confused for example, that you could have taken someone else's medication could have been fatal. Hope the computer issues resolve soon, and that calm is restored x

scrAPpamondo said...

Fab winter scene, just perfect for Christmas! Love the Fluffy Stuff on the trees and the gorgous emboss!
I think that if someone works in a pharmacy he HAVE TO BE VERY careful!!!
And the same for who works at hospitals, and with health of people, and with children and animals. Life is precious and there are always too much mistakes and carefulness!!! Sigh :(

Hazel said...

Kate firstly your cards is gorgeous and that scene just works so well.
As for the problem with the pharmacy it's the same here. I never seem to get the right thing. I was even given double the amount of tablets only months ago and when I told the assistant she told me to give them back and she would bin them like you I was so cross I told her it's ok I would keep them and save ordering for a few months. Daughter has to have special sun cream and was told by the pharmacy that it was costing them a lot of money getting it! She told them it wasn't her fault if that was the case. He suggested she tried a cheaper brand or paid fir it herself. Which she had been doing up till she was told she was entitled to get it on prescription it's far from cheap and not that easily got.
But she is so allergic to normal brands. I think the NHS is falling apart due to carelessness and waste.
As for Windows 10 it's a nightmare.

Hazel x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh my goodness that is so bad at the pharmacy. Hope you sort the printer. Lovely card, great image.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Love the snowy effect you have on your card and the stamp is fantastic.
I am very fortunate to have a brilliant local pharmacy. The dipstick prescription clerk at my GPs always puts through a full prescription, even if they are only asked to authorise 2 items. Luckily,the pharmacist ignores it and just dispenses what I've asked for, although he's supposed to dispense the whole lot. Last time I saw GP, he had a pop at me about over rag, bull! Told him to have a word with his own staff & perhaps he should read what he puts his signature to as well!
OK, soapbox moment over. I'll go to bed now lol!
Ang x

Pat said...

What a wonderful Christmas card Kate and I love those trees and the fluffy stuff makes it look prettily wintery, and the background snowflakes is just perfect. So sorry you have been having trouble with your meds. Our surgery
has the pharmacy attached and we have never had a problem but it must be so frustrating for you. I too do not like to see wasted medication. I feel that a lot of the problems with the NHS stem from their carefree attitude to budgeting sensibly and getting the best deal whilst keeping up standards. I have been waiting over five months for a gall bladder operation and it seems I might have to wait until October which does not please me greatly but never mind there are worse things and all the time I stick to my diet I am not in pain. Hope you are feeling better now. x

Pamellia Johnson said...

Oh dear, sounds like you've had a rough go of it the last few days. I think finding a new pharmacy is the right way to go. I hate Windows updates, they always seem to do more damage than good. I have auto updates turned off, and I only download the important ones now. Same with my phone! lol.

Beautiful card. I love the snowflake embossed pattern, and the fake snow you added to the stamping is just amazing! The hints of blue add that extra frosty feeling, so icy and festive! sending hugs :)

Flo Langley said...

Oh blimey Kate. Sounds like you have had an awful time of it. You know I think it is the way it is these days. Far too many mistakes are being made. I find the banks are just the same. What worries me is that if people don't check they have been given the correct medications or the right dosage it could have serious consequences. Lets face it we all assume these people know what they are doing.....wrong! I can understand your anger. Gorgeous card. Lovely effect with the "fluffy stuff" :) Hope you can sort your printer out and are feeling better soon.
Sending hugs.
Flo xx

brenda said...

A lovely creation as always Kate and I'm not even going to mention the NHS or I would be writing a book.

Sorry to be such a bad blogger still, I can but hope for better health soon and to get back to normal again - whatever normal might be !

B x

Anet van Zyl said...

Beautiful Christmas card Kate, love the pretty embossed background. Hugs Anet x

Karen D. said...

gorgeous winter the eb bkg.
xx Karen