Thursday, 8 September 2016

Back from Holiday and Little Drummers!

Good Morning Blogging Friends, are you all well, I hope so, but if not that you will feel better soon.

Well we are back from Shetland and had a lovely holiday, what a stunning place it is, and we more or less had decent weather.  I decided not to go to the Fair Isle as I felt I didn't need another two flights in a small plane, and there was just as much to see knitting wise on the mainland in and around Lerwick.  Our flights were a tad bumpy to say the least, and I feel quite scared, and as we stopped at Kirkwall in Orkney it meant altogether that there were four flights.

The scenery is outstanding, and what a coastline there is. We hired a car for a day and went north to explore, everywhere is really strung out, lots of very little villages dotted around the Island, in fact I was reminded of Iceland, with out the volcanic ground. Of course loads of sheep, Shetland Ponies and gorgeous knitwear, I also discovered Shetland Jewellery. Visited the workshop to see how pieces were made and as Alistair was with me, checked if the jewellery could be bought in Lerwick when I managed to ditch Hubby for some shopping., which I did on the Monday when he took himself off to Sumburgh for an exploration around the archaeological sights.

I have some photos, but to be honest I couldn't have done the scenery justice with my little camera, so sorry to all of you who love to see them, I will post a few over the next few posts, don't want to bore you all.

Thank you for your comments on my last card. I am trying to catch up with all of you, but forgive if I've missed you, not deliberate, just time consumming, but I have seen all the cards/projects on my reading list and as ever are all wonderful.

Here is a wee Christmas card I made a few weeks ago;
Image from MFT, once again a pants photo, but I was aiming for trad Christmas colours of red, green and gold. coloured with Derwent Coloursoft pencils.  It does look much better in real life.

Now the holiday pics
Aww the ponies, these little guys were so busy chomping their grass that I was ignored, can't really tell from the photo but these ponies were very, very tiny.
Here is Alistair beside the Viking Longship that will be burned at the Up Helly Aa Festival in the middle of Winter to mark the end of the Yule season.  An event I would love to be at where lots of Shetland men march through the streets of Lerwick dressed as Vikings with lighted torches, then burn the boat.
Seems such a shame to burn this beautiful longship. I think there are still some bits to be added to it before the festival.

A super holiday, but as usual I was glad to get back home as I missed my two wee boys, Teallach and Milo.  Teallach gave us cause for concern just before we left as he went missing for about four days. We trailed all over looking for him to no avail, and I was beginning to give up hope. He does have a microchip, but then he would have to be handed in to the SPCA. My biggest fear was that he was lying injured somewhere, or that he had been a victim of some human perverse cruelty.  On the Saturday mornng I decided to go down and check at the SPCA, and had left the front door open, and in he strolls with a meow, and went straight to his food bowl. No explanation as to where he had been. He looked a bit rough and was a bit cowed, so I thinked he has had a scare of some sort, but he came around and was his old self.  What a scare though.

That's me for now, thank goodness did I hear you say!!!
Take care of yourselfves and I'll see you soon,


Erika said...

Good to here Teallach is ok.
I would love to visit the Up Helly Aa festival, it always looks amazing on the TV, it is on my bucket list. Just a shame it's in the depths of winter as you know we never know what the weather will be like.
I really want to visit Shetland but I don't think the boys would find it as interesting as me, I too would like the crafts side of it, they wouldn't.

A super Christmas card, love your little soldiers or bandmen? Very cute.

Hugs Erika. x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super Christmasy card, love those cute little bandsmen dancing across the card.
Glad you had a lovely holiday and had a settled mind about Teallach before you left too.

Valerija said...

Lovely story and pictures from your Holidays. And a great Christmas card.
Valerija xx

meg said...

Sounds as though you had a great holiday Kate, especially liked seeing the longboat photo as you say what a pity to burn it.Lovely card the bandsmen look as though they are having fun.

Christine Harrop said...

Shetland is somewheer I would love to vist - I'm a fan of the TV programme. Sounds as if you had a terrific holiday! So pleased Teallach turned up safe and sound before you left. Super little card too. Hugs Christine xx

Sue said...

What a cute card, love how you stamped the little follow several times. I still love traditional colors for Christmas the best!

WOW, sounds like a wonderful trip, and the pictures are lovely. It is a shame to burn that boat though.

Glad your boy came back home, hope he stays close, maybe ha found a girlfriend close by.....hee hee!


Diane said...

Your trip sounds fabulous Kate and what wonderful pictures. Love the card design. Glad Teallach is fine and home again.

Hugs Diane

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

HI Kate! Love your fun holiday card. Also, the beautiful photos. Have a wonderful day.

Sandy said...

I know I am supposed to be commenting on your card but Kate I love to hear about your adventures and see pictures - lots of pictures and of food too. Thanks Sugar - I would love to be able to do this journey!
I am so glad that Teallach came home safe and sound. I worry about my cats when they go out. Sometimes they like to stay out all night. So far so good but I do worry about their safety.
Thanks for a wonderful post - now post those pictures!!
Sandy xx

Wendy L said...

Card is so sweet, love your pics and look forward to more. I have not seen much of Scotland but would love to see more, xxx

Barb said...

So glad to hear that Teallach turned up ok. You must have been really worried. Lovely photos of your holiday and super pictures. A very pretty Christmas card too. Hugs, Barbxx.

Florence said...

Pleased to hear you had a nice holiday Kate. It sounds a wonderful place to visit although I think I would be a little nervous of the little planes as well. Great that Teallach returned safely. Lovely Fun Christmas Card. Look forward to seeing your photos.
Hugs Flo xx

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Wow what a lovely account of your holiday but as you say always good to be back home.

Thank you for your lovely comments over on my blog. Xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This sounds like a lovely holiday, except for the plane journeys. Fab card, love rhe cute images. So goad puss turned up safe and sound x

Marlene Atkinson said...

A great Christmas card. Glad you had a lovely holiday, the scenery on Orkney is fabulous. The last time we were there it rained virtually all day. Marlene

rachel said...

hello Kate - I did wonder where you were! Good to know you have had a lovely holiday - I've not been to Shetland for narly 30 years but when I was there I loved it - I stayed on the isle of Bressay working as a geologists assistant when I was an undergraduate. Brilliant! Thanks for the memory! I love your card - its such fun! Big hugs lovely lady! Rachel x

Jennifer Johnston said...

Hi there Kate, so pleased you had a lovely holiday and Teallach is now home safe and sound after his little adventure lol! wonder where he has been lol! Loving your card and the cute little images. So pleased Wendy is following my blog and I have to agree with you, her cards are beautiful!
Hugs Jennifer xx.

Marie-Louise said...

Lovely card Kate and great photos. As you say the long boat seems much too good to burn - a shame really. Glad you had a good break.

MaryH said...

Kate, don't worry about being behind. I got so far back, I just had to apologize, delete and start afresh. You needed a nice holiday, so start new with the blogroll. Your card is darling, love the little pink fellas, and the zigzag stitches at the edges. Thoroughly enjoyed the photos, & since we watch the tv series Shetland, one of the shows had the Viking boat burning as part of the plot. I'm so glad you had a good trip, got to enjoy some shopping. Yay for Mr. that he did some exploring on his own. Awfully glad your kitty returned home - maybe he won't stray away again. Glad he ended up safe, even if he had been frightened. TFS & Hugs.

brenda said...

Another really lovely creation Kate. Pleased to hear your holiday was enjoyable, I am always told Shetland is beautiful, when I get a recommendation from a friend of one of my son's I know it must be good as the youngsters are usually looking for bright lights and music.

B x

Lorraine said...

A brilliant Christmas card Kate, those little drummers look fab.
Glad you had a good holiday
Lorraine x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Love your little men dancing across your card. So cute!
Sounds like a wonderful holiday but naughty T Boy scaring you like that.
Best wishes.
Ang x

cotnob said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your holiday Kate, your photographs are lovely - the scenery looks beautiful.
Such a fun card, cute images and great design.