Friday, 7 December 2012

Huge Hugs!

Good Evening All, and thank you everyone who left messages on my last post, they are very much appreciated and I look forward to reading them.
I have been following what you all have been making and have just been delighted by all the gorgeous cards and paper projects I've seen.  Tremendous talent out there.

I've not managed to do much crafting or posting this week as it's been quite a difficult few days as I had a car accident on Tuesday whilst driving to work.  A huge TNT truck collided with me on the A9. I've never been involved in an accident before and my brain went into meltdown.  Both myself and the truck driver were unhurt physically, although I have had a sore chest, which may be the result of the seat belt or having twisted myself, but I was so shaken by it all and I've been in shock.  Absolutely horrendous.  There were new road works where a slip road onto the A9 is and I momentarily got confused by all the cones, the two lanes had become on and there was no slip road, and although I stopped, I then pulled out and the next thing I knew this almighty bang and this huge truck sending me across the road.  I have been very lucky, a moment slower and it would have been my door that would have been hit instead of the wing, wheel and the front. The other driver was a really lovely man, who also hadn't been in any accident either, he was pretty shaken too, but he stayed with me until Alistair arrived.

I still seem to be having sort of flashback and I know I'm not emotionally OK, and Alistair keeps saying it's only a car, but as I am totally responsible for it happening it all constantly goes through my mind.  Anyway, the car got towed away, no way was it drivable, but word today that it can be repaired.  Whether I will managed back behind the wheel is another thing altogether.

But life is difficult without the car, getting to and back from work, shopping etc, i didn't realise how dependent I was on it.
However, I have a card for tonight;
I've made this card for Laurie, I've no more news regarding him just now, so I'm hoping he still continues to progress.

I've used a LC stamp, it's this months club stamp, coloured with Promarkers LOTV sentiment, Papermania paper and co-ordination card and gems.
I have no idea why I chose to use this stamp other than the little dachshunds are such cute little dogs and quite plucky wee things.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend whatever your doing.  I'm singing with the Choral tomorrow in the Eastgate shopping centre, it's our Christmas Carolthon where we sing all day and collect money for our chosen charity which is Guide  Dogs for the Blind this year.  I'm in the first group at 10am so I hope I can find my voice.

Night all, Kate x


Marie-Louise said...

Marvellous card. Love the dachshund stamp. Sorry to hear about your accident. The way they put out the cones on the road can be very confusing - I am sure that they are responsible for a lot of accidents. Hope you feel better soon.

Wendy Fraser said...

Oh my goodness Kate, what an awful thing to happen, I'm so glad you weren't injured, sending you a big hug. Super card, I just love dachshunds, we had one called Hazel when I was a teenager and we all adored her, plucky is one way of describing them! xx

pam said...

OMW Kate, how terrible, what an awfull thing to happen, so glad your OK, dont drive myself never wanted too..
beautiul card.
take care pam

scottish crafter said...

Oh Kate so sorry to hear about you accident. Glad that you were not seriously injured but emotionally can be difficult. I hate it when the cones are out so confusing. Your card for Laurie is beautiful love the dogs and you have designed it beautifully. Hope you can get back behind the wheel soon as once you have a car you wonder what you did without one.

Take care

Wilma x x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Lovely card Kate.
Sorry to hear about your accident hope you feel better soon, just give yourself time

jacqui x

Hazel said...

Kate. Don't beat yourself up about your accident !!! These things happen as all of us who drive will know, These cones are a nightmare and cause so many bumps and accidents. The main thing is you are shaken up who wouldn't be but not laid up with broken bones etc. your car can be fixed and you will have to be brave and get back in it. It's going to be hard but be positive you can do it. Hazel
P.S. all that waffle and I forgot to say your card is lovely Laurie will love it.

Doreen said...

Beautiful card...lovely images and

Patricia said...

Oh! Kate here is a big (HUG) from me.
Glad you are physically OK, you will feel shaken up for a while but it will pass. As Hazel said don`t beat yourself up, no one was badly hurt, cars and vans can be repaired easily. Broken bones take a heck of a lot longer.

Your card is lovely, I love how you have done the frame with the dogs. The whole thing is great.
Take care

Patricia xx