Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Woolies for Norway!

Good Evening All, gosh it's been cold today, but at least all the snow at our level has been washed away.  Yesterday morning was something else trying to get to work in a snow blizzard. The bus was well and truly late and I was frozen waiting for it. As the bus stop is just at the back of our house I phoned Alistair to see if he could give me a lift into town, no problems he says, I'll be there just as soon as I get changed and as sod is true to his law, the bus comes along. Tried to phone back to let Alistair know, but he must have just left and I felt guilty that I'd disturbed his morning. We were having a meeting at work and didn't want to be late, but I shouldn't have bothered as I still have to understand what it was all about, just a waste of time really.

I don't have a card today but a bit of knitting to show you;
A new pair of socks and a cabled cowl.  The cowl is so cosy, wore it today and kept it on even when indoors, I seem to need something at my neck these days.
The socks I was pleased to get finished as I didn't like the yarn, it is sock yarn and was fairly expensive, but it kept splitting as I was knitting.
Alistair liked my cowl so much that he wants one too, so that is on the pins just now, I do like the colour he has chosen, I dragged him into Hobby Crafts to choose it himself, Autumn colours.
I downloaded the pattern from Love Knitting which was free and it's made in Aran yarn and it's so quick to knit up.  I can see these being Christmas gifts.

Well folks that's me for another evening, I'm missing Wolf Hall, the fabulous Drama that's been on for the last six weeks and there is nothing on TV to take it's place, so I'll just pick up up the pins.
Have a good evening yourselves whatever your doing and I'll see you soon.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh my goodness, no snow here all winter. Poor you getting so cold, I do love scarves and this is fab. Keep warm x

Sue said...

These look gorgeous Kate, I bet they are cosy!
Sounds like you have had terrible weather, I hope Spring arrives soon!
Hugs Sue xx

Hazel said...

Oh good for you getting these cozy bits knitted. There are great. Love that cowl. Like you I have been having to wear a scarf round my neck more and more these days, feel really cold without it. Hazel xxx

rachel said...

sounds like its been very cold there Kate - wonderful that you have your cowl and socks! big hugs rachel x

cotnob said...

It sounds like you had a terrible trip to work Kate, I hope the weather warms up soon.
I love your knitting, your cabled cowl looks lovely and warm.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate
Didn't know you could get actual sock wool.
The cowl looks warm and cosy. I'm a scarf gal and have a variety of sheer, silk and woolly ones but a cowl sounds good.
Hope its warmed up a bit for you.
Best wishes.
Ang x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Looks like you have been busy knitting, these are beautiful and look very warm too. Hope the weather gets better for you soon.
Take care,

Sue said...

I am so jealous of your knitting talent, Kate. I have done just about every craft there is, and I did crochet, but I just could never master knitting. These are both lovely, this has certainly been the winter for the cowl and I love the color green. Just beautiful knitting.


Rita said...

Good Morning Kate. Fabulous knitting. I do love the look of your cowl scarf. Can I ask if the pattern has a name. It looks so cosy too. Hope you have a better day. Hugs Rita xxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Kate,
Wow! loving your makes, that Cowl is a must for me. I always wear a scarf or cowl even in the house that has the heating on.
Great socks, have not knitted any for ages.
You guys will be nice a cosy on your trip, that's for sure.
We have been so lucky here in the village. There was inches of snow in Perth on Monday evening. Roads blocked but we just got a dusting which was really lucky.
Still cold, the sun shone all day yesterday. Bit dull at the moment, it might just brighten up you never know.
Have a wonderful day

Patricia xxx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Kate two beautiful knitted projects. You must be very patient to knit socks! I agree with you about wearing something around your neck, it really keeps you warm I have been wearing a lot of scarves lately and they do the trick! Its lovely and sunny down here but still quite cold! No snow though, we rarely get it here and then its usually gone in a day! Susan x

meg said...

Love your socks and cowl, the cowl looks really warm and cosy, I've knitted several pairs of kilt socks, found it quite tedious and that was without the yarn breaking well done on persevering and getting them finished

aussie aNNie said...

Kate they look so warm and snuggly.....xxxx

{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

Carol said...

These look very cosy Kate. We've had some lovely spring weather this last two days. Carol x

Lena Misquitta said...

I wish I could pass on some of the sunshine from Goa to you. Hope you soon have better weather. I'm going to watch Downton Abbey tonight. I absolutely love it.

Sandy said...

Pretty green - sure wish I could knit. I do cricket a little. Stay warm!!!
Sandy xx

Sue said...

Everything looks so gorgeous and cosy Kate lots of huggles Sue xx

pam said...

Beautiful cosy knits Kate, hope you meeting went well..
I also have to wear a scarf when I go out..

Erika said...

Hi Kate, I think you've had our snow too, it's been clear here.
I love your socks but it is annoying when the yarn splits I've had that happen with a couple of crochet projects. Your cowl is beautiful, love the pattern on it.

Have a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

Anet van Zyl said...

Hallo Kate, looks like you where quite busy with your beautiful knitting. Hugs Anet x

scrappymo! said...

I am so very impressed with the fine workmanship...I am a rubbish knitter as I can not keep tension I do not knit and drool over those who can!