Thursday, 13 June 2013

There Be Whales!

Good Evening from Iceland,  and I thought I would pop by to tell you about the most amazing day I've had, sorry no card or photos.
Well I began the day by arriving at my 60th birthday, and I have to say I didn't feel any different to yesterday.  Alistair had a lovely card for me and my gift is this holiday so I had nothing to unwrap.

We went on a whale watching tour or I should say sail. Was it cold or was it cold?  No it wasn't actually,  it was absolutely more than perishing,  at one point I couldn't feel my fingers,  and I had gloves on
There is never a guarantee that you will see these wonderful creatures,  but eventually a Minky whale was spotted,  there was an almighty surge to the starboard side to just see it diving, this happened a couple of times,  but I didn't see all that much of of it.

However,  then we caught sight of a pod of white beaked dolphins. They were fabulous,  jumping about and putting on quite a show for us.
It seemed that we weren't going to see any more whales and by this time the rain had started and although I had on thermals and waterproofs, I was beyond cold. We decided to go below decks and thr boat was now turning back to harbour anyway.  Next thing we hear the guide shouting"Humpback at 12 o'clock, well there was such a rush to grt back up to see it,, but it had dived, but a few minutes later up it came and it was just the most fantasticsight to behold. This wwonderful creature surfaced 7 times and each time was more fantastic than before,  just to see that iconic fluke splashing down into the water was something else.
What a birthday present!

The day is almost over and it's been wonderful,  we had a lovely meal and a walk back to the apartment
And guess what friends?  I've found a great craft shop, I'll be certainly visiting there.
Before I go just want to thank everyone who left such lovely comments on my last card.
Hugs Kate x


Shona Hamill said...

Happy Birthday Kate, sounds like you're having a whale of a time in Iceland excuse the pun lol and trust you to have located a craft shop while on your travels! Shona x

Patricia said...

Good Morning Kate,
Happy Birthday and many more to come.
Glad you had a good day, seeing the whales and dolphins must have been "magic".
Send you warm hugs

Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Happy birthday glad you had great day and ho boy getting to see whales and dolphins what more could one ask for on that special birthday.
Enjoy your next adventure.

Hazel xxx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Happy Birthday Kate. It sounds like you had a wonderful, magical day. I hope enjoy the rest of your time in Iceland.

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Happy Birthday Kate glad you're having a lovely time xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
A Happy belated Birthday to you.
I ma soooooooooo glad you got to see the Whales, and Dolphins.
I do hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your lovely Birthday Holiday.
Now don't forget there is weight restriction on the planes when visiting your craft shop. lol.
Have a wonderful relaxing rest of the holiday.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

pam said...

Hi Kate,
Happy belated birthday.
It must have been a fantastic site, to see that beautiful Whale and Dolphins.
have a lovely day and keep warm.

Doreen said...


Wendy Fraser said...

Happy birthday Kate, I'm so glad you've had a day to remember! xx

Rita said...

Happy Birthday Kate. You have certainly had a day to remember. How wonderful to see these beautiful creatures in their own habitat. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and of course that craft shop. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Erika said...

Happy big birthday Kate what a lovely day watching whales and dolphins. Enjoy what sounds like a fabulous's on my bucket list!
Hope it's not too cold?
Hugs Erika.

Sue said...

Happy birthday Kate!!! and what a day to remember sounds totally fabulous huggles hun Sue xxxxxxxx

rachel said...

so wonderful Kate - belated birthday wishes to you and thanks so much for sharing your whale experience with us - I saw whales down in New Zealand at Kaikoura - my sister lives there - anyway - I just couldn't believe the whale tail bit - you know just how you always see it in photos and there it is in real life - amazing xx Hope you continue having looks of fun xx

hotpotato said...

What a fantastic experience seeing the whales. They are magnificant animals , we saw them when we went to Florida.

sue w. said...

Happy Birthday Kate, and what a birthday present!!! sounds fantastic hunnie, what an experience and a craft shop, heaven!
Hugs Sue W.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Belated birthday wishes Kate! What a wonderful way to spend it too, it sounds breathtaking. We are off to the Alamo shortly, Susan xx

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Happy, happy birthday Kate. Wow you sure had a spectacular day, how exciting. Oh, I can only imagine how cold it was. For me, here in Hawaii, I'm freezing when the temperature dips below 60F. LOL. Have a fun and crafty day.

downrightcrafty said...

Happy birthday Kate hope you have a super day :)
Hugs Kate xx

May said...

Happy Birthday Kate... What a treat to see the whale..I hope your wee fingers & tootsies have warmed up...enjoy every moment... Hugs May x x x