Friday, 21 June 2013

Is it a Flying Machine?!

Hello Everyone, it's the weekend again, gosh it comes around so quickly and goes just as fast, especially for all of you who work , although having said that those who don't work at a paid job are just as busy.  I've always got to qualify that statement as  very often folk who aren't in paid employment work just as hard.

Thank you for all the lovely comments you made on my last post, I do love reading them and they always give me so much encouragement, and I am so delight to have reached 50 wonderful followers, would never have thought it.

Now thinking back to Elfshoes, I Googled, as you do, and would you believe I found a pattern for them.  They are a little different, but still have curly toes, so I must give them a go.

Not much news today, I've been busy getting clothes and whatnot ready for the friend's daughter's wedding tomorrow.  Before we left for holiday I asked Alistair to put his kilt out to air and get any creases out, but did he, not at all.  When we arrived home, I asked again, no, it still wasn't put out, eventually, after a lot of "nagging" it arrives on the bed. Where's your shirt?, Oh yes, of course I'll need that, he says.  Can't find it, he shouts from the depths of his cupboard, are you sure I've got one, he asks.  Well he turn the place upside down, in all the drawers too, when at last he finds a white shirt.  That's not the one, I say, well it's all I've got, comes the response, by this time I'm loosing the will to live as I've got a million other things to do.  Well Alistair being Alistair just gave up and went off to play his fiddle, like he does.  Seeing nothing else for it, I dived into the cupboard myself and after a bit of rummaging, found it right one under 3 other shirts, and yes it was crushed to bits, so required washing.  Honestly there are times, oh yes there are times!!  However, his outfit is all together and he'll look great tomorrow.  Is it just my hubby who never looks properly, or are men just like this?

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow as the ceremony is in the garden, it will be such a pity if it rains.  When her sister got married a couple of years ago, the heaven opened and the wedding ceremony was held in Kildrummy Castle grounds, could'nt go inside as the castle didn't have a licence, so fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.
Our friends live in Corgaff over in Strathdon, it's where Alistair used to live so it will be great to catch up with friend whom we don't see often.
My card today is one I made a while ago for Alistair's Godson Kieron;
I't a fairly basic card, never quite know what to do for teenage guys.  I've used everything from the Kanban Gentleman's Adventure range.  I like this sort of Steampunk look, anyway hope he likes it, especially as it's late, his birthday was whilst we were away.

Whilst wandering around Reykjavik I came across a wonderful sculpture that just epitomises how I  feel when I'm at work and why I'm off with work related stress, I just had to get a photo of it;
I have no idea what it is called, but I thought, that's me on a good day ha ha.  Alistair thinks I should show the manager it, but like she would care.

Anyway folks, signing off now, I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever your doing,
Kate x


Rita said...

Fabulous card Kate. I hope you both enjoy the wedding tomorrow. I think it's a man thing that they can never find anything. Hugs Rita xxx

Hazel said...

Kate your Alistair should think himself lucky that you went looking for his shirt, found it then washed and ironed it. I would have done it but not said a word then when Saturdsy came and he complained I would have said " well I asked you to find it" let him stew for 20 mins then handed it over just to make them think the next time after 43years mine now looks better for things. Men are like children they need guidance. That's the Nanny in me coming out sorry.

Great card and I like your photo of you on a good day. Kate if you don't laugh you only end up crying so find more things that make you laugh, it's good for the soul. Hazel xxx

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Nice card Kate xx

Shona Hamill said...

Hi Kate,

Glad you had a great holiday, love the cards and all the photos from the last couple of posts. Hope you enjoy the wedding tomorrow. Shona xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Fabulous card Kate.
I don't know about all men but my hubby is just the same when it comes to looking for things!
I hope the weather is kind to you tomorrow and that you enjoy the Wedding.
Brilliant photo!

rachel said...

fantastic card Kate - love steampunk so this is just brilliant - and so glad you found a pattern for elf shoes! Love the photo too! Hugs rachel x

Marie-Louise said...

I love the card Kate. I just never know what to do for a man's card - full stop.

Great photograph.

Patricia said...

Good evening Kate,
You spoil that man!!!! Mine would have been wearing the shirt with the arms tied "tightly" round his neck!!!!!
Love the image of you on a good day, I thought someone had caught you in Bronze doing the shopping for the Lunches at work when it was your turn on the cooking!!! ...LOL!!!

Great card Kate

Have a great day at the wedding, hope the wether holds

Patricia xxx

Diane said...

Fabulous story Kate, you really have a talent writing stories. I always get such a laugh reading them.

Love the Steampunk card design.

Regards diane

pam said...

hope you have a fantastic day Kate.
love your card.
lovely photo, nice to meet you

May said...

Fabulous card Kate, Love the image it's fantastic!! My hubby can't find things that's under his nose let alone in a wardrobe.. tee-hee!!! I hope you both have a wonderful time at the wedding... enjoy! Hugs May x x x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Kate. Its part of the male genetic make up Im afraid. They can't see beyond the end of their noses, even when they wear expensive glasses!
Fingers crossed for the wedding and hope the lad liked his card. x

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
your card is very super. Love the design as usual.
Yes all men can never look any further than their nose when trying to find something. My hubby is the same, and from what I have read on the blogs over the past few months all the men seam to have this gene. lol. My hubby is currently looking for his old phone as his new one has broken down. He has found the box, but no phone in it. Now wouldn't you think that is the pace you would put it. No not hubby. lol.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
forgot to say. I hope the weather is nicer your end of the country, for the wedding.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sandy said...

That sculpture says it all!!!!! Your card is delightful - I love it!!

Crafty Lark said...

Great card design, love the shades of colour. I hope that sculpture is carrying crafty stash. Oh!! if we could save all our "looking for things" time. xx Flora

Pop's Cards said...

The sculpture made me smile, great male card hugs Pops x

Heather Rogers said...

Hello Kate

I have found you via Patrica and Hazel' blog!Two of my early followers :)

Love the card and the socks with the bells on are fantastic! Great idea!

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Lorraine said...

Brilliant card Kate. The image and colours look fab.
I hope the wedding went well.
Lorraine x

Erika said...

Oh my Kate I hope the weather was better with you for the wedding? It was horrible here till late in the day.
Great card, hugs Erika.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh Kate I think all husbands are like that, must be written in the marriage contract!! Your card is a perfect male one though! Hugs Susan x

downrightcrafty said...

fabulous card great steampunk
Hugs Kate xx