Saturday, 2 February 2013


Hello Everyone, it's 5.50 so I'm not sure if it's afternoon or evening at this time, so I suppose an Hello will do.
Have you all had a good Saturday?  Hope so.  Our weather has been really nice today, although it's been cold. I even got washing out and though not dry, had a good airing.  I didn't expect to have the car today as I thought Alistair needed it, but it turned out that he didn't so he took me to Nairn for a walk along the beach and then some lunch.  It was really good to get out as I've been mostly in the house as I've had the flu, so it was good to clear some cobwebs away.

We drove along the back road through Cawder as I wanted to see if the herd of Alpacas were still there.  I just love these animals, although I believe they can spit, but I think they are gorgeous and their fleece is delightful to knit with ans oh so warm.  They were indeed there and I was able to take these photos;

They were much nearer the fence at first and then they wandered off, but I managed not too badly to get these.

I've no card today, I've trying to concentrate on some knitting which will be gifts.  But I received two fab new LOTV stamps yesterday which was my prize for winning one of the challenge blogs a couple of weeks ago, and my LC stamp of the Month arrived this morning so I'm not short of goodies to play with.

I'd like to thank you all for the great comments on my Bafta Boy card, It was great to read that you all thought I'd got it right.  I do love to read your comments, it's such encouragement.

Better get off now and see about making dinner,  Alistair is upstairs just now playing his fiddle, doing my head in and wish a string would break, so the sooner I get him fed, the sooner we will be fiddle noise free.

Enjoy the remainder of your day

Kate x


Rita said...

Fabulous pictures Kate. I have made teddy bears with Alpaca and they are just so soft and cuddly. We have friends in Nairn too. Kate, I love the fiddle and follow the Scottish fiddle orchestra and of course the Ayrshire fiddle Orchestra too, so don't be too hard on Alistair. Enjoy your evening. Hugs Rita xxx

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a really lovely day Kate :) and the postman brought me my lovely new LOTV stamps too!! I cant wait to play but I have other things to do first..lovely pics :))) huggles hun take care Sue J xxxx

Hazel said...

Kate glad you had a lovely day and got those cobwebs blown out. We have had a lovely day here too, and I to got washing out or should I say little daughters washing out - got a call ( mum can I give you some washing ). Poor Alistair he was enjoying his fiddle playing, I have to put up with cello,violin and piano being practised by the girls 5 days a week.


pam said...

hi Kate, it looks beautiful where you took the photo,bet you did have a lovely day out....pam

Patricia said...

Good evening Kate,
Fantastic photos, I love looking at these animals but they do actually SPIT a bit like camels do.
I have used alpaca to knit some socks and they are really warm.
Poor Alistair he was having fun

Patricia said...

Sorry Kate using my iPad and pressed the wrong button.
I often think of poor Audrey (DIL) Robert 6 has a full drum kit Thomas 8 and John Jnr play guitar and they all sing
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Kate,
fabulous pics of the Alpacas. Their wool is quite expensive to knit with I believe, but it looks wonderful.
I am glad your feeling better and that you managed to get out and about.
Have a wonderful crafty evening with your knitting.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Kate, glad your cobwebs have been banished and that you are feeling better. Great day out by the sounds of it. Alpacas look lovely although they do spit and their wool is so soft. Poor Alistair, just put in earplugs and listen to some music you like and let him get on with it. Have a great weekend.

Wilma x x x

Alison Scott said...

Great pics of the alpacas. Glad you blew away the cobwebs.
At least Alistair isn't watching sport on TV. I sometimes want to lose the remote !

city said...

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