Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Out of the muddle!

Hello fellow bloggers, I'm not sure if we're at afternoon or evening at the moment, anyhow I hope everyone is well.Thank you all for the lovely comments.

Well Alistair and I covered a lot of work getting this spare room into some kind of order over the last couple of days and we managed not to fall out, amazing really as we always do when we have to work at something together. Oh the amount of stuff we had to get rid of, really I don't know where it all came from.  A few trips to the charity shops this morning was called for, and of course I've not managed to get any cards made.  However, the room now has more space, if a hen hutch has space, and looks really quite good with the new storage units, I certainly feel better whilst sitting here typing this.  I had to be quite ruthless though and books I'd kept for years had to go.

I managed to finish a pair of slouchy socks though, another Christmas prezzy, here they are,
They are knitted with Sidar Crofter yarn which in this case is chunky.  I don't really like knitting with chunky yarn, I much prefer 4 ply or even finer, but for these socks it's quite good. I knitted myself a pair the other winter and I wear them when I need my feet to be cosy when I'm in my jimjams. The yarn is self patterning and it looks a little like fairilse when knitted up.

As I said I don't have a new card to post, and I'm away tomorrow for a couple of days so I won't get back to crafting till the weekend, when I can get started with some new LOTV and Little Claire stamps which arrived this morning, but I thought I would share this photo taken while were were in Keswick in the summer, I think it's got the aww factor.  I stood for ages watching there wee beasties and they were quite content to sit there and be admired by all . Hope you like them, so here are Mum & Baby
Thats' all from me today, Keep well everyone and Happy Crafting,

Kate x


scottish crafter said...

Hi Kate, well now you know it done you cn relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday. I love the socks, showed them to my mum and her comment was"they are ok but knitting with 4 ply is better for socks" we'll she is 86 and knows it all LOL. As I said enjoy your holiday and relax for a while. Love the beasties too.

Take care.

Wilma x x

Patricia said...

Good evening Kate, can you believe I have just finished a pair of Wellie Socks using that yarn in Double Knitting mine are in greens.
Don`t laugh but I am not that keen on them because they do not actually match.........they are a very random knit. Really should have thought about that before I started them. However they are only Wellie Socks.
Now your Craft Room is done are you going to relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday???
Happy Crafting

Patricia xx

Erika said...

Hi Kate thanks again for the visit. Just popping over to see what you've been up to. Loving your chunky socks, they look as if they'll be very warm in the winter months.
Hugs Erika.